Journal: Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems

Volume 7, Issue 4

325 -- 333Julio Concha, Aldo Cipriano. Applying approximate linearization to the design of stable fuzzy controllers
335 -- 346Sung-Kyung Hong, Reza Langari. Fuzzy modeling and control of a nonlinear magnetic bearing system
347 -- 357M. R. Ganjavi, Caro Lucas, M. H. Javidi. Short term load forecasting using fuzzy neural network modified by the similarity and subsethood measures
359 -- 372Wynne Hsu, C. S. George Lee. Towards an optimal degree of design coupling through fuzzy analysis
373 -- 385Ian Flood. Modeling dynamic engineering processes using radial-Gaussian neural networks
387 -- 400André de Korvin, Robert M. Kleyle. Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchial Processes
401 -- 417Ronald R. Yager, Antoine Kelman. An extension of the Analytical Hierarchy Process using OWA operators
419 -- 429Mohamed L. Hambaba, Wook-Jin Jang. An optimal scheduling of cells in ATM switch using neural network

Volume 7, Issue 3

209 -- 221Pradipta K. Dash, A. C. Liew, Hara P. Satpathy. A functional-link-neural network for short-term electric load forecasting
223 -- 238Y. W. Eng, S. Elangovan. A neural fuzzy power system stabilizer based on f-level sets
239 -- 256Tetsuo Sawaragi, Naoki Tani, Osamu Katai. Evolutional concept learning from observations through adaptive feature selection and GA-based feature discovery
257 -- 265Tomonobu Senjyu, Shuzo Higa, Katsumi Uezato. Fuzzy logic approach for future load curve forecasting based on similarity
267 -- 282Young-Bin Cho, Dae-Gab Gweon. Conditional variance estimation using stochastic learning algorithm
283 -- 305Hassan B. Diab, Jean J. Saade. Weather prediction using fuzzy sets and inference methodology
307 -- 324C. M. Falkner, B. S. Heck. Comparison study of nonlinear controllers for a single generator-infinite bus power system

Volume 7, Issue 2

107 -- 124S. Jagannathan, Frank L. Lewis. Feedback linearization of nonlinear systems using fuzzy logic
125 -- 135Biao Chen, Yingbi Zhang, John Yen. Fuzzy adaptive connection admission control for real-time applications in ATM-based heterogeneous networks
137 -- 149Daniel S. Yeung, Simon C. K. Shiu, Eric C. C. Tsang. Modelling flexible manufacturing systems using weighted Fuzzy Coloured Petri Nets
151 -- 158M. Moreira, Emile Fiesler, G. Pante. Image classification for the quality control of watches
159 -- 171Héctor J. Altuve, Oscar L. Chacón, Ernesto Vázquez. Neural-network-based fault location estimator for transmission line protection
173 -- 183Cecilia Temponi, Ying-Feng Kuo, Herbert W. Corley. A fuzzy neural architecture for customer satisfaction assessment
185 -- 201John Yen, Liang Wang. Constructing optimal fuzzy models using statistical information criteria
203 -- 207Miha Mraz, Nikolaj Zimic, Jernej Virant. Intelligent bush fire spread prediction using fuzzy cellular automata

Volume 7, Issue 1

1 -- 12William B. Klein, Robert T. Westervelt, George F. Luger. Developing a general purpose intelligent control system for particle accelerators
13 -- 25Prashant S. Vishnupad, Yung C. Shin. Adaptive tuning of fuzzy membership functions for non-linear optimization using gradient descent method
27 -- 45Ronald R. Yager. Fuzzy set methods for representing commonsense knowledge
47 -- 54M. A. Jarrah, Adnan K. Shaout. Automatic braking system using fuzzy logic
55 -- 73Nikhil R. Pal, Kuhu Pal. Handling of inconsistent rules with an extended model of fuzzy reasoning
75 -- 103David F. Jenkins, Kevin M. Passino. An introduction to nonlinear analysis of fuzzy control systems