Journal: J. Intell. Inf. Syst.

Volume 12, Issue 2-3

107 -- 111Peter M. D. Gray, Peter J. H. King, Larry Kerschberg. Guest Editor Introduction: Functional Approach to Intelligent Information Systems
113 -- 137Peter M. D. Gray, Suzanne M. Embury, Kit-ying Hui, Graham J. L. Kemp. The Evolving Role of Constraints in the Functional Data Model
139 -- 164Robert Ayres. The Functional Data Model as the Basis for an Enriched Database Query Language
165 -- 190Vanja Josifovski, Tore Risch. Functional Query Optimization over Object-Oriented Views for Data Integration
191 -- 218Torsten Grust, Marc H. Scholl. How to Comprehend Queries Functionally
219 -- 242Leonidas Fegaras. Optimizing Queries with Object Updates
243 -- 273James Bailey, Alexandra Poulovassilis. Abstract Interpretation for Termination Analysis in Functional Active Databases

Volume 12, Issue 1

5 -- 25F. C. Berger, Patrick van Bommel, Theo P. van der Weide. Ranking Strategies for Navigation Based Query Formulation
27 -- 60Susan Darling Urban, Michael K. Tschudi, Suzanne W. Dietrich, Anton P. Karadimce. Active Rule Termination Analysis: An Implementation and Evaluation of the Refined Triggering Graph Method
61 -- 73Yonatan Aumann, Ronen Feldman, Orly Liphstat, Heikki Mannila. Borders: An Efficient Algorithm for Association Generation in Dynamic Databases
75 -- 97Antonio Badia. Cooperative Query Answering with Generalized Quantifiers