Journal: Journal of Information, Law and Technology

Volume 2, Issue 3

0 -- 0Michael T. Reinsborough, Gavin Sullivan. The Regulation of Nano-particles under the European Biocidal Products Directive: Challenges for Effective Civil Society Participation
0 -- 0Hailemichael Teshome Demissie. Justice or Beneficence: What Regulatory Virtue for Nano-Governance?
0 -- 0Joel D'Silva, Diana Meagan Bowman. Why the elephant in the room appears to be more than a nano-sized challenge
0 -- 0Hitoshi Nasu, Thomas Faunce. The Proposed Ban on Certain Nanomaterials for Electrical and Electronic Equipment in Europe and Its Global Security Implications: A Search for an Alternative Regulatory Approach
0 -- 0Bärbel Dorbeck-Jung. Soft regulation and responsible nanotechnological development in the European Union: Regulating occupational health and safety in the Netherlands
0 -- 0Steffen Foss Hansen, Anders Baun, Catherine Ganzleben. Nanomaterials and the European Water Framework Directive
0 -- 0Margherita Poto. Food and nano-food within the Chinese regulatory system: no need to have overregulation.Less physicality can produce more power
0 -- 0David Berube. Decision Ethics and Emergent Technologies: The Case of Nanotechnology
0 -- 0William Ryan, Sho Takatori, Thomas Booze, Hai-Yong Kang. Toward Safe and Sustainable Nanomaterials: Chemical Information Call-in to Manufacturers of Nanomaterials by California as a Case Study
0 -- 0Philip Leith, Abdul Paliwala. Editorial
0 -- 0Roger Strand, Kamilla Kjølberg. Regulating Nanoparticles: the Problem of Uncertainty
0 -- 0Shilpanjali Deshpande Sarma. How Resilient is India to Nanotechnology Risks? Examining Current Developments, Capacities and an Approach for Effective Risk Governance and Regulation
0 -- 0Colin Gavaghan, Jennifer Moore. De minimis curat lex: New Zealand law and the challenge of the very small
0 -- 0Harald Throne-Holst, Arie Rip. Complexities of labelling of nanoproducts on the consumer markets
0 -- 0Douglas K. R. Robinson. Value chains as a linking-pin framework for exploring governance and innovation in nano-involved sectors: illustrated for nanotechnologies and the food packaging sector
0 -- 0Darryl Stuart Jarvis, Noah Richmond. Regulation and Governance of Nanotechnology in China: Regulatory Challenges and Effectiveness

Volume 2, Issue 2

0 -- 0Niels Vandezande. Identification numbers as pseudonyms in the EU public sector
0 -- 0Philip Leith. Pseudonyms, Privacy and Globalization
0 -- 0Paul Alexander Bernal. A right to delete?
0 -- 0Perttu Virtanen. Poem title list III -A little database outro
0 -- 0Philip Leith. Current Issues in Research Access to Public Register Databases
0 -- 0Michael Filby. The Digital Economy Act 2010: Is The DEA DOA?
0 -- 0Martina Colette Gillen. Bringing the Globe into Globalization: Models of Capacity Building and Technology Transfer

Volume 2, Issue 1

0 -- 0Conall O'Reilly. Finding Jurisdiction to Regulate Google and the Internet
0 -- 0Aírton José Ruschel, Aires José Rover, Juliete Schneider. Using Web Technologies in the Discipline of Law and Informatics
0 -- 0Julia Hörnle. Countering the dangers of online pornography - shrewd regulation of lewd content?
0 -- 0Philip Leith. Editorial
0 -- 0Gregor Heissl. Jurisdiction for Human Rights Violations on the Internet
0 -- 0José Renato Gaziero Cella, Claude René Tarrit. Institutional Integration Of An Ict In Education Solution In A Brazilian University
0 -- 0James G. H. Griffin. The nature of the interface between copyright and contract: A new approach
0 -- 0David Lewis. Whistleblowing And Data Protection Principles: Is The Road To Reconciliation Really That Rocky?
0 -- 0Marc Lauritsen. The Subtech Bi-Annual Meeting: an overview
0 -- 0Stanley Greenstein. The Utilization of Information Technology Solutions as a Response to Present Challenges