Journal: Journal of Information, Law and Technology

Volume 8, Issue 3

0 -- 0Leesi Ebenezer Mitee. Towards enhanced public access to legal information: a proposal for official networked one-stop legal information websites
0 -- 0Petar Radosavljev. For whom the copyright scale tips: has the CJEU established a proper balance of rights with its GS media case judgement?
0 -- 0Antoni Roig. Safeguards for the right not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing (Article 22 GDPR)
0 -- 0Abhilash Nair, Paul Maharg. Editorial
0 -- 0Tony Ward, Michael Stockdale. Book review: 'Electronic evidence: fourth edition'

Volume 8, Issue 2

0 -- 0Fernando Galindo, Javier García Marco. Freedom and the Internet: empowering citizens and addressing the transparency gap in search engines
0 -- 0Abhilash Nair, James Griffin. Editorial
0 -- 0James Griffin. Book review: Research handbook on digital transformations
0 -- 0Arno R. Lodder, Puck Polter. ISP blocking and filtering: on the shallow justification in case law regarding effectiveness of measures
0 -- 0Peter Van Dongen, Alfredo Yegros-Yegros, Robert J. W. Tijssen, Eric Claassen. The relationships between university IP regimes, scientists' motivations and their engagement with research commercialisation in Europe

Volume 8, Issue 1

0 -- 0Nicholas Gervassis, Panagia Voyatzis. Back to (con)textuality: using chat services to teach legal reasoning
0 -- 0Evangelia Papadaki. Hyperlinking, making available and copyright infringement: lessons from European national courts
0 -- 0Valerie Aston. State surveillance of protest and the rights to privacy and freedom of assembly: a comparison of judicial and protester perspectives
0 -- 0Kees van Noortwijk. Integrated legal information retrieval: new developments and educational challenges
0 -- 0Irene Kamara. Co-regulation in EU personal data protection: the case of technical standards and the privacy by design standardisation 'mandate'
0 -- 0Aysem Diker Vanberg, Mehmet Bilal Ünver. The right to data portability in the GDPR and EU competition law: odd couple or dynamic duo?
0 -- 0Edina Harbinja. Editorial: BILETA 2016 conference special issue
0 -- 0Damian Clifford, Valerie Verdoodt. Integrative advertising: the marketing 'dark side' or merely the emperor's new clothes?