Journal: Journal of Information, Law and Technology

Volume 3, Issue 3

0 -- 0Christopher Parsons, Joseph Savirimuthu, Rob Wipond, Kevin McArthur. ANPR: Code and Rhetorics of Compliance
0 -- 0Franziska Boehm, Paul De Hert. Notification, an important safeguard against the improper use of surveillance - finally recognized in case law and EU law
0 -- 0Helen Boyle. Rape and the Media: Victim's Rights to Anonymity and Effects of Technology on the Standard of Rape Coverage
0 -- 0Subhajit Basu, Argyro Karanasiou. Editorial - Special Issue on Human Rights
0 -- 0Nicola Lettieri, Sebastiano Faro. Computational Social Science and its Potential Impact upon Law
0 -- 0Michael Mc Fall. American and English Libel Law - Which Approach is Best?
0 -- 0Abhilash Nair. Online Gambling: Gambling with Regulation
0 -- 0Argyro Karanasiou. Respecting Context: A New Deal for Free Speech in the Digital Era
0 -- 0Nicholas Gervassis. The Dehumanisation of Law: Digital Reflections
0 -- 0Paul De Hert, Dariusz Kloza. Internet (access) as a new fundamental right. Inflating the current rights framework?
0 -- 0Shara Monteleone. Privacy and Data Protection at the time of Facial Recognition: towards a new right to Digital Identity?
0 -- 0Angela Daly. The AOL Huffington Post merger and bloggers' rights
0 -- 0Zia Akhtar. Media Celebraties, and Internet Law
0 -- 0Luke Danagher. An Assessment of the Draft Data Protection Regulation: Does it Effectively Protect Data?

Volume 3, Issue 2

0 -- 0Bert-Jaap Koops, Jasper P. Sluijs. Network Neutrality and Privacy According to Art. 8 ECHR
0 -- 0Aaron Martin, Norberto Nuno Gomes de Andrade. Battling Botnets with Digital Rights in Mind
0 -- 0Maria Ioanna Rantou. The growing tension between copyright and personal data protection on an online environment: The position of Internet Service Providers according to the European Court of Justice
0 -- 0Maurizio Borghi, Maria LillĂ  Montagnani, Mariateresa Maggiolino, Massimiliano Nuccio. Determinants in the On-line Distribution of Digital Contents: An exploratory analysis
0 -- 0Indranath Gupta. Are websites adequately communicating terms & conditions link in a browse-wrap agreement?
0 -- 0Subhajit Basu. Stalking the Stranger in Web 2.0: A Contemporary Regulatory Analysis
0 -- 0Josep Suquet-Capdevila. Technology and Consumer Empowerment: a Mobile Application for Consumer Mediation in Catalonia (Geoconsum)
0 -- 0Primavera De Filippi, Luca Belli. Law of the Cloud v Law of the Land: Challenges and Opportunities for Innovation
0 -- 0Primavera De Filippi, Smari McCarthy. Cloud Computing: Centralization and Data Sovereignty
0 -- 0Alessandro Mantelero. Cloud computing, trans-border data flows and the European Directive 95/46/EC: applicable law and task distribution
0 -- 0Estelle Derclaye. Recent French decisions on database protection: Towards a more consistent and compliant approach with the Court of Justice's case law?
0 -- 0Philip Leith. Editorial

Volume 3, Issue 1

0 -- 0Chris Marsden, Judith Rauhofer. Response to the consultation by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills regarding its proposals for implementing the revised EU Electronic Communications Framework
0 -- 0Judith Rauhofer. Response to the consultation by the Home Office regarding its proposals amend the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 to address deficiencies identified by the European Commission
0 -- 0Lisa Hannah Collingwood. Privacy in Cyberworld: Why Lock the Gate After the Horse Has Bolted?
0 -- 0Lawrence Siry, Sandra Schmitz. ONLINE ARCHIVES: Finding a Common Ground in the Quicksand of Online Defamation Developments
0 -- 0Stephen Mason, Michael C. Bromby. Response to Digital Agenda for Europe: Electronic identification, authentication and signatures in the European digital single market Public consultation
0 -- 0Long Long. The Prospect of Social Norms as a Governing Mechanism of Virtual Worlds
0 -- 0Kim Barker. MMORPGing - The Legalities of Game Play
0 -- 0Joseph Savirimuthu. Response to the consultation by the Body of European Regulators in Electronic Communications BEREC on Net Neutrality Policy
0 -- 0Mohammed Jawad, Elsa Butrous, Benjamin Faber, Chandni Gupta, Christopher Haggart, Sager Patel. A study to define the international guidelines of ethics concerning electronic medical data
0 -- 0Michael C. Bromby. Response to the consultation by the Judicial Office for England and Wales on the Use of Live, Text-Based Forms of Communications from Court for the Purposes of Fair and Accurate Reporting
0 -- 0Karen Mc Cullagh. Response to EU Commission Public Consultation on Cloud Computing
0 -- 0Jonathan Barrett. Name Suppression Orders and Web 2.0 Media: the New Zealand Experience
0 -- 0Martina Colette Gillen. Human versus Inalienable Rights: Is there still a future for online protest in the Anonymous world?
0 -- 0Aysem Diker Vanberg. From Archie to Google: Search engine providers and emergent challenges in relation to EU competition law
0 -- 0Catherine Easton. Employing a Classroom Response System to Teach Law: A Case Study
0 -- 0Catherine Easton. Editorial: BILETA Conference Edition
0 -- 0Gavin Sutter. Response to the consultation by the Ministry of Justice on the Draft Defamation Bill
0 -- 0Sandra Schmitz, Thorsten Ries. Three songs and you are disconnected from cyberspace??? Not in Germany where the industry may 'turn piracy into profit'
0 -- 0Catherine Easton. Response to the Government consultation "A Communications Review for the Digital Age"
0 -- 0Abbe Brown, Phoebe Hung Li. New conversations: the BILETA and Information Technology Think Tank collaborative consultation response programme
0 -- 0Abhilash Nair, Dinusha Mendis. Response to the Consultation 'Regulating On-line Gambling in the EU: Recent Developments and Current Challenges from the Internal Market Standpoint'
0 -- 0Felipe Romero Moreno. The Three Strikes And You Are Out Challenge
0 -- 0Alexandra Giannopoulou. Copyright enforcement measures: the role of the ISPs and the respect of the principle of proportionality