Journal: J. Mathematical Cryptology

Volume 9, Issue 4

205 -- 214Chris Dowden. Secure message transmission in the presence of a fully generalised adversary
215 -- 225Maura B. Paterson, Douglas R. Stinson. Optimal constructions for ID-based one-way-function key predistribution schemes realizing specified communication graphs
227 -- 244Ali Hameed, Arkadii Slinko. A characterisation of ideal weighted secret sharing schemes
245 -- 272Kevin J. Henry, Douglas R. Stinson. Linear approaches to resilient aggregation in sensor networks

Volume 9, Issue 3

139 -- 150Atul Luykx, Bart Mennink, Bart Preneel, Laura Winnen. Two-permutation-based hashing with binary mixing
151 -- 159Luigi Accardi, Massimo Regoli. On a class of strongly asymmetric PKA algorithms
161 -- 167Matvei Kotov, Alexander Ushakov. Analysis of a certain polycyclic-group-based cryptosystem
169 -- 203Martin R. Albrecht, Rachel Player, Sam Scott. On the concrete hardness of Learning with Errors

Volume 9, Issue 2

63 -- 74Jiageng Chen, Keita Emura, Atsuko Miyaji. SKENO: Secret key encryption with non-interactive opening
75 -- 78Boaz Tsaban, Noam Lifshitz. Cryptanalysis of the MORE symmetric key fully homomorphic encryption scheme
79 -- 94Shlomi Dolev, Juan A. Garay, Niv Gilboa, Vladimir Kolesnikov, Yelena Yuditsky. Towards efficient private distributed computation on unbounded input streams
95 -- 114Kim Laine, Kristin E. Lauter. Time-memory trade-offs for index calculus in genus 3
115 -- 137Benjamin Justus. The distribution of quadratic residues and non-residues in the Goldwasser-Micali type of cryptosystem. II

Volume 9, Issue 1

1 -- 9Kisoon Yoon. A new method of choosing primitive elements for Brezing-Weng families of pairing-friendly elliptic curves
11 -- 22Bilal Alam, Ferruh Özbudak, Oguz Yayla. Classes of weak Dembowski-Ostrom polynomials for multivariate quadratic cryptosystems
23 -- 32Rüdiger Sparr, Ralph Wernsdorf. The round functions of KASUMI generate the alternating group
33 -- 43David Garber, Delaram Kahrobaei, Ha T. Lam. Length-based attacks in polycyclic groups
45 -- 62Thomas W. Cusick, Younhwan Cheon. Theory of 3-rotation symmetric cubic Boolean functions