Journal: J. Intell. Inf. Syst.

Volume 49, Issue 3

315 -- 331Maciej Rybinski, José Francisco Aldana Montes. DomESA: a novel approach for extending domain-oriented lexical relatedness calculations with domain-specific semantics
333 -- 366Steffen Metzger, Ralf Schenkel, Marcin Sydow. QBEES: query-by-example entity search in semantic knowledge graphs based on maximal aspects, diversity-awareness and relaxation
367 -- 390Heidy Marisol Marín Castro, Víctor Jesús Sosa Sosa. VR-Tree: A novel tree-based approach for modeling Web Query Interfaces
391 -- 405Yung-Ching Weng, Sheau-Ling Hsieh. Design and implementation of a web-based medical drawing management system
407 -- 433Rajib Goswami, Dhruba Kumar Bhattacharyya, Malayananda Dutta. Materialized view selection using evolutionary algorithm for speeding up big data query processing
435 -- 459Hassan Sharghi, Kamran Sartipi. An expressive event-based language for representing user behavior patterns
461 -- 486Jurica Levatic, Michelangelo Ceci, Dragi Kocev, Saso Dzeroski. Semi-supervised classification trees

Volume 49, Issue 2

147 -- 166Xiaoying Chen, Chong Zhang 0004, Bin Ge, Weidong Xiao. Temporal Query Processing in Social Network
167 -- 192Andrzej Czyzewski, Bozena Kostek, Piotr Bratoszewski, Jozef Kotus, Marcin S. Szczuka. An audio-visual corpus for multimodal automatic speech recognition
193 -- 211Hugo Jacob, Flávio L. C. Pádua, Anísio Lacerda, Adriano C. M. Pereira. A video summarization approach based on the emulation of bottom-up mechanisms of visual attention
213 -- 235Alex Goh Kwang Leng, Ravi Kumar Patchmuthu, Ashutosh Kumar Singh. Distrust seed set propagation algorithm to detect web spam
237 -- 253Diana Inkpen, Ji Liu, Atefeh Farzindar, Farzaneh Kazemi, Diman Ghazi. Location detection and disambiguation from twitter messages
255 -- 279Shuyi Lin, Wenxing Hong, Dingding Wang 0001, Tao Li 0001. A survey on expert finding techniques
281 -- 314Alejandro Moreo, J. L. Castro, Jose Manuel Zurita. Towards portable natural language interfaces based on case-based reasoning

Volume 49, Issue 1

1 -- 7Juha Tiihonen, Alexander Felfernig. An introduction to personalization and mass customization
9 -- 35Chiara Grosso, Cipriano Forza, Alessio Trentin. Supporting the social dimension of shopping for personalized products through online sales configurators
37 -- 57Thomas Ulz, Michael Schwarz, Alexander Felfernig, Sarah Haas, Amal Shehadeh, Stefan Reiterer, Martin Stettinger. Human computation for constraint-based recommenders
59 -- 86Albert Haag. Managing variants of a personalized product - Practical compression and fast evaluation of variant tables
87 -- 118Rouven Walter, Alexander Felfernig, Wolfgang Küchlin. Constraint-based and SAT-based diagnosis of automotive configuration problems
119 -- 146Andrés Felipe Barco, Élise Vareilles, Paul Gaborit, Michel Aldanondo. Building renovation adopts mass customization - Configuring insulating envelopes