Journal: J. Mathematical Cryptology

Volume 3, Issue 4

273 -- 290Thomas W. Cusick, Yuan Li, Pantelimon Stanica. On a conjecture for balanced symmetric Boolean functions
291 -- 306Charles J. Colbourn, Alan C. H. Ling. A recursive construction for perfect hash families
307 -- 319Gebhard Böckle. The Miller-Rabin test with randomized exponents
321 -- 338Simon R. Blackburn, Carlos Cid, Ciaran Mullan. Cryptanalysis of the MST 3 public key cryptosystem
339 -- 352Jiang Wu, Douglas R. Stinson. An efficient identification protocol secure against concurrent-reset attacks
353 -- 360Reza Rezaeian Farashahi, Igor E. Shparlinski, José Felipe Voloch. On hashing into elliptic curves

Volume 3, Issue 3

175 -- 176Jaime Gutierrez. Foreword. Second Workshop on Mathematical Cryptology
177 -- 197Luk Bettale, Jean-Charles Faugère, Ludovic Perret. Hybrid approach for solving multivariate systems over finite fields
199 -- 203Simon R. Blackburn. Cryptanalysing the critical group: efficiently solving Biggs's discrete logarithm problem
205 -- 214Gerald Bourgeois, Jean-Charles Faugère. Algebraic attack on NTRU using Witt vectors and Gröbner bases
215 -- 225Nina Brandstätter, Arne Winterhof. -error linear complexity over p of subsequences of Sidelnikov sequences of period (pr - 1)/3
227 -- 236Simon Fischer 0002, Willi Meier, Dirk Stegemann. Some remarks on FCSRs and implications for stream ciphers
237 -- 248István Gaál, Michael E. Pohst. On solving norm equations in global function fields
249 -- 263Mario Lamberger, Tomislav Nad, Vincent Rijmen. Numerical solvers and cryptanalysis
265 -- 271John Friedlander, Igor E. Shparlinski. On the density of some special primes

Volume 3, Issue 2

89 -- 132Amitabh Saxena, Ben Soh. A cryptographic primitive based on hidden-order groups
133 -- 148Mridul Nandi. Improved security analysis for OMAC as a pseudorandom function
149 -- 163Joachim von zur Gathen, Igor E. Shparlinski. Subset sum pseudorandom numbers: fast generation and distribution
165 -- 174M. Jason Hinek, Charles C. Y. Lam. Another look at some fast modular arithmetic methods

Volume 3, Issue 1

1 -- 18Steven D. Galbraith, Jordi Pujolàs, Christophe Ritzenthaler, Benjamin A. Smith. Distortion maps for supersingular genus two curves
19 -- 36Laura Hitt. Families of genus 2 curves with small embedding degree
37 -- 68Ian F. Blake, Vladimir Kolesnikov. One-round secure comparison of integers
69 -- 87Gregory Neven, Nigel P. Smart, Bogdan Warinschi. Hash function requirements for Schnorr signatures