Journal: J. Mathematical Cryptology

Volume 2, Issue 4

311 -- 326Neal Koblitz, Alfred Menezes. Another look at non-standard discrete log and Diffie-Hellman problems
327 -- 341Rupert J. Hartung, Claus-Peter Schnorr. Identification and signatures based on NP-hard problems of indefinite quadratic forms
343 -- 363Thilo Mie. Polylogarithmic two-round argument systems
365 -- 392Christiane Frougny, Wolfgang Steiner. Minimal weight expansions in Pisot bases
393 -- 403Maura B. Paterson, Douglas R. Stinson. Two attacks on a sensor network key distribution scheme of Cheng and Agrawal

Volume 2, Issue 3

209 -- 225Szabolcs L. Fancsali, Péter Ligeti. Some applications of finite geometry for secure network coding
227 -- 255Roberto Avanzi, Nicolas Thériault, Zheng Wang. Rethinking low genus hyperelliptic Jacobian arithmetic over binary fields: interplay of field arithmetic and explicit formulæ
257 -- 289Riddhipratim Basu, Shirshendu Ganguly, Subhamoy Maitra, Goutam Paul. A complete characterization of the evolution of RC4 pseudo random generation algorithm
291 -- 310Werner Schindler. Advanced stochastic methods in side channel analysis on block ciphers in the presence of masking

Volume 2, Issue 2

109 -- 116Jonathan Longrigg, Alexander Ushakov. Cryptanalysis of the shifted conjugacy authentication protocol
117 -- 147M. Jason Hinek. On the security of multi-prime RSA
149 -- 162Mridul Nandi, Avradip Mandal. Improved security analysis of PMAC
163 -- 179Cevahir Demirkiran, Enric Nart. Counting hyperelliptic curves that admit a Koblitz model
181 -- 207Phong Q. Nguyen, Thomas Vidick. Sieve algorithms for the shortest vector problem are practical

Volume 2, Issue 1

1 -- 8David J. Mireles Morales. An attack on disguised elliptic curves
9 -- 28Ryoh Fuji-Hara, Xiyang Li, Ying Miao, Dianhua Wu. A TWOOA construction for multi-receiver multi-message authentication codes
29 -- 61Alexei G. Myasnikov, Alexander Ushakov. Random subgroups and analysis of the length-based and quotient attacks
63 -- 107Sean Murphy, Maura B. Paterson. A geometric view of cryptographic equation solving