Journal: Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems

Volume 24, Issue 4

677 -- 683Dali Wang, Ying Bai. Fuzzy logic control implementation considerations and complexity analyses
685 -- 691M. El-Dardery, A. A. Ramadan, Y.-C. Kim. L-fuzzy topogenous orders and L-fuzzy topologies
693 -- 701Omid Khayat, Javad Razjouyan, Fereidoon Nowshiravan Rahatabad, Hadi Chahkandi Nejad. A fast learnt fuzzy neural network for huge scale discrete data function approximation and prediction
703 -- 711Omer Deperlioglu. Power electronics converter control based on rule based algorithm
713 -- 723Aristidis Vlachos. Ant Colony System algorithm solving a Thermal Generator Maintenance Scheduling Problem
725 -- 732Ayhan Esi, Bipan Hazarika. λ-ideal convergence in intuitionistic fuzzy 2-normed linear space
733 -- 741Hamid Reza Kamali, Parisa Shahnazari-Shahrezaei, Hamed Kazemipoor. Two new time-variant methods for fuzzy time series forecasting
743 -- 754Shu-Ping Wan, Deng-Feng Li. Possibility mean and variance based method for multi-attribute decision making with triangular intuitionistic fuzzy numbers
755 -- 763Li-Ling Wang, Deng-Feng Li, Shu-Shen Zhang. Mathematical programming methodology for multiattribute decision making using interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy sets
765 -- 773Manjit Verma, Amit Kumar, Pushpinder Singh, Yaduvir Singh. Risk analysis of combustion system using vague ranking method
775 -- 787Rongqing Huang, Shiliang Sun. Kernel regression with sparse metric learning
789 -- 803Guiwu Wei, Xiaofei Zhao. Induced hesitant interval-valued fuzzy Einstein aggregation operators and their application to multiple attribute decision making
805 -- 817Rui Ji, Yupu Yang, Weidong Zhang. TS-fuzzy modeling based on ε-insensitive smooth support vector regression
819 -- 827S. Meysam Mousavi, Fariborz Jolai, Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam, Behnam Vahdani. A fuzzy grey model based on the compromise ranking for multi-criteria group decision making problems in manufacturing systems
829 -- 836Naim Çagman, Serkan Karatas. Intuitionistic fuzzy soft set theory and its decision making
837 -- 845R. Kalyanaraman, N. Thillaigovindan, G. Kannadasan. A fuzzy bulk queue with modified Bernoulli vacation and restricted admissible customers
847 -- 858Shu-Ping Wan, Deng-Feng Li, Zhen-Feng Rui. Possibility mean, variance and covariance of triangular intuitionistic fuzzy numbers
859 -- 869Mohammad Ali Sandidzadeh, Mehdi Dehghani. Intelligent condition monitoring of railway signaling in train detection subsystems
871 -- 877Mujahid Abbas, Basit Ali. Coupled fixed point results for multivalued mappings in Hausdorff fuzzy metric space
879 -- 888Rui Lin, Xiaofei Zhao, Guiwu Wei. Fuzzy number intuitionistic fuzzy prioritized operators and their application to multiple attribute decision making
889 -- 903Silvia Cateni, Valentina Colla, Gianluca Nastasi. A multivariate fuzzy system applied for outliers detection
905 -- 913Yi-Jen Mon, Chih-Min Lin, Rong-Guan Yeh. Intelligent control for long-term ecological systems

Volume 24, Issue 3

415 -- 416Chee Peng Lim, Valentina Emilia Balas, Quoc Do. Special issue recent advances in soft computing: Theories and applications
417 -- 427Dvora Toledano-Kitai, Renata Avros, Zeev Volkovich, Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber, Orly Yahalom. A binomial noised model for cluster validation
429 -- 445Urszula Stanczyk. Decision rule length as a basis for evaluation of attribute relevance
447 -- 456Li Zou, Peng Shi, Zheng Pei, Yang Xu. On an algebra of linguistic truth-valued intuitionistic lattice-valued logic
457 -- 466Kavyaganga Kilingaru, Jeffrey W. Tweedale, Steve Thatcher, Lakhmi C. Jain. Monitoring pilot "Situation Awareness"
467 -- 482Shibendu Shekhar Roy, Dilip Kumar Pratihar. Adaptive neuro-fuzzy expert systems for predicting specific energy consumption and energy stability margin in crab walking of six-legged robots
483 -- 495Choo Jun Tan, Chee Peng Lim, Yu-N. Cheah. A Modified micro Genetic Algorithm for undertaking Multi-Objective Optimization Problems
499 -- 509A. R. Babaei, M. Mortazavi, M. H. Moradi. Fuzzy sliding mode autopilot design for nonminimum phase and nonlinear UAV
511 -- 519S. Effati, H. Sadoghi Yazdi, A. Jiryani Sharahi. Fuzzy clustering algorithm for fuzzy data based on α-cuts
521 -- 533Yung-Chi Hsu, Sheng-Fuu Lin. Self-organization hybrid evolution learning algorithm for recurrent wavelet-based neuro-fuzzy identifier design
535 -- 548Xueling Ma, Jianming Zhan. Characterizations of three kinds of hemirings by fuzzy soft h-ideals
549 -- 554Sunil Mathew, M. S. Sunitha. Cycle connectivity in fuzzy graphs
555 -- 561V. Srinivasan, G. Rajenderan, J. Vandar Kuzhali, M. Aruna. Fuzzy fast classification algorithm with hybrid of ID3 and SVM
563 -- 574Abbas Fattahi Meyabadi, Mehdi Ehsan. A heuristic fuzzy decision-based solving of redispatching problem for congestion management in restructured power systems
575 -- 586Mashaallah Matinfar, Mojtaba Ghanbari, Rahele Nuraei. Numerical solution of linear fuzzy Volterra integro-differential equations by variational iteration method
587 -- 591Besma Belhadj. New fuzzy indices for multidimensional poverty
593 -- 600Deogratias Nurwaha, Xinhou Wang. Optimization of electrospinning process using intelligent control systems
601 -- 609M. El-Dardery. On L-fuzzy topogenous orders
611 -- 618Jianming Zhan, Daowu Pei, Young Bae Jun. 0-algebras and its applications
619 -- 630Young Bae Jun, Bijan Davvaz, Asghar Khan. Filters of ordered semigroups based on the fuzzy points
631 -- 635Binod Chandra Tripathy, Shyamal Debnath. γ-Open sets and γ-continuous mappings in fuzzy bitopological spaces
637 -- 646Pinaki Majumdar, Syamal Kumar Samanta. Decision making based on similarity measure of vague soft sets
647 -- 655Violeta Leoreanu Fotea, Jianming Zhan, L. Leoreanu. Fuzzy Γ-hyperrings and fuzzy Γ-hypermodules
657 -- 663Soumita D. Bid, N. J. Mistry. Infection potential ranking of hospitals based on generation of biomedical waste: A fuzzy approach
665 -- 675Xiaoou Li, Wen Yu, Xiaoli Li. On-line modeling via fuzzy support vector machines and neural networks

Volume 24, Issue 2

199 -- 200Chee Peng Lim, Canicious Abeynayake, Mika Sato-Ilic, Lakhmi C. Jain. Special issue: Computational intelligence models for image processing and information reasoning
201 -- 214Anisha Halder, Rajshree Mandal, Amit Konar. A hierarchical algorithm for fuzzy template matching in emotional facial images
215 -- 228Marina V. Sokolova, Juan Serrano-Cuerda, José Carlos Castillo, Antonio Fernández-Caballero. A fuzzy model for human fall detection in infrared video
229 -- 237Hong Peng, Jun Wang 0013, Mario J. Pérez-Jiménez, Peng Shi. A novel image thresholding method based on membrane computing and fuzzy entropy
239 -- 249W. S. Ooi, C. P. Lim. Multi-objective image segmentation with an interactive evolutionary computation approach
251 -- 259Takashi Hasuike, Takumi Ichimura. Web intelligence for tourism using railway data by a simplified fuzzy reasoning method
261 -- 279Tze Ling Jee, Kai Meng Tay, Chee Khoon Ng. A new fuzzy criterion-referenced assessment with a fuzzy rule selection technique and a monotonicity-preserving similarity reasoning scheme
281 -- 296Irena Loutchkina, Lakhmi C. Jain, Thong Nguyen, Sergey Nesterov. The Systems Integration Technical Risk assessment fusing of Bayesian Belief Networks and Parametric Models
299 -- 311D. Nakhaeinia, B. Karasfi. A behavior-based approach for collision avoidance of mobile robots in unknown and dynamic environments
313 -- 321Tomás Belícek, J. Kidéry, Jaromir Kukal, Radoslav Matej, Robert Rusina. Morphological analysis of 3D SPECT images via nilpotent t-norms in diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease
323 -- 332Seyed Taha Hossein Mortaji, Morteza Bagherpour, Siamak Noori. Fuzzy earned value management using L-R fuzzy numbers
333 -- 346Maryam Tayefeh Mahmoudi, Maedeh Beheshti, Fattaneh Taghiyareh, Kambiz Badie, Caro Lucas. Content-based image retrieval using OWA fuzzy linking histogram
347 -- 354Vali Derhami. Similarity of learned helplessness in human being and fuzzy reinforcement learning algorithms
355 -- 362Somak Datta, Dilip Kumar Pratihar, P. P. Bandyopadhyay. Hierarchical adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference systems trained by evolutionary algorithms to model plasma spray coating process
363 -- 381Mahdipour Hadi, Khademi Morteza, Sadoghi Yazdi Hadi. Vector fuzzy C-means
383 -- 394Mohammad Hassan Khooban, Mohammad Reza Soltanpour. Swarm optimization tuned fuzzy sliding mode control design for a class of nonlinear systems in presence of uncertainties
395 -- 404Rui-Zhi Wang, Duo-Qian Miao, Fei-Fei Xu, Hong-yun Zhang. Information interpretation of knowledge granularity
405 -- 414Peide Liu. The multi-attribute group decision making method based on the interval grey linguistic variables weighted aggregation operator

Volume 24, Issue 1

1 -- 3Wen-Chuan Lee, Jong-Wuu Wu. Reply to "open problem of fuzzy confidence interval for fuzzy process capability index"
5 -- 19Sajad A. Loan, Asim M. Murshid, Shuja A. Abbasi, Abdul Rahman M. Alamoud. A novel VLSI architecture for a fuzzy inference processor using Gaussian-shaped membership function
21 -- 30Qiankun Song, Zidong Wang, Jinling Liang. Analysis on passivity and passification of T-S fuzzy systems with time-varying delays
31 -- 36Yuanguo Zhu. An intelligent algorithm: MACO for continuous optimization models
37 -- 49Leila Baccour, Adel M. Alimi, Robert Ivor John. Similarity measures for intuitionistic fuzzy sets: State of the art
51 -- 60Gian Luca Marcialis, Fabio Roli, Luca Didaci. Multimodal fingerprint verification by score-level fusion: An experimental investigation
61 -- 78Kevin Kam Fung Yuen. A Fuzzy Qualitative Evaluation System: A multi-granular aggregation approach using fuzzy compound linguistic variable
79 -- 91Qi Cao, Meng-Hiot Lim, Xiaomeng Shi, Ju Hui Li. A multi-context processor for real-time concurrent tasks fuzzy reasoning
93 -- 104Xinmin Wu, Donald P. Warsing Jr.. Comparing traditional and fuzzy-set solutions to (Q, r) inventory systems with discrete lead-time distributions
105 -- 110Jeong Soon Han, Hee Sik Kim, Joseph Neggers. On linear fuzzifications of groupoids with special emphasis on BCK-algebras
111 -- 120Athanasios Kehagias, G. Kartsiotis. On the use of fuzzy logic and learning automata optimization to resolve the Liar and related paradoxes
121 -- 132Yau-Zen Chang, Zhi-Ren Tsai, Jiing-Dong Hwang, Jye Lee. Optimal fuzzy tracking control of uncertain nonlinear systems based on genetic algorithms and fuzzy Lyapunov function
133 -- 144Ehsan Jafarian, Mohammad Ali Rezvani. A valuation-based method for ranking the intuitionistic fuzzy numbers
145 -- 161Madhusudan Singh, Vamsi Krishna Madasu, Smriti Srivastava, Madasu Hanmandlu. Choquet fuzzy integral based verification of handwritten signatures
163 -- 174Selçuk Perçin, Hokey Min. Optimal machine tools selection using quality function deployment and fuzzy multiple objective decision making approach
175 -- 183Wann-Yih Wu, Chia-Tzu Lin, Jung-Yuan Kung. Supplier selection in supply chain management by using fuzzy multiple-attribute decision-making method
185 -- 189Binod Chandra Tripathy, Amar Jyoti Dutta. Lacunary bounded variation sequence of fuzzy real numbers
191 -- 198Ali Ebrahimnejad, Seyed Hadi Nasseri, Sayyed Mehdi Mansourzadeh. Modified bounded dual network simplex algorithm for solving minimum cost flow problem with fuzzy costs based on ranking functions