Journal: J. Intell. Inf. Syst.

Volume 1, Issue 3/4

243 -- 270Yannis E. Ioannidis, Timos K. Sellis. Supporting Inconsistent Rules in Database Systems
271 -- 292Carlo Zaniolo. Intelligent Databases: Old Challenges and New Opportunities
293 -- 321Terry Gaasterland, Parke Godfrey, Jack Minker. Relaxation as a Platform for Cooperative Answering
323 -- 354Patrick Bosc, Olivier Pivert. Some Approaches for Relational Databases Flexible Querying
355 -- 382Wesley W. Chu, Qiming Chen. Neighborhood and Associative Query Answering

Volume 1, Issue 2

123 -- 157Terry Gaasterland, Parke Godfrey, Jack Minker. An Overview of Cooperative Answering
159 -- 176Cristina Baroglio, Attilio Giordana, Lorenza Saitta. Learning Mutually Dependent Relations
177 -- 209Hasanat M. Dewan, David Ohsie, Salvatore J. Stolfo, Ouri Wolfson, Sushil Da Silva. Incremental Database Rule Processing In PARADISER
211 -- 232Keith G. Jeffery. Intelligent Support for Systems Development: The Notion and the Issues

Volume 1, Issue 1

9 -- 34Brian R. Gaines, Mildred L. G. Shaw. Integrated Knowledge Acquisition Architectures
35 -- 55Gio Wiederhold. The Roles of Artificial Intelligence in Information Systems
57 -- 84Yves Kodratoff, Gilles Bisson. The Epistemology of Conceptual Clustering: KBG, an Implementation
85 -- 113Ryszard S. Michalski, Larry Kerschberg, Kenneth A. Kaufman, James S. Ribeiro. Mining for Knowledge in Databases: The INLEN Architecture, Initial Implementation and First Results