Journal: Journal of Information, Law and Technology

Volume 1999, Issue 3

0 -- 0John Fairhurst. Evaluation of an Internet-based PgDL (CPE) Course
0 -- 0Annette Orange. Developments in the Domain Name System: For Better or for Worse?
0 -- 0Abdul Paliwala. Editorial
0 -- 0Abdul Paliwala. Learning in Cyberspace
0 -- 0Richard Margiano. The Ninth Circuit holds that Internet Domain Name E-mail and Web Service Provider is not a Cybersquatter for Trademark Dilution Purposes, Avery Dennison Corp. v. Sumpton
0 -- 0Robin Widdison. Opening Pandora s Box? A Review of Now and Then: A Celebration of Sweet & Maxwell s Bicentenary 1999
0 -- 0. 2nd AustLII Conference on Computerisation of Law via the Internet
0 -- 0Robin Widdison. Computerising Legal Education: What s in Store?
0 -- 0Petter Gottschalk. Use of IT for Knowledge Management in Law Firms
0 -- 0David J. Harvey. A Judicial Perspective on Public Access to Case Law on the Internet
0 -- 0William E. Boyd. But What is it Good For? Using Interactive Video in Legal Education and Law Practice
0 -- 0Leif Gamertsfelder. Intellectual Property Law - LBC Nutshell
0 -- 0Georgios I. Zekos. Internet or Electronic Technology: A Threat to State Sovereignty

Volume 1999, Issue 2

0 -- 0Elizabeth Macdonald. Y2K and Contractual Exemption Clauses
0 -- 0John Angel. Why use Digital Signatures for Electronic Commerce?
0 -- 0Diane Rowland. Negligence, Professional Competence and Computer Systems
0 -- 0Geraint Howells. The Millennium Bug and Product Liability
0 -- 0Peter Kangis. Electronic Commerce and International Taxation
0 -- 0Abdul Paliwala. The Knowledge Web: Learning and Collaborating on the Web
0 -- 0Gordon Hughes. Reasonable Design
0 -- 0Peter Kangis. Internet. Which Court Decides? Which Law Applies?
0 -- 0Sean Overend. Standardisation of Data for the Judicial Intranet - Uniform Case Citation Sean Overend
0 -- 0Emir A. Mohammed. An Examination of Surveillance Technology and Their Implications for Privacy and Related Issues - The Philosophical Legal Perspective
0 -- 0Paul Maharg. 14th Annual BILETA Conference - CYBERSPACE 1999: Crime, Criminal Justice and the Internet
0 -- 0Stuart Hyde. A Few Coppers Change
0 -- 0Arno R. Lodder, Bart Verheij. Computer-Mediated Legal Argument: Towards new Opportunities in Education
0 -- 0Celia Wells. The Millennium Bug and Corporate Criminal Liability
0 -- 0John Peysner. Y2K - Will There be a Litigation Explosion?
0 -- 0Diane Rowland. The Year 2000 Problem: Introduction
0 -- 0Andrew Campbell. Banks and Business Customers: The Y2K Problem
0 -- 0Jacqueline D. Lipton. What s in a (Domain) Name? Web Addresses as Loan Collateral

Volume 1999, Issue 1

0 -- 0Tracey Varnava, Sandy Fury. LILI Conference Report
0 -- 0James Osborn, Leon Sterling. Automated Concept Identification within Legal Cases
0 -- 0John Dickie. Electronic Commerce: Law and Practice
0 -- 0Yaman Akdeniz. The Public Voice in the Development of Internet Policy: Proceedings from the Ottawa Global Internet Liberty Campaign Conference, October 1998
0 -- 0Leif Gamertsfelder. The Year 2000 Legal Guide
0 -- 0David Grantham. IOLISplus - Extending the Electronic Learning Environment
0 -- 0Alex Morrison. Hijack on the road to Xanadu: The Infringement of Copyright in HTML Documents via Networked Computers and the Legitimacy of Browsing Hypermedia Documents
0 -- 0. 1999 LILI Conference: Challenge and Change in Law Teaching
0 -- 0Jacqueline D. Lipton. Property Offences into the 21st Century
0 -- 0Alistair Kelman. Reliable Software and the Year 2000
0 -- 0Paul Maharg. Law in the Information Society
0 -- 0Erich Schweighofer. The Revolution in Legal Information Retrieval or: The Empire Strikes Back
0 -- 0Christopher J. S. Gale. BA Law with Information Technology - The LMU Experience one semester in
0 -- 0Carol Hall. Editorial
0 -- 0Leif Gamertsfelder. The Commonwealth Electronic Transactions Bill 1999: Ailments and Antidotes
0 -- 0. 5th International Conference of the IDG, of the Italian National Research Council: The Law in the Information Society