Journal: Journal of Information, Law and Technology

Volume 2001, Issue 3

0 -- 0Wye Keen Khong. Spam Law for the Internet
0 -- 0Andrés Guadamuz González. Habeas Data vs the European Data Protection Directive
0 -- 0Tracy Manly, Lori N. K. Leonard. New Financial Reporting Regulations for E-Commerce Companies
0 -- 0Robert H. Woods. Order in the Virtual Law Classroom...Order in the Virtual Law Classroom - A Closer Look at American Law Schools in Cyberspace: Constructing Multiple Instructional Strategies for Effective Internet-based Legal Education
0 -- 0David Poyton. Integrating C&IT into the Delivery of a Law Module: A Reflective Look at Two Postgraduate Modules Delivered in the 2000/2001 Academic Year
0 -- 0Catherine Colston. Sui Generis Database Right: Ripe for Review?
0 -- 0Julie Moreton. Editorial
0 -- 0William Byrnes. A Review of the Development of an Internet Delivered LL.M Program in the United States
0 -- 0James D. Miller, Lixin Gao. Creating a Subpoena-Proof Diary: A Technological Solution to a Legal Problem
0 -- 0John Hogan. Are You XPerienced?
0 -- 0Abdul Paliwala. Discoursing the Virtual Classroom

Volume 2001, Issue 2

0 -- 0Subhajit Basu. Taxation of Electronic Commerce
0 -- 0Jan Grijpink, Corien Prins. New Rules for Anonymous Electronic Transactions? An Exploration of the Private Law Implications of Digital Anonymity
0 -- 0Julia Hörnle. Disputes Solved in Cyberspace and the Rule of Law
0 -- 0Subhajit Basu. Taxation of E-Commerce, by William J Craig
0 -- 0Julie Moreton. Editorial
0 -- 0John Hogan. Competition Policy for Computer Software Markets
0 -- 0L. Jean Camp, Serena Syme. Code as Embedded Speech, Machine, and Service
0 -- 0Martin Sloan. Web Accessibility and the Disability Discrimination Act
0 -- 0Charles Oppenheim. E-commerce: A Guide to the Law of Electronic Business, 2nd Edition, D Tunkel and S York (Editors)
0 -- 0Petter Gottschalk. Benefits from Information and Communication Technology Facilitating Inter-organisational Knowledge Networks: The Case of Eurojuris Law Firms in Norway
0 -- 0Carolyn Penfold. Nazis, Porn and Politics: Asserting Control Over Internet Content
0 -- 0Samtani Anil. Re-Visiting the Singapore Internet Code of Practice
0 -- 0Peter Duncan, Karen Barton, Patricia McKellar. Extending Richness and Reach: Empirical Evidence from Public Access Web sites of UK Legal Practices
0 -- 0Jean-Paul Cailloux, Christophe Roquilly. Legal Security of Web Sites: Proposal for a Legal Audit Methodology and a Legal Risks Classification
0 -- 0Adam Warren, James Dearnley, Charles Oppenheim. Sources of Literature on Data Protection and Human Rights

Volume 2001, Issue 1

0 -- 0Lorna Gillies. A Review of the New Jurisdiction Rules for Electronic Consumer Contracts Within the European Union
0 -- 0Abdul Paliwala. Learning in Cyberspace - Revised version
0 -- 0Adrian McCullagh, William J. Caelli, Peter Little. Signature Stripping: A Digital Dilemma
0 -- 0Richard Wu. New Rules for Resolving Chinese Domain Name Disputes - A Comparative Analysis
0 -- 0Andrew Terrett. Richard Susskind s Transforming the Law - Essays on Technology, Justice and the Legal Marketplace
0 -- 0John J. Borking, Charles D. Raab. Laws, PETs and Other Technologies for Privacy Protection
0 -- 0Charlotte Waelde. The Quest for Access in the Digital Era: Copyright and the Internet
0 -- 0Kay Henderson, Hilary Kane. Internet Patents: Will They Hinder the Development of E-Commerce?
0 -- 0Jacqueline D. Lipton. Financing E-Commerce: Legal and Practical Risks
0 -- 0David A. Thomas. American Legal Education: Moving from the Classroom Without Paper to Instruction Without the Classroom?
0 -- 0. The English translation of the new Rules for Resolving Chinese Domain Name Disputes
0 -- 0James P. Hutchinson. Can Trade Mark Protection Respond to the International Threat of Cybersquatting?
0 -- 0Darryl Mountain. Could New Technologies Cause Great Law Firms to Fail?
0 -- 0Julie Moreton. Editorial
0 -- 0Kenneth J. Withers. Computer-Based Disclosure and Discovery in Civil Litigation