Journal: J. Intell. Inf. Syst.

Volume 42, Issue 3

333 -- 352Ying Hu, Guizhong Liu. Singer identification based on computational auditory scene analysis and missing feature methods
353 -- 370Jiangtao Qiu, Zhangxi Lin. D-HOCS: an algorithm for discovering the hierarchical overlapping community structure of a social network
371 -- 391Maria Soledad Pera, Yiu-Kai Ng. Exploiting the wisdom of social connections to make personalized recommendations on scholarly articles
393 -- 413Amir Hossein Razavi, Stan Matwin, Joseph De Koninck, Ray Reza Amini. Dream sentiment analysis using second order soft co-occurrences (SOSCO) and time course representations
415 -- 455Richard Gil, Maria J. Martín-Bautista. SMOL: a systemic methodology for ontology learning from heterogeneous sources
457 -- 484Shariq Bashir, Akmal Saeed Khattak. Producing efficient retrievability ranks of documents using normalized retrievability scoring function
485 -- 505Feng Qian, Kevin Chiew, Qinming He, Hao Huang. Mining regional co-location patterns with kNNG
507 -- 530Kun-Huang Chen, Li-Fei Chen, Chao-Ton Su. A new particle swarm feature selection method for classification
531 -- 566Cássio M. M. Pereira, Rodrigo Fernandes de Mello. TS-stream: clustering time series on data streams
567 -- 594Haiying Shen, Ze Li, Ting Li. Token list based information search in a multi-dimensional massive database
595 -- 618Rohit Raghunathan, Sushovan De, Subbarao Kambhampati. Bayesian networks for supporting query processing over incomplete autonomous databases
619 -- 644Mina Sohrabi, Mohammad M. Javidi, Sattar Hashemi. Detecting intrusion transactions in database systems: a novel approach
645 -- 669Simon Dooms, Pieter Audenaert, Jan Fostier, Toon De Pessemier, Luc Martens. In-memory, distributed content-based recommender system
671 -- 694Jia Wu, Zhihua Cai. A naive Bayes probability estimation model based on self-adaptive differential evolution

Volume 42, Issue 2

179 -- 180Annalisa Appice, Michelangelo Ceci, Corrado Loglisci, Elio Masciari, Giuseppe Manco. Mining complex patterns
181 -- 206Nicola Di Mauro, Claudio Taranto, Floriana Esposito. Link classification with probabilistic graphs
207 -- 232Ayman Hajja, Zbigniew W. Ras, Alicja Wieczorkowska. Hierarchical object-driven action rules
233 -- 254Anze Vavpetic, Vid Podpecan, Nada Lavrac. Semantic subgroup explanations
255 -- 281Ondrej Kuzelka, Andrea Szabóová, Filip Zelezný. A method for reduction of examples in relational learning
283 -- 305Elias Egho, Nicolas Jay, Chedy Raïssi, Dino Ienco, Pascal Poncelet, Maguelonne Teisseire, Amedeo Napoli. A contribution to the discovery of multidimensional patterns in healthcare trajectories
307 -- 332Michael Davis 0001, Weiru Liu, Paul C. Miller. Finding the most descriptive substructures in graphs with discrete and numeric labels

Volume 42, Issue 1

1 -- 18Tevfik Aytekin, Mahmut Özge Karakaya. Clustering-based diversity improvement in top-N recommendation
19 -- 45Bing Zhou, Yiyu Yao, Jigang Luo. Cost-sensitive three-way email spam filtering
47 -- 73Robert Piché, Marko Järvenpää, Esko Turunen, Milan Simunek. Bayesian analysis of GUHA hypotheses
75 -- 94Jyh-Jong Tsay, Chi-Hsiang Lin. Hierarchical directory mapping for category-constrained meta-search
95 -- 109Songhao Zhu, Liming Zou, Baojie Fang. Content based image retrieval via a transductive model
111 -- 131Hui Chen. Mining top-k frequent patterns over data streams sliding window
133 -- 153Song Chen, Vandana P. Janeja. Human perspective to anomaly detection for cybersecurity
155 -- 177Gianni Costa, Giuseppe Manco, Elio Masciari. Dealing with trajectory streams by clustering and mathematical transforms