Journal: Journal of Information, Law and Technology

Volume 1998, Issue 3

0 -- 0Matthew D. Ford. Identity Authentication and E-Commerce
0 -- 0Leif Gamertsfelder. Going Digital: Legal Issues for Electronic Commerce, Multimedia and the Internet
0 -- 0. News for the period: 30th June 1998 - 30th October 1998
0 -- 0Abdul Paliwala. Co-operative Development of CAL Materials: A Case Study of IOLIS
0 -- 0Chris Swindells, Kay Henderson. Legal Regulation of Electronic Commerce
0 -- 0. JILT s new Interface
0 -- 0Alistair Kelman. Just say non
0 -- 0Trevor J. M. Bench-Capon, Paul H. Leng, Geof Staniford. A Computer Supported Environment for the Teaching of Legal Argument
0 -- 0Alistair Kelman. Globalisation and E-Commerce Editorial
0 -- 0Alan Smith, Michael Walpole. An Australasian Experience of the use of Selected Technologies in the Delivery of a Legal Education Program - Some Lessons for Faculties and Educational Program Planners
0 -- 0J. T. Westermeier. Personal Jurisdiction: Today s Hot Issue in E-Commerce
0 -- 0Diane Rowland. Cyberspace - A Contemporary Utopia?
0 -- 0Joanna Gretton. Using Copyright to Prevent Intrusive Photography
0 -- 0George Meszaros. Using the Internet to Teach Law
0 -- 0John Linarelli. Beyond the Millennium: The Legal Issues

Volume 1998, Issue 2

0 -- 0Alistair Kelman. Secure Electronic Transactions - Introduction and Technical Reference by Loeb L. (1998)
0 -- 0Alistair Kelman. Internet Besieged - Countering Cyberspace Scofflaws by Denning D.E. and Denning P.J. (1998)
0 -- 0Dan L. Burk. Proprietary Rights in Hypertext Linkages
0 -- 0Alistair Kelman. A User s Guide to Copyright (4th Edition) by Flint M.F. (1997)
0 -- 0Derrick Glass, Harry Price, Noel Wilson. A Software Asset Management (SAM) Methodology
0 -- 0P. Eve Athanasekou. Internet and Copyright: An Introduction to Caching, Linking and Framing
0 -- 0Euan Cameron. Information Technology Law by Rowland D and Macdonald E (1998)
0 -- 0Abdul Paliwala. Mega-Universities and Knowledge Media: Technology Strategies for Higher Education by Daniel John S. (1998)
0 -- 0Abdul Paliwala. 13th BILETA Conference - The Changing Jurisdiction
0 -- 0Alistair Kelman. Intellectual Property Law in Ireland by Clark R. and Smyth S. (1997)
0 -- 0Maximilian Herberger, Friedrich Scheuermann, Iris Kauffmann. Collaborative Learning via WWW in Legal Education
0 -- 0Valerie Finch. International Information Technology Law by Campbell Dennis, Cotter Susan (eds) (1998)
0 -- 0Amanda Cole. New Zealand Law Reports
0 -- 0Lilian Edwards. ITLaw: an International Bibliography on Information Technology and the Law
0 -- 0James P. Connolly, Scott Cameron. Fair Dealing in Webbed Links of Shetland Yarns
0 -- 0John Livermore, Krailerk Euarjai. Electronic Bills of Lading and Functional Equivalence

Volume 1998, Issue 1

0 -- 0Andrew Katz. IT in the Solicitors Office by Hilder P (1997)
0 -- 0Delia Venables. Around the World in 80 minutes
0 -- 0Adrienne Muir. Disconnected: Haves and Have-nots in the Information Age by Wresch W (1996)
0 -- 0Ian Culpin. Internet L@w and Tax
0 -- 0John S. Craparo. Managing 00: Surviving the Year 2000 Computer Crisis by de Jager P and Bergeon R (1997)
0 -- 0John S. Craparo. Year 2000 Solutions for Dummies by Bourne K. C. (1997)
0 -- 0Megan Macgregor. Innovation, Incentive and Reward, Intellectual Property Law & Policy
0 -- 0Lord Mark Saville. Information Technology and Case Management
0 -- 0Megan Macgregor. Readings in Intellectual Property Law by Firth Alison, Lane Shelley, Smyth Yvonne (eds) (1998)
0 -- 0Peter Blume. Introduction to the Special Feature on The Citizen in the Information Society
0 -- 0Dave Chadwick. Review of Directory of Law-related CD-ROMS 1997
0 -- 0Arlene Eis. Response to Review of Directory of Law-related CD-ROMS 1997
0 -- 0Alistair Kelman. Information Technology Law by Lloyd I (1997)
0 -- 0Jenny Craven. Extremism and the Internet (EMAIN)
0 -- 0Radboud Winkels, Robert W. van Kralingen. JURIX 97
0 -- 0Nick Moore. Rights and Responsibilities in an Information Society
0 -- 0Mike Holderness. Moral Rights and Authors Rights: The Keys to the Information Age
0 -- 0Robin Widdison. The Computerised Lawyer by Leith P and Hoey A (1998)
0 -- 0Archie Zariski. Virtual Words and the Fate of Law
0 -- 0Peter Blume. The Citizens Data Protection
0 -- 0Robin Widdison, Richard Schulte. Quarts into Pint Pots? Electronic Law Tutorials Revisited
0 -- 0E. Ann Rae. The Official Version, A National Summit to Solve the Problems of Authenticating, Preserving and Citing Legal Information in Digital Form
0 -- 0John S. Craparo. The Year 2000 Computing Crisis by Murray J T and Murray M J (1996)
0 -- 0Simon Speight. Researching the Legal Web by Holmes N and Venables D (1997)
0 -- 0Dag Wiese Schartum. Access to Government Held Information: Challenges and Possibilities
0 -- 0Ian J. Lloyd. The Electronic Privacy Papers: Documents on the Battle for Privacy in the Age of Surveillance by Schneier B and Banisar D (1997)
0 -- 0John S. Craparo. Solving the Year 2000 Problem by Keogh J (1997)
0 -- 0Vivienne Harpwood. The Medico-Legal Library