Journal: J. Intellig. Transport. Systems

Volume 10, Issue 4

151 -- 158Bin Yu, Zhongzhen Yang, Baozhen Yao. Bus Arrival Time Prediction Using Support Vector Machines
159 -- 171Pushkin Kachroo, Kaan Özbay. ∞Feedback Control Theoretic Approach
173 -- 183Tomer Toledo, Ross Beinhaker. Evaluation of the Potential Benefits of Advanced Traveler Information Systems
185 -- 204Xu Yang, Wilfred W. Recker. Modeling Dynamic Vehicle Navigation in a Self-Organizing, Peer-to-Peer, Distributed Traffic Information System

Volume 10, Issue 3

103 -- 115Mohammed A. Quddus, Robert B. Noland, Washington Yotto Ochieng. A High Accuracy Fuzzy Logic Based Map Matching Algorithm for Road Transport
117 -- 129Haitham Al-Deek, Emam B. Emam. New Methodology for Estimating Reliability in Transportation Networks with Degraded Link Capacities
131 -- 140Steven E. Shladover, Swe-Kuang Tan. Analysis of Vehicle Positioning Accuracy Requirements for Communication-Based Cooperative Collision Warning
141 -- 150Yuanchang Xie, YunLong Zhang. A Wavelet Network Model for Short-Term Traffic Volume Forecasting

Volume 10, Issue 2

49 -- 57Hesham Rakha, Bryan Katz, Ahmed Al-Kaisy. Field Evaluation of Truck Weigh Station Operations
59 -- 73Fabio Stella, Vittorio Viganò, Davide Bogni, Matteo Benzoni. An Integrated Forecasting and Regularization Framework for Light Rail Transit Systems
75 -- 87John El Khoury, Antoine G. Hobeika. Simulation of an ITS Crash Prevention Technology at a No-Passing Zone Site
89 -- 99Swee Tuan Ng, Ruey Long Cheu, Der Horng Lee. Simulation Evaluation of the Benefits of Real-Time Traffic Information to Trucks during Incidents
101 -- 102Joseph M. Sussman, Michael S. Bronzini. A Review of: "Perspectives on Intelligent Transportation Systems" - Springer, New York, NY, 2005, 232 pages, $125.00

Volume 10, Issue 1

1 -- 14Daiheng Ni, John D. Leonard, Billy M. Williams. The Network Kinematic Waves Model: A Simplified Approach to Network Traffic
15 -- 21Zhijun Qiu, Danya Yao. Kalman Filtering Used in Video-Based Traffic Monitoring System
23 -- 31Chin Long Mak, Henry S. L. Fan. Heavy Flow-Based Incident Detection Algorithm Using Information From Two Adjacent Detector Stations
33 -- 40Mark E. T. Horn. On-Line Vehicle Routing and Scheduling With Time-Varying Travel Speeds
41 -- 43Theodore Tsekeris. Comment on "Short-Term Arterial Travel Time Prediction for Advanced Traveler Information Systems" by Wei-Hua Lin, Amit Kulkarni, and Pitu Mirchandani
45 -- 47Wei-Hua Lin, Amit Kulkarni, Pitu B. Mirchandani. Response to "Comment on 'Short-Term Arterial Travel Time Prediction for Advanced Traveler Information Systems' by Wei-Hua Lin, Amit Kulkarni, and Pitu Mirchandani"