Journal: J. Intellig. Transport. Systems

Volume 15, Issue 4

179 -- 192Luca Caviglione, Cristiano Cervellera. An Optimized Content Replication and Distribution Framework for Vehicular Networks
193 -- 204Diange Yang, Tao Zhang, Jiangtao Li, Xiaomin Lian. Synthetic Fuzzy Evaluation Method of Trajectory Similarity in Map-Matching
205 -- 222Enrique F. Castillo, Inmaculada Gallego, José María Menéndez, Pilar Jiménez. Link Flow Estimation in Traffic Networks on the Basis of Link Flow Observations
223 -- 233Wei-Hua Lin, Hong K. Lo, Lin Xiao. A Quasi-Dynamic Robust Control Scheme for Signalized Intersections

Volume 15, Issue 3

115 -- 132Faramak Zandi, Madjid Tavana. An Optimal Investment Scheduling Framework for Intelligent Transportation Systems Architecture
133 -- 146Dung Nghi Truong Cong, Louahdi Khoudour, Catherine Achard, Jean-Luc Bruyelle. Intelligent Distributed Surveillance System for People Reidentification in a Transportation Environment
147 -- 160Yan Zhou, Glenn Hamilton Evans Jr., Mashrur Chowdhury, Kuang-Ching Wang, Ryan Fries. Wireless Communication Alternatives for Intelligent Transportation Systems: A Case Study
161 -- 178Ivan Wang Hei Ho, Robin J. North, John W. Polak, Kin K. Leung. Effect of Transport Models on Connectivity of Interbus Communication Networks

Volume 15, Issue 2

63 -- 74Wei Wang, Jing Jin, Bin Ran, Xiu-cheng Guo. Large-Scale Freeway Network Traffic Monitoring: A Map-Matching Algorithm Based on Low-Logging Frequency GPS Probe Data
75 -- 90Ehsan Mazloumi, Geoff Rose, Graham Currie, Majid Sarvi. An Integrated Framework to Predict Bus Travel Time and Its Variability Using Traffic Flow Data
91 -- 103Jinwoo Lee, Garland Chow. Operation Analysis of the Electronic Screening System at a Commercial Vehicle Weigh Station
104 -- 113Jingxin Xia, Mei Chen, Wei Huang. A Multistep Corridor Travel-Time Prediction Method Using Presence-Type Vehicle Detector Data

Volume 15, Issue 1

1 -- 12Mecit Cetin, Christopher M. Monsere, Andrew P. Nichols. Bayesian Models for Reidentification of Trucks Over Long Distances on the Basis of Axle Measurement Data
13 -- 27Seyedehsan Seyedabrishami, Yousef Shafahi. Expert Knowledge-Guided Travel Demand Estimation: Neuro-Fuzzy Approach
28 -- 41Minseok Kim, Elise Miller-Hooks, Rahul Nair. A Geographic Information System-Based Real-Time Decision Support Framework for Routing Vehicles Carrying Hazardous Materials
42 -- 51Mohammed Hadi, Prasoon Sinha. Effect of Pavement Marking Retroreflectivity on the Performance of Vision-Based Lane Departure Warning Systems
52 -- 61Rami Harb, Essam Radwan, Mohamed A. Abdel-Aty, Xiaogang Su. Two Simplified Intelligent Transportation System-Based Lane Management Strategies for Short-Term Work Zones