Journal: J. Mathematical Cryptology

Volume 6, Issue 3-4

183 -- 227Reza Sepahi, Josef Pieprzyk, Siamak Fayyaz Shahandashti, Berry Schoenmakers. New security notions and relations for public-key encryption
229 -- 248Nicky Mouha, Gautham Sekar, Bart Preneel. Challenging the increased resistance of regular hash functions against birthday attacks
249 -- 268Keiji Okano. On the ρ-values of complete families of pairing-friendly elliptic curves

Volume 6, Issue 2

81 -- 104John Boxall. Heuristics on pairing-friendly elliptic curves
105 -- 135Alyssa Brown, Thomas W. Cusick. Recursive weights for some Boolean functions
137 -- 147Sean Murphy. The effectiveness of the linear hull effect
149 -- 169Edoardo Persichetti. Compact McEliece keys based on quasi-dyadic Srivastava codes
171 -- 182Matan Banin, Boaz Tsaban. The discrete logarithm problem in Bergman's non-representable ring

Volume 6, Issue 1

1 -- 20Robert P. Gallant. Finding discrete logarithms with a set orbit distinguisher
21 -- 37Barbara Baumeister, Jan de Wiljes. Aperiodic logarithmic signatures
39 -- 68Tzer-jen Wei, Lih-Chung Wang. A fast mental poker protocol
69 -- 80Gérard Maze. Analysis of a key distribution scheme in secure multicasting