Journal: Journal of Information, Law and Technology

Volume 2002, Issue 3

0 -- 0Charles Oppenheim. Managing Intellectual Capital , by David J Teece
0 -- 0Philippa England. Like IT or Loathe IT: Flexible Delivery of Unincorporated Associations and Trusts at Griffith University
0 -- 0Lorna Gillies. Effective Learning and Teaching in Law , by Roger Burridge, Karen Hinett, Abdul Paliwala and Tracy Varnava (eds)
0 -- 0Philip Leith. Cross Border Enforcement of Patent Rights: An Analysis of the Interface Between Intellectual Property and Private International Law , by Marta Pertagas Sender
0 -- 0Petter Gottschalk. Law Firm Clients as Drivers of Law Firm Change, II
0 -- 0Andrés Guadamuz González. Trouble with Prime Numbers: DeCSS, DVD and the Protection of Proprietary Encryption Tools
0 -- 0Orlan Lee. What is Unfairness ? In Cricket and in Standardised Testing
0 -- 0John Cahir. Understanding Information Laws: A Sociological Approach
0 -- 0Maureen O Sullivan. Making Copyright Ambidextrous: An Expose of Copyleft
0 -- 0Julie Moreton. Editorial
0 -- 0Peter Chen. Virtual Representation: Australian Elected Representatives and the Impact of the Internet
0 -- 0Mads Bryde Andersen. Information Technology Strategies: How Leading Firms Use IT to Gain and Advantage , by William V Rapp
0 -- 0Subhajit Basu. European VAT on Digital Sales
0 -- 0. Coming soon - A special feature on the Second Bournemouth Symposium on Intellectual Property, 9 July 2002

Volume 2002, Issue 2

0 -- 0Mayur S. Desai, Judith Ogden, Thomas C. Richards. Information Technology Litigation and Software Failure
0 -- 0Robin Widdison. Iolis Authoring in a Web Environment
0 -- 0. SubTech 2002: 7th International Conference on Substantive Technology in Legal Education and Practice, Virtual Learning For Virtual Practice, 3-5 July 2002, University of Warwick
0 -- 0Joseph Savirimuthu. SubTech 2002: Conference Report
0 -- 0Gregory J. Naples, Meredith Maher. Cybersmearing: A Legal Conflict Between Individuals and Corporations
0 -- 0Petter Gottschalk. A Stages of Growth Model for Knowledge Management Technology in Law Firms
0 -- 0Orlan Lee. Dealing with Plagiarism in an Electronic Age
0 -- 0Richard E. Susskind. SubTech 2002: Keynote Speech: Clicks and Mortals: Transformations in Legal Practice and Legal Education
0 -- 0Charles Oppenheim. Knowledge Management Through Information Technology by Petter Gottschalk
0 -- 0Wolfgang Schulz, Thorsten Held. Prospects of Guaranteeing Free Public Communication: Findings of an Interdisciplinary Study on the Necessity of Non-commercial Services on the Basis of German Constitutional Law
0 -- 0Antoni Brack. User Protection in IT Contracts: A Comparative Study of the Protection of the User Against Defective Performance in Information Technology, by Clarisse Girot
0 -- 0J. Rossa McMahon. Confusing Similarity Under ICANN s Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy
0 -- 0Einar Árnason. Personal Identifiability in the Icelandic Health Sector Database
0 -- 0Julie Moreton. Editorial
0 -- 0Michael Dunne. FLAG - Foreign Law Guide Project
0 -- 0Caroline B. Ncube. Copyright Protection of Computer Programs, Computer-generated Works and Databases in Zimbabwe
0 -- 0Erick Bohlman. Privacy in the Age of Information
0 -- 0Peter W. Martin. SubTech 2002: Keynote Speech: From Seats of Learning to Globally Distributed Virtual Learning
0 -- 0Peter Clinch. FLAG: The New Internet Gateway to Foreign Law Holdings in UK National and University Libraries
0 -- 0Julia Hörnle. Online Dispute Resolution in Business to Consumer E-commerce Transactions
0 -- 0Philip Leith. Genetic Privacy: A challenge to Medico-legal Norms by Graeme Laurie
0 -- 0Tommaso Scannicchio. Important Decision of the Italian Supreme Court of Cassazione in the Matter of Electronic Documents: Italian Supreme Court of Cassazione - September 6 , 2001Case 11445/2001

Volume 2002, Issue 1

0 -- 0Fernando Galindo. A Code of Practice for the Globalisation of Electronic Commerce and Government
0 -- 0Charles Oppenheim. Intellectual Property Law, by Lionel Bently and Brad Sherman
0 -- 0Debra Tuomey. Weathering the Commercial Storm: Why Everyone Should Steer Clear of the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act
0 -- 0Stephen Karanja. The Schengen Information System in Austria: An Essential Tool in Day to Day Police and Border Control Work?
0 -- 0Julie Moreton. Editorial
0 -- 0Orlan Lee. Engineering Students Moot Court Debates the Question: Is Software Patentable?
0 -- 0Caroline Allinson. Audit Trails in Evidence - A Queensland Case Study
0 -- 0Jacqueline D. Lipton. The EU Database Right and University Teaching Materials
0 -- 0Petter Gottschalk. Law Firm Clients as Drivers of Law Firm Change
0 -- 0Christopher J. S. Gale. BA Law with Information Technology - The First Graduates
0 -- 0Uta Kohl. Internet Law and Regulation, 3rd Edition, by Graham J Smith
0 -- 0Steve Kenny, John J. Borking. The Value of Privacy Engineering
0 -- 0Steffen Hindelang. No Remedy for Disappointed Trust - The Liability Regime for Certification Authorities Towards Third Parties Outwith the EC Directive in England and Germany Compared
0 -- 0Gurmak Singh, John O Donoghue, Karen Broome. An Empirical Study in the Use of IT by Small and Large Legal Firms in the UK
0 -- 0Karl Branting. Name-Matching Algorithms for Legal Case-Management Systems