Journal: J. Mathematical Cryptology

Volume 4, Issue 4

317 -- 348Elmar Tischhauser. Nonsmooth cryptanalysis, with an application to the stream cipher MICKEY
349 -- 364Rajesh P. Singh, Anupam Saikia, B. K. Sarma. Poly-Dragon: an efficient multivariate public key cryptosystem
365 -- 373Ciaran Mullan. Cryptanalysing variants of Stickel's key agreement scheme
375 -- 415Christopher Wolf, Bart Preneel. Equivalent keys in ℳultivariate uadratic public key systems

Volume 4, Issue 3

199 -- 238Keisuke Hakuta, Hisayoshi Sato, Tsuyoshi Takagi. Efficient arithmetic on subfield elliptic curves over small finite fields of odd characteristic
239 -- 270Juha Kortelainen, Kimmo Halunen, Tuomas Kortelainen. Multicollision attacks and generalized iterated hash functions
271 -- 315Pavol Svaba, Tran van Trung. Public key cryptosystem MST3: cryptanalysis and realization

Volume 4, Issue 2

95 -- 120Jaume Martí-Farré, Carles Padró. On secret sharing schemes, matroids and polymatroids
121 -- 148Basel Alomair, Andrew Clark, Radha Poovendran. The power of primes: security of authentication based on a universal hash-function family
149 -- 174Natalia Mosina, Alexander Ushakov. Mean-set attack: cryptanalysis of Sibert et al. authentication protocol
175 -- 191Koray Karabina, Alfred Menezes, Carl Pomerance, Igor E. Shparlinski. On the asymptotic effectiveness of Weil descent attacks
193 -- 198Simon R. Blackburn. The discrete logarithm problem modulo one: cryptanalysing the Ariffin-Abu cryptosystem

Volume 4, Issue 1

1 -- 42Koray Karabina. Factor-4 and 6 compression of cyclotomic subgroups of and
43 -- 56Farbod Shokrieh. The monodromy pairing and discrete logarithm on the Jacobian of finite graphs
58 -- 93M. Jason Hinek, Charles C. Y. Lam. Common modulus attacks on small private exponent RSA and some fast variants (in practice)