Journal: J. Intell. Inf. Syst.

Volume 50, Issue 3

415 -- 440Lázaro Bustio-Martínez, René Cumplido, Raudel Hernández-León, José Manuel Bande Serrano, Claudia Feregrino Uribe. On the design of hardware-software architectures for frequent itemsets mining on data streams
441 -- 453Nidhi Kushwaha, Xudong Sun, Bharat Singh, O. P. Vyas. A Lesson learned from PMF based approach for Semantic Recommender System
455 -- 478Andisheh Keikha, Faezeh Ensan, Ebrahim Bagheri. Query expansion using pseudo relevance feedback on wikipedia
479 -- 500Hong Yu, Bing Zhou, Mingyao Deng, Feng Hu. Tag recommendation method in folksonomy based on user tagging status
501 -- 526Thi Ngoc Trang Tran, Müslüm Atas, Alexander Felfernig, Martin Stettinger. An overview of recommender systems in the healthy food domain
527 -- 547Masoud Saeed, Eghbal G. Mansoori. A new slope one based recommendation algorithm using virtual predictive items
549 -- 572Deepak Agnihotri, Kesari Verma, Priyanka Tripathi. An automatic classification of text documents based on correlative association of words
573 -- 595Md-Mizanur Rahoman, Ryutaro Ichise. A proposal of a temporal semantics aware linked data information retrieval framework
597 -- 619Mikolaj Fejzer, Piotr Przymus, Krzysztof Stencel. Profile based recommendation of code reviewers

Volume 50, Issue 2

231 -- 264Rupesh Kumar Dewang, Anil Kumar Singh. State-of-art approaches for review spammer detection: a survey
265 -- 290Alicja Wieczorkowska, Elzbieta Kubera, Tomasz Slowik, Krzysztof Skrzypiec. Spectral features for audio based vehicle and engine classification
291 -- 313M. Kehinde Olorunnimbe, Herna L. Viktor, Eric Paquet. Dynamic adaptation of online ensembles for drifting data streams
315 -- 339Aljaz Osojnik, Pance Panov, Saso Dzeroski. Tree-based methods for online multi-target regression
341 -- 362Keita Kinjo, Takeshi Ebina. Case-based decision model matches ideal point model: - Application to marketing decision support system
363 -- 384Aldona Rosner, Bozena Kostek. Automatic music genre classification based on musical instrument track separation
385 -- 414Dominik Slezak, Rick Glick, Pawel Betlinski, Piotr Synak. A new approximate query engine based on intelligent capture and fast transformations of granulated data summaries

Volume 50, Issue 1

1 -- 28Fabio Leuzzi, Stefano Ferilli. A multi-strategy approach to structural analogy making
29 -- 61Jan Kralj, Marko Robnik-Sikonja, Nada Lavrac. HINMINE: heterogeneous information network mining with information retrieval heuristics
63 -- 96Matej Mihelcic, Saso Dzeroski, Nada Lavrac, Tomislav Smuc. Redescription mining augmented with random forest of multi-target predictive clustering trees
97 -- 127Mateusz Lango, Jerzy Stefanowski. Multi-class and feature selection extensions of Roughly Balanced Bagging for imbalanced data
129 -- 164Blaz Zlicar, Simon Cousins. Discrete representation strategies for foreign exchange prediction
165 -- 193Annalisa Appice. Towards mining the organizational structure of a dynamic event scenario
195 -- 230Bettina Fazzinga, Sergio Flesca, Filippo Furfaro, Luigi Pontieri. Online and offline classification of traces of event logs on the basis of security risks