Journal: J. Intellig. Transport. Systems

Volume 17, Issue 4

255 -- 267Pradeep Rayaprolu, Sherif Ishak, Yan Qi, Brian Wolshon. Operational Assessment of Joint and Conventional Lane Merge Configurations for Freeway Work Zones
268 -- 281Rodrigo Castelan Carlson, Ioannis Papamichail, Markos Papageorgiou. Comparison of Local Feedback Controllers for the Mainstream Traffic Flow on Freeways Using Variable Speed Limits
282 -- 293Wanjing Ma, Yue Liu, Xiaoguang Yang. A Dynamic Programming Approach for Optimal Signal Priority Control Upon Multiple High-Frequency Bus Requests
294 -- 303Bart Saerens, Hesham Rakha, Kyoungho Ahn, Eric Van den Bulck. Assessment of Alternative Polynomial Fuel Consumption Models for Use in Intelligent Transportation Systems Applications
304 -- 316Jianyang Zheng, Xiaolei Ma, Yao-Jan Wu, Yinhai Wang. Measuring Signalized Intersection Performance in Real-Time With Traffic Sensors
317 -- 327Dali Wei, Hongchao Liu. An Adaptive-Margin Support Vector Regression for Short-Term Traffic Flow Forecast
328 -- 350Enrique F. Castillo, María Nogal, Aida Calviño, Ana Rivas, Hong K. Lo. A Model for Continuous Dynamic Network Loading Problem with Different Overtaking Class Users

Volume 17, Issue 3

177 -- 178Konstantina Gkritza, Matthew G. Karlaftis. Intelligent Transportation Systems Applications for the Environment and Energy Conservation (Part 2)
179 -- 190Shin-Ting Jeng, K. S. Nesamani, Stephen G. Ritchie. A New Approach to Estimate Vehicle Emissions Using Inductive Loop Detector Data
191 -- 199Alexander Skabardonis, Nikolas Geroliminis, Eleni Christofa. Prediction of Vehicle Activity for Emissions Estimation Under Oversaturated Conditions Along Signalized Arterials
200 -- 209Jinpeng Lv, YunLong Zhang, Joe Zietsman. Investigating Emission Reduction Benefit From Intersection Signal Optimization
210 -- 220Mo Zhao, Anuj Sharma, Dave G. Bernt, Joshua A. Meyer, Benjamin Dickey, Scott Rosenbaugh, Elizabeth Jones, Laurence R. Rilett. Economic Analysis of Using a Renewable Wind Power System at a Signalized Intersection
221 -- 232Steven Lavrenz, Konstantina Gkritza. Environmental and Energy Impacts of Automated Electric Highway Systems
233 -- 244Alberto García-Álvarez, Pedro J. Pérez-Martínez, Ignacio Gonzalez-Franco. Energy Consumption and Carbon Dioxide Emissions in Rail and Road Freight Transport in Spain: A Case Study of Car Carriers and Bulk Petrochemicals
245 -- 254Arne Höltl, Stefan Trommer. Driver Assistance Systems for Transport System Efficiency: Influencing Factors on User Acceptance

Volume 17, Issue 2

107 -- 109Ali Haghani, Masoud Hamedi. Application of Bluetooth Technology in Traffic Detection, Surveillance, and Traffic Management
110 -- 122Montasir Abbas, Lakshmi Rajasekhar, Asmita Gharat, John Paul Dunning. Microscopic Modeling of Control Delay at Signalized Intersections Based on Bluetooth Data
123 -- 141Jaume Barceló, Lidia Montero, Manuel Bullejos, Oriol Serch, Carlos Carmona. A Kalman Filter Approach for Exploiting Bluetooth Traffic Data When Estimating Time-Dependent OD Matrices
142 -- 151J. David Porter, David S. Kim, Mario E. Magaña, Panupat Poocharoen, Carlos Antar Gutierrez Arriaga. Antenna Characterization for Bluetooth-Based Travel Time Data Collection
152 -- 164Chris Bachmann, Matthew J. Roorda, Baher Abdulhai, Behzad Moshiri. Fusing a Bluetooth Traffic Monitoring System With Loop Detector Data for Improved Freeway Traffic Speed Estimation
165 -- 175Wenxin Qiao, Ali Haghani, Masoud Hamedi. A Nonparametric Model for Short-Term Travel Time Prediction Using Bluetooth Data

Volume 17, Issue 1

1 -- 2Konstantina Gkritza, Matthew G. Karlaftis. Intelligent Transportation Systems Applications for the Environment and Energy Conservation (Part 1)
3 -- 17Jorge Bandeira, Tiago G. Almeida, Asad J. Khattak, Nagui M. Rouphail, Margarida C. Coelho. Generating Emissions Information for Route Selection: Experimental Monitoring and Routes Characterization
18 -- 30Liya Guo, Shan Huang, Adel W. Sadek. An Evaluation of Environmental Benefits of Time-Dependent Green Routing in the Greater Buffalo-Niagara Region
31 -- 41Haitao Xia, Kanok Boriboonsomsin, Matthew J. Barth. Dynamic Eco-Driving for Signalized Arterial Corridors and Its Indirect Network-Wide Energy/Emissions Benefits
42 -- 53Enjian Yao, Yuanyuan Song. Study on Eco-Route Planning Algorithm and Environmental Impact Assessment
54 -- 64Sushant Sharma, Sabyasachee Mishra. Intelligent Transportation Systems-Enabled Optimal Emission Pricing Models for Reducing Carbon Footprints in a Bimodal Network
65 -- 77Luc J. J. Wismans, Eric C. Van Berkum, Michiel C. J. Bliemer. Effects of Optimizing Externalities Using Cooperating Dynamic Traffic Management Measures on Network Level
78 -- 90Francesc Soriguera, Josep Maria Torné, Dulce Rosas. Assessment of Dynamic Speed Limit Management on Metropolitan Freeways
91 -- 105Rami Puzis, Yaniv Altshuler, Yuval Elovici, Shlomo Bekhor, Yoram Shiftan, Alex Pentland. Augmented Betweenness Centrality for Environmentally Aware Traffic Monitoring in Transportation Networks