Journal: J. Intell. Inf. Syst.

Volume 5, Issue 3

183 -- 209Sanjiv K. Bhatia, Jitender S. Deogun, Vijay V. Raghavan. Conceptual Query Formulation and Retrieval
211 -- 228Brian R. Gaines, Paul Compton. Induction of Ripple-Down Rules Applied to Modeling Large Databases
229 -- 248Diane J. Cook, Lawrence B. Holder, Surnjani Djoko. Knowledge Discovery from Structural Data
249 -- 274S. Fukushima, Anca L. Ralescu. Improved Retrieval in a Fuzzy Database from Adjusted User Input

Volume 5, Issue 2

81 -- 99Jim Binkley, Leslie Young. RAMA: An Architecture for Internet Information Filtering
101 -- 119Stefan Heck. Implicit Commitments: Heterogeneous Agent Coordination for Retrieval and Assembly of Distributed Image Data
121 -- 143Alon Y. Levy, Divesh Srivastava, Thomas Kirk. Data Model and Query Evaluation in Global Information Systems
145 -- 143Athman Bouguettaya, Stephen Milliner, Roger King. Resource Location in Large Scale Heterogeneous and Autonomous Databases

Volume 5, Issue 1

5 -- 23Xu Wu, Nick Cercone, Tadao Ichikawa. A Knowledge-based System for Generating Informative Responsens to Indirect Database Queries
25 -- 50Ning Zhong, Setsuo Ohsuga. KOSI - An Integrated System for Discovering Functional Relations from Databases
51 -- 68Jianahua Chen, Kukhamay Kundu. The Strong Semantics for Logic Programs