Journal: J. Multimodal User Interfaces

Volume 13, Issue 4

267 -- 278Hsinfu Huang, Ta-chun Huang. Thumb touch control range and usability factors of virtual keys for smartphone games
279 -- 290Emma Frid, Jonas Moll, Roberto Bresin, Eva-Lotta Sallnäs Pysander. Haptic feedback combined with movement sonification using a friction sound improves task performance in a virtual throwing task
291 -- 0Emma Frid, Jonas Moll, Roberto Bresin, Eva-Lotta Sallnäs Pysander. Correction to: Haptic feedback combined with movement sonification using a friction sound improves task performance in a virtual throwing task
293 -- 320Yousra Bendaly Hlaoui, Lamia Zouhaier, Leila Ben Ayed. Model driven approach for adapting user interfaces to the context of accessibility: case of visually impaired users
321 -- 334Burak Benligiray, Cihan Topal, Cuneyt Akinlar. SliceType: fast gaze typing with a merging keyboard
335 -- 342Hyoung Il Son. The contribution of force feedback to human performance in the teleoperation of multiple unmanned aerial vehicles
343 -- 361Yogesh Kumar Meena, Hubert Cecotti, KongFatt Wong-Lin, Girijesh Prasad. Design and evaluation of a time adaptive multimodal virtual keyboard
363 -- 371Jinghua Li, Huarui Huai, Junbin Gao, Dehui Kong, Lichun Wang 0002. Spatial-temporal dynamic hand gesture recognition via hybrid deep learning model
373 -- 381Niklas Rönnberg. Sonification supports perception of brightness contrast
383 -- 393Kunhee Ryu, Joong-Jae Lee, Jung Min Park. GG Interaction: a gaze-grasp pose interaction for 3D virtual object selection
395 -- 404Nadia Elouali. Time Well Spent with multimodal mobile interactions
405 -- 417Hari Singh, Jaswinder Singh. Object acquisition and selection using automatic scanning and eye blinks in an HCI system

Volume 13, Issue 3

151 -- 153Jiajun Yang, Thomas Hermann 0001, Roberto Bresin. Introduction to the special issue on interactive sonification
155 -- 166Pieter-Jan Maes, Valerio Lorenzoni, Joren Six. The SoundBike: musical sonification strategies to enhance cyclists' spontaneous synchronization to external music
167 -- 180Valerio Lorenzoni, Pieter Van den Berghe, Pieter-Jan Maes, Tijl De Bie, Dirk De Clercq, Marc Leman. Design and validation of an auditory biofeedback system for modification of running parameters
181 -- 189Emma Frid, Ludvig Elblaus, Roberto Bresin. Interactive sonification of a fluid dance movement: an exploratory study
191 -- 203Radoslaw Niewiadomski, Maurizio Mancini, Andrea Cera, Stefano Piana, Corrado Canepa, Antonio Camurri. Does embodied training improve the recognition of mid-level expressive movement qualities sonification?
205 -- 218Tim Ziemer, Holger Schultheis. Psychoacoustic auditory display for navigation: an auditory assistance system for spatial orientation tasks
219 -- 230Piotr Skulimowski, Mateusz Owczarek, Andrzej Radecki, Michal Bujacz, Dariusz Rzeszotarski, Pawel Strumillo. Interactive sonification of U-depth images in a navigation aid for the visually impaired
231 -- 243Antonio Polo, Xavier Sevillano. Musical Vision: an interactive bio-inspired sonification tool to convert images into music
245 -- 265KatieAnna E. Wolf, Rebecca Fiebrink. Personalised interactive sonification of musical performance data

Volume 13, Issue 2

53 -- 54Dirk Schnelle-Walka, David R. McGee, Bastian Pfleging. Multimodal interaction in automotive applications
55 -- 70Jason Sterkenburg, Steven Landry, Myounghoon Jeon. Design and evaluation of auditory-supported air gesture controls in vehicles
71 -- 88Michael Braun, Nora Broy, Bastian Pfleging, Florian Alt. Visualizing natural language interaction for conversational in-vehicle information systems to minimize driver distraction
89 -- 97Florian Roider, Sonja Rümelin, Bastian Pfleging, Tom Gross. Investigating the effects of modality switches on driver distraction and interaction efficiency in the car
99 -- 117Jana Fank, Natalie Tara Richardson, Frank Diermeyer. Anthropomorphising driver-truck interaction: a study on the current state of research and the introduction of two innovative concepts
119 -- 136Andreas Löcken, Fei Yan, Wilko Heuten, Susanne Boll. Investigating driver gaze behavior during lane changes using two visual cues: ambient light and focal icons
137 -- 150Seyedeh Maryam Fakhrhosseini, Myounghoon Jeon. How do angry drivers respond to emotional music? A comprehensive perspective on assessing emotion

Volume 13, Issue 1

1 -- 2Merijn Bruijnes, Jeroen Linssen, Dirk Heylen. Special issue editorial: Virtual Agents for Social Skills Training
3 -- 18Kim Veltman, Harmen de Weerd, Rineke Verbrugge. Training the use of theory of mind using artificial agents
19 -- 30Samuel Recht, Ouriel Grynszpan. The sense of social agency in gaze leading
31 -- 40Berglind Sveinbjörnsdóttir, Snorri Hjörvar Jóhannsson, Júlía Oddsdóttir, Tinna Þuríður Sigurðardóttir, Gunnar Ingi Valdimarsson, Hannes Högni Vilhjálmsson. Virtual discrete trial training for teacher trainees
41 -- 51Magalie Ochs, Daniel Mestre, Grégoire de Montcheuil, Jean-Marie Pergandi, Jorane Saubesty, Evelyne Lombardo, Daniel Francon, Philippe Blache. Training doctors' social skills to break bad news: evaluation of the impact of virtual environment displays on the sense of presence