Journal: J. Cognitive Neuroscience

Volume 26, Issue 9

1883 -- 1890Fabrizio Vecchio, Giordano Lacidogna, Francesca Miraglia, Placido Bramanti, Florinda Ferreri, Paolo Maria Rossini. Prestimulus Interhemispheric Coupling of Brain Rhythms Predicts Cognitive-Motor Performance in Healthy Humans
1891 -- 1904Michal Pinhas, Sarah E. Donohue, Marty G. Woldorff, Elizabeth M. Brannon. Electrophysiological Evidence for the Involvement of the Approximate Number System in Preschoolers' Processing of Spoken Number Words
1905 -- 1917Martin Paczynski, Ray Jackendoff, Gina R. Kuperberg. When Events Change Their Nature: The Neurocognitive Mechanisms Underlying Aspectual Coercion
1918 -- 1927Sabeeha Hussein, Kevin Johnston, Brandon Belbeck, Stephen G. Lomber, Stefan Everling. Functional Specialization within Macaque Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex for the Maintenance of Task Rules and Cognitive Control
1928 -- 1948David Badre, Sophie Lebrecht, David Pagliaccio, Nicole M. Long, Jason M. Scimeca. Ventral Striatum and the Evaluation of Memory Retrieval Strategies
1949 -- 1965Elizabeth Beam, Lawrence Gregory Appelbaum, Jordynn Jack, James Moody, Scott A. Huettel. Mapping the Semantic Structure of Cognitive Neuroscience
1966 -- 1980Laura Dipietro, Howard Poizner, Hermano Igo Krebs. Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Online Motor Correction Processing Revealed by High-density Electroencephalography
1981 -- 1991Anne S. Berry, Elise Demeter, Surya Sabhapathy, Brett A. English, Randy D. Blakely, Martin Sarter, Cindy Lustig. Disposed to Distraction: Genetic Variation in the Cholinergic System Influences Distractibility But Not Time-on-Task Effects
1992 -- 2004Jasmin Cloutier, Tianyi Li, Joshua Correll. The Impact of Childhood Experience on Amygdala Response to Perceptually Familiar Black and White Faces
2005 -- 2020Laura Batterink, Helen J. Neville. ERPs Recorded during Early Second Language Exposure Predict Syntactic Learning
2021 -- 2027Elise A. Piazza, Michael A. Silver. Persistent Hemispheric Differences in the Perceptual Selection of Spatial Frequencies
2028 -- 2041Alan D. A. Mattiassi, Sonia Mele, Luca F. Ticini, Cosimo Urgesi. Conscious and Unconscious Representations of Observed Actions in the Human Motor System
2042 -- 2054Eren Gunseli, Christian N. L. Olivers, Martijn Meeter. Effects of Search Difficulty on the Selection, Maintenance, and Learning of Attentional Templates
2055 -- 2069Agatha Lenartowicz, Gregory V. Simpson, Catherine M. Haber, Mark S. Cohen. Neurophysiological Signals of Ignoring and Attending Are Separable and Related to Performance during Sustained Intersensory Attention
2070 -- 2086Sze Chai Kwok, Tim Shallice, Emiliano Macaluso. Set-relevance Determines the Impact of Distractors on Episodic Memory Retrieval
2087 -- 2101Katrin Heimann, Maria Alessandra Umiltà, Michele Guerra, Vittorio Gallese. Moving Mirrors: A High-density EEG Study Investigating the Effect of Camera Movements on Motor Cortex Activation during Action Observation
2102 -- 2110Aaron S. Heller, Regina C. Lapate, Kaitlyn E. Mayer, Richard J. Davidson. The Face of Negative Affect: Trial-by-Trial Corrugator Responses to Negative Pictures Are Positively Associated with Amygdala and Negatively Associated with Ventromedial Prefrontal Cortex Activity
2111 -- 2127Christian Bellebaum, Marco Colosio. From Feedback- to Response-based Performance Monitoring in Active and Observational Learning
2128 -- 2154J. S. H. Taylor, Kathleen Rastle, Matthew H. Davis. Distinct Neural Specializations for Learning to Read Words and Name Objects
2155 -- 2170Elior Moreh, Tal Seidel Malkinson, Ehud Zohary, Nachum Soroker. Visual Memory in Unilateral Spatial Neglect: Immediate Recall versus Delayed Recognition
2171 -- 2185Sjoerd J. H. Ebisch, Francesca Ferri, Gian Luca Romani, Vittorio Gallese. Reach Out and Touch Someone: Anticipatory Sensorimotor Processes of Active Interpersonal Touch

Volume 26, Issue 8

1601 -- 1614Corey N. White, Eliza Congdon, Jeanette A. Mumford, Katherine H. Karlsgodt, Fred W. Sabb, Nelson B. Freimer, Edythe D. London, Tyrone D. Cannon, Robert M. Bilder, Russell A. Poldrack. Decomposing Decision Components in the Stop-signal Task: A Model-based Approach to Individual Differences in Inhibitory Control
1615 -- 1628Daniel M. Roberts, John R. Fedota, George A. Buzzell, Raja Parasuraman, Craig G. McDonald. Prestimulus Oscillations in the Alpha Band of the EEG Are Modulated by the Difficulty of Feature Discrimination and Predict Activation of a Sensory Discrimination Process
1629 -- 1643Yetta Kwailing Wong, Cynthia Peng, Kristyn N. Fratus, Geoffrey F. Woodman, Isabel Gauthier. Perceptual Expertise and Top-Down Expectation of Musical Notation Engages the Primary Visual Cortex
1644 -- 1653Shirley-Ann Rüschemeyer, Matthias Ekman, Markus J. van Ackeren, James Kilner. Observing, Performing, and Understanding Actions: Revisiting the Role of Cortical Motor Areas in Processing of Action Words
1654 -- 1671Corinna E. Bonhage, Christian J. Fiebach, Jörg Bahlmann, Jutta L. Mueller. Brain Signature of Working Memory for Sentence Structure: Enriched Encoding and Facilitated Maintenance
1672 -- 1684Elsie Premereur, Wim Vanduffel, Peter Janssen. The Effect of FEF Microstimulation on the Responses of Neurons in the Lateral Intraparietal Area
1685 -- 1693Masamichi Hayashi, Moona Kantele, Vincent Walsh, Synnöve Carlson, Ryota Kanai. Dissociable Neuroanatomical Correlates of Subsecond and Suprasecond Time Perception
1694 -- 1704Kristin E. Flegal, Alejandro Marín-Gutiérrez, John Daniel Ragland, Charan Ranganath. Brain Mechanisms of Successful Recognition through Retrieval of Semantic Context
1705 -- 1720Sabine Peters, Barbara R. Braams, Maartje E. J. Raijmakers, P. Cédric M. P. Koolschijn, Eveline A. Crone. The Neural Coding of Feedback Learning across Child and Adolescent Development
1721 -- 1735Annika Hultén, Leena Karvonen, Matti Laine, Riitta Salmelin. Producing Speech with a Newly Learned Morphosyntax and Vocabulary: An Magnetoencephalography Study
1736 -- 1747Anna C. Schapiro, Emma Gregory, Barbara Landau, Michael McCloskey, Nicholas B. Turk-Browne. The Necessity of the Medial Temporal Lobe for Statistical Learning
1748 -- 1763Jeong S. Kyong, Sophie K. Scott, Stuart Rosen, Timothy B. Howe, Zarinah K. Agnew, Carolyn McGettigan. Exploring the Roles of Spectral Detail and Intonation Contour in Speech Intelligibility: An fMRI Study
1764 -- 1774Damien J. Mannion, Daniel J. Kersten, Cheryl A. Olman. Regions of Mid-level Human Visual Cortex Sensitive to the Global Coherence of Local Image Patches
1775 -- 1784Franziska Dambacher, Alexander Thomas Sack, Jill Lobbestael, Arnoud Arntz, Suzanne Brugmann, Teresa Schuhmann. The Role of Right Prefrontal and Medial Cortex in Response Inhibition: Interfering with Action Restraint and Action Cancellation Using Transcranial Magnetic Brain Stimulation
1785 -- 1796Roni Tibon, Shir Ben-Zvi, Daniel A. Levy. Associative Recognition Processes Are Modulated by Modality Relations
1797 -- 1805Josie-Anne Bertrand, Julie Tremblay, Maryse Lassonde, Phetsamone Vannasing, Dang Khoa Nguyen, Manon Robert, Alain Bouthillier, Franco Lepore. Recognizing an Object from the Sum of Its Parts: An Intracranial Study on Alpha Rhythms
1806 -- 1818Julia S. Rihm, Susanne Diekelmann, Jan Born, Björn H. Rasch. Reactivating Memories during Sleep by Odors: Odor Specificity and Associated Changes in Sleep Oscillations
1819 -- 1828Roy Luria, Edward K. Vogel. Come Together, Right Now: Dynamic Overwriting of an Object's History through Common Fate
1829 -- 1839Mireia Hernández, Scott L. Fairhall, Alessandro Lenci, Marco Baroni, Alfonso Caramazza. Predication Drives Verb Cortical Signatures
1840 -- 1850Margaret Sheridan, Maria Kharitonova, Rebecca E. Martin, Aparna Chatterjee, John D. E. Gabrieli. Neural Substrates of the Development of Cognitive Control in Children Ages 5-10 Years
1851 -- 1860Yu-Chin Chiu, Roshan Cools, Adam R. Aron. Opposing Effects of Appetitive and Aversive Cues on Go/No-go Behavior and Motor Excitability
1861 -- 1870Masahiko Haruno, Minoru Kimura, Christopher D. Frith. Activity in the Nucleus Accumbens and Amygdala Underlies Individual Differences in Prosocial and Individualistic Economic Choices
1871 -- 1882Ralph Weidner, Thorsten Plewan, Qi Chen, Axel Buchner, Peter H. Weiss, Gereon R. Fink. The Moon Illusion and Size-Distance Scaling - Evidence for Shared Neural Patterns

Volume 26, Issue 7

1331 -- 1346Margaret M. Gullick, James R. Booth. Individual Differences in Crossmodal Brain Activity Predict Arcuate Fasciculus Connectivity in Developing Readers
1347 -- 1362Erin L. Rich, Jonathan D. Wallis. Medial-lateral Organization of the Orbitofrontal Cortex
1363 -- 1376Manuel de Vega, Inmaculada León, Juan A. Hernández, Mitchell Valdés, Iván Padrón, Evelyn C. Ferstl. Action Sentences Activate Sensory Motor Regions in the Brain Independently of Their Status of Reality
1377 -- 1389Bo-Cheng Kuo, Mark G. Stokes, Alexandra M. Murray, Anna Christina Nobre. Attention Biases Visual Activity in Visual Short-term Memory
1390 -- 1402Nicole R. Giuliani, Traci Mann, A. Janet Tomiyama, Elliot T. Berkman. Neural Systems Underlying the Reappraisal of Personally Craved Foods
1403 -- 1417Ilona Henseler, Andreas Mädebach, Sonja A. Kotz, Jörg D. Jescheniak. Modulating Brain Mechanisms Resolving Lexico-semantic Interference during Word Production: A Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Study
1418 -- 1427Thomas F. Denson, Carol Dobson-Stone, Richard Ronay, William von Hippel, Mark M. Schira. MAOA Gene Is Associated with Neural Responses to Induced Anger Control
1428 -- 1444Kristin Lemhöfer, Herbert Schriefers, Peter Indefrey. Idiosyncratic Grammars: Syntactic Processing in Second Language Comprehension Uses Subjective Feature Representations
1445 -- 1453Yael Arbel, Anthony Murphy, Emanuel Donchin. On the Utility of Positive and Negative Feedback in a Paired-associate Learning Task
1454 -- 1468Jolanda Janson, Maarten De Vos, Jeremy D. Thorne, Cornelia Kranczioch. Endogenous and Rapid Serial Visual Presentation-induced Alpha Band Oscillations in the Attentional Blink
1469 -- 1480Vanessa H. Rausch, Eva M. Bauch, Nico Bunzeck. White Noise Improves Learning by Modulating Activity in Dopaminergic Midbrain Regions and Right Superior Temporal Sulcus
1481 -- 1489Jana Timm, Iria SanMiguel, Julian Keil, Erich Schröger, Marc Schönwiesner. Motor Intention Determines Sensory Attenuation of Brain Responses to Self-initiated Sounds
1490 -- 1506Jin Fan, Nicholas T. Van Dam, Xiaosi Gu, Xun Liu, Hongbin Wang, Cheuk Y. Tang, Patrick R. Hof. Quantitative Characterization of Functional Anatomical Contributions to Cognitive Control under Uncertainty
1507 -- 1518Christopher P. G. Allen, Petroc Sumner, Christopher D. Chambers. The Timing and Neuroanatomy of Conscious Vision as Revealed by TMS-induced Blindsight
1519 -- 1527Marlene Meyer, Harold Bekkering, Denise J. C. Janssen, Ellen R. A. de Bruijn, Sabine Hunnius. Neural Correlates of Feedback Processing in Toddlers
1528 -- 1545Anne-Kristin Solbakk, Ingrid Funderud, Marianne Løvstad, Tor Endestad, Torstein Meling, Magnus Lindgren, Robert T. Knight, Ulrike M. Krämer. Impact of Orbitofrontal Lesions on Electrophysiological Signals in a Stop Signal Task
1546 -- 1554Peter Kok, Michel F. Failing, Floris P. de Lange. Prior Expectations Evoke Stimulus Templates in the Primary Visual Cortex
1555 -- 1571Assaf Breska, Leon Y. Deouell. Automatic Bias of Temporal Expectations following Temporally Regular Input Independently of High-level Temporal Expectation
1572 -- 1586Nicole Malfait, Pierre Fonlupt, Laurie Centelles, Bruno Nazarian, Liana E. Brown, Anne Caclin. Different Neural Networks Are Involved in Audiovisual Speech Perception Depending on the Context
1587 -- 1599Vincent A. Billock, Brian H. Tsou. Bridging the Divide between Sensory Integration and Binding Theory: Using a Binding-like Neural Synchronization Mechanism to Model Sensory Enhancements during Multisensory Interactions

Volume 26, Issue 6

1195 -- 0Charles G. Gross. "Charlie's Lab"
1196 -- 1207Asif A. Ghazanfar, Daniel Y. Takahashi. Facial Expressions and the Evolution of the Speech Rhythm
1208 -- 1219Ricardo Gattass, Robert Desimone. Effect of Microstimulation of the Superior Colliculus on Visual Space Attention
1220 -- 1233Leslie Ungerleider, Thelma W. Galkin, Robert Desimone, Ricardo Gattass. Subcortical Projections of Area V2 in the Macaque
1234 -- 1256Nathan Hall, Carol L. Colby. S-cone Visual Stimuli Activate Superior Colliculus Neurons in Old World Monkeys: Implications for Understanding Blindsight
1257 -- 1265Nicola De Pisapia, Mauro Serra, Paola Rigo, Justin Jager, Nico Papinutto, Gianluca Esposito, Paola Venuti, Marc H. Bornstein. Interpersonal Competence in Young Adulthood and Right Laterality in White Matter
1266 -- 1282Lucia M. Vaina, Sergei Soloviev, Finnegan J. Calabro, Ferdinando Buonanno, Richard E. Passingham, Alan Cowey. Reorganization of Retinotopic Maps after Occipital Lobe Infarction
1283 -- 1291Jefferson E. Roy, Timothy J. Buschman, Earl K. Miller. PFC Neurons Reflect Categorical Decisions about Ambiguous Stimuli
1292 -- 1299Kelsey L. Clark, Behrad Noudoost, Tirin Moore. Persistent Spatial Information in the FEF during Object-based Short-term Memory Does Not Contribute to Task Performance
1300 -- 1304Michael S. A. Graziano. Speculations on the Evolution of Awareness
1305 -- 1323Thomas D. Albright. Travels with Charlie
1324 -- 1326Rhoda K. Unger. "It Is Hardly News that Women Are Oppressed": Sexism, Activism, and Charlie
1327 -- 0Michael E. Goldberg. A Charliad
1328 -- 1329Suzanne Corkin. Travels with Charlie: Part II

Volume 26, Issue 5

927 -- 937Shai Gabay, Adrian Nestor, Eva Dundas, Marlene Behrmann. Monocular Advantage for Face Perception Implicates Subcortical Mechanisms in Adult Humans
938 -- 954Sabrina Walter, Cliodhna Quigley, Matthias M. Mueller. Competitive Interactions of Attentional Resources in Early Visual Cortex during Sustained Visuospatial Attention within or between Visual Hemifields: Evidence for the Different-hemifield Advantage
955 -- 969Annelinde R. E. Vandenbroucke, Johannes J. Fahrenfort, Ilja G. Sligte, Victor A. F. Lamme. Seeing without Knowing: Neural Signatures of Perceptual Inference in the Absence of Report
970 -- 985Stephen M. Wilson, Andrew T. DeMarco, Maya L. Henry, Benno Gesierich, Miranda Babiak, Maria Luisa Mandelli, Bruce L. Miller, Maria Luisa Gorno-Tempini. What Role Does the Anterior Temporal Lobe Play in Sentence-level Processing? Neural Correlates of Syntactic Processing in Semantic Variant Primary Progressive Aphasia
986 -- 999Marinella Cappelletti, Rebecca Chamberlain, Elliot D. Freeman, Ryota Kanai, Brian Butterworth, Cathy J. Price, Geraint Rees. Commonalities for Numerical and Continuous Quantity Skills at Temporo-parietal Junction
1000 -- 1012Anne-Kathrin Eiselt, Andreas Nieder. Rule Activity Related to Spatial and Numerical Magnitudes: Comparison of Prefrontal, Premotor, and Cingulate Motor Cortices
1013 -- 1020Titia Gebuis, Bert Reynvoet. The Neural Mechanism Underlying Ordinal Numerosity Processing
1021 -- 1038Lawrence Gregory Appelbaum, Carsten Nicolas Boehler, Lauren A. Davis, Robert J. Won, Marty G. Woldorff. The Dynamics of Proactive and Reactive Cognitive Control Processes in the Human Brain
1039 -- 1048Rachel Tomer, Heleen A. Slagter, Bradley T. Christian, Andrew S. Fox, Carlye R. King, Dhanabalan Murali, Mark A. Gluck, Richard J. Davidson. Love to Win or Hate to Lose? Asymmetry of Dopamine D2 Receptor Binding Predicts Sensitivity to Reward versus Punishment
1049 -- 1065Antje Buschschulte, Carsten Nicolas Boehler, Hendrik Strumpf, Christian M. Stoppel, Hans-Jochen Heinze, Mircea Ariel Schoenfeld, Jens-Max Hopf. Reward- and Attention-related Biasing of Sensory Selection in Visual Cortex
1066 -- 1074Rocco Chiou, Paul F. Sowman, Andrew C. Etchell, Anina N. Rich. A Conceptual Lemon: Theta Burst Stimulation to the Left Anterior Temporal Lobe Untangles Object Representation and Its Canonical Color
1075 -- 1084Eric M. Miller, Maya U. Shankar, Brian Knutson, Samuel M. McClure. Dissociating Motivation from Reward in Human Striatal Activity
1085 -- 1099Maureen Ritchey, Andrew P. Yonelinas, Charan Ranganath. Functional Connectivity Relationships Predict Similarities in Task Activation and Pattern Information during Associative Memory Encoding
1100 -- 1117Lisa T. Eyler, Eero Vuoksimaa, Matthew S. Panizzon, Christine Fennema-Notestine, Michael C. Neale, Chi-Hua Chen, Amy J. Jak, Carol E. Franz, Michael J. Lyons, Wesley K. Thompson, Kelly M. Spoon, Bruce Fischl, Anders M. Dale, William S. Kremen. Conceptual and Data-based Investigation of Genetic Influences and Brain Asymmetry: A Twin Study of Multiple Structural Phenotypes
1118 -- 1130Nandita Vijayakumar, Sarah Whittle, Murat Yücel, Meg Dennison, Julian Simmons, Nicholas B. Allen. Prefrontal Structural Correlates of Cognitive Control during Adolescent Development: A 4-Year Longitudinal Study
1131 -- 1140Malia Mason, Joe C. Magee, Susan T. Fiske. Neural Substrates of Social Status Inference: Roles of Medial Prefrontal Cortex and Superior Temporal Sulcus
1141 -- 1153Kartik K. Sreenivasan, Jason Vytlacil, Mark D'Esposito. Distributed and Dynamic Storage of Working Memory Stimulus Information in Extrastriate Cortex
1154 -- 1167Jacqueline C. Snow, Lars Strother, Glyn W. Humphreys. Haptic Shape Processing in Visual Cortex
1168 -- 1179Chie Nakatani, Antonino Raffone, Cees van Leeuwen. Efficiency of Conscious Access Improves with Coupling of Slow and Fast Neural Oscillations
1180 -- 1193Caroline Di Bernardi Luft, Emilio Takase, Joydeep Bhattacharya. Processing Graded Feedback: Electrophysiological Correlates of Learning from Small and Large Errors

Volume 26, Issue 4

683 -- 698Charlotte E. Hartwright, Ian A. Apperly, Peter C. Hansen. Representation, Control, or Reasoning? Distinct Functions for Theory of Mind within the Medial Prefrontal Cortex
699 -- 711Stephanie Gleiss, Christoph Kayser. Acoustic Noise Improves Visual Perception and Modulates Occipital Oscillatory States
712 -- 721Mirta Fiorio, Caterina Mariotti, Marta Panzeri, Emanuele Antonello, Joseph Classen, Michele Tinazzi. The Role of the Cerebellum in Dynamic Changes of the Sense of Body Ownership: A Study in Patients with Cerebellar Degeneration
722 -- 745Robert S. Blumenfeld, Daniel P. Bliss, Fernando Pérez, Mark D'Esposito. CoCoTools: Open-source Software for Building Connectomes Using the CoCoMac Anatomical Database
746 -- 754Lars Nyberg, Micael Andersson, Karolina Kauppi, Anders Lundquist, Jonas Persson, Sara Pudas, Lars-Göran Nilsson. Age-related and Genetic Modulation of Frontal Cortex Efficiency
755 -- 767Jennifer Anne Bailey, Robert J. Zatorre, Virginia B. Penhune. Early Musical Training Is Linked to Gray Matter Structure in the Ventral Premotor Cortex and Auditory-Motor Rhythm Synchronization Performance
768 -- 776Florian Krause, Oliver Lindemann, Ivan Toni, Harold Bekkering. Different Brains Process Numbers Differently: Structural Bases of Individual Differences in Spatial and Nonspatial Number Representations
777 -- 791Catarina S. Ferreira, Alejandra Marful, Tobias Staudigl, Teresa Bajo, Simon Hanslmayr. Medial Prefrontal Theta Oscillations Track the Time Course of Interference during Selective Memory Retrieval
792 -- 809Mariam Aly, Charan Ranganath, Andrew P. Yonelinas. Neural Correlates of State- and Strength-based Perception
810 -- 824Hye-Young Kim, Yeonsoon Shin, SangHoon Han. The Reconstruction of Choice Value in the Brain: A Look into the Size of Consideration Sets and Their Affective Consequences
825 -- 839Jaclyn Hennessey Ford, John A. Morris, Elizabeth A. Kensinger. Effects of Emotion and Emotional Valence on the Neural Correlates of Episodic Memory Search and Elaboration
840 -- 853Kristian Sandberg, Gareth Robert Barnes, Geraint Rees, Morten Overgaard. Magnetoencephalographic Activity Related to Conscious Perception Is Stable within Individuals across Years but Not between Individuals
854 -- 863Einat Shetreet, Gennaro Chierchia, Nadine Gaab. Some: On the Pragmatics of Numerals
864 -- 877Andria Shimi, Bo-Cheng Kuo, Duncan E. Astle, Anna Christina Nobre, Gaia Scerif. Age Group and Individual Differences in Attentional Orienting Dissociate Neural Mechanisms of Encoding and Maintenance in Visual STM
878 -- 895Rossella Breveglieri, Claudio Galletti, Giulia Dal Bò, Kostas Hadjidimitrakis, Patrizia Fattori. Multiple Aspects of Neural Activity during Reaching Preparation in the Medial Posterior Parietal Area V6A
896 -- 913Michelle W. Moore, Corrine Durisko, Charles A. Perfetti, Julie A. Fiez. Learning to Read an Alphabet of Human Faces Produces Left-lateralized Training Effects in the Fusiform Gyrus
914 -- 926Janine Bijsterbosch, Stephen Smith, Sophie Forster, Oliver P. John, Sonia J. Bishop. Resting State Correlates of Subdimensions of Anxious Affect

Volume 26, Issue 3

447 -- 458Ernest Mas-Herrero, Josep Marco-Pallarés. Frontal Theta Oscillatory Activity Is a Common Mechanism for the Computation of Unexpected Outcomes and Learning Rate
459 -- 475Marcin Szwed, Emilie Qiao, Antoinette Jobert, Stanislas Dehaene, Laurent Cohen. Effects of Literacy in Early Visual and Occipitotemporal Areas of Chinese and French Readers
476 -- 489Ryan W. Kasper, Hubert Cecotti, Jon Touryan, Miguel P. Eckstein, Barry Giesbrecht. Isolating the Neural Mechanisms of Interference during Continuous Multisensory Dual-task Performance
490 -- 500Yaara Erez, Galit Yovel. Clutter Modulates the Representation of Target Objects in the Human Occipitotemporal Cortex
501 -- 513Xiaoqian J. Chai, Noa Ofen, John D. E. Gabrieli, Susan L. Whitfield-Gabrieli. Selective Development of Anticorrelated Networks in the Intrinsic Functional Organization of the Human Brain
514 -- 528Nicolas Barascud, Timothy D. Griffiths, David McAlpine, Maria Chait. "Change Deafness" Arising from Inter-feature Masking within a Single Auditory Object
529 -- 542Tracy Warbrick, Jorge Arrubla, Franks Boers, Irene Neuner, N. Jon Shah. Attention to Detail: Why Considering Task Demands Is Essential for Single-Trial Analysis of BOLD Correlates of the Visual P1 and N1
543 -- 550Barbara Schmalbach, Veronika Günther, Jan Raethjen, Stefanie Wailke, Daniela Falk, Günther Deuschl, Karsten Witt. The Subthalamic Nucleus Influences Visuospatial Attention in Humans
551 -- 568Carlo Sestieri, Maurizio Corbetta, Sara Spadone, Gian Luca Romani, Gordon L. Shulman. Domain-general Signals in the Cingulo-opercular Network for Visuospatial Attention and Episodic Memory
569 -- 576Joseph M. Moran, Eshin Jolly, Jason P. Mitchell. Spontaneous Mentalizing Predicts the Fundamental Attribution Error
577 -- 592Kevin Skoblenick, Stefan Everling. N-methyl-d-aspartate Receptor Antagonist Ketamine Impairs Action-monitoring Activity in the Prefrontal Cortex
593 -- 605Deirdre Bolger, Jennifer T. Coull, Daniele Schön. Metrical Rhythm Implicitly Orients Attention in Time as Indexed by Improved Target Detection and Left Inferior Parietal Activation
606 -- 620William Matchin, Kier Groulx, Gregory Hickok. Audiovisual Speech Integration Does Not Rely on the Motor System: Evidence from Articulatory Suppression, the McGurk Effect, and fMRI
621 -- 634Vaia Lestou, Judith Mi Lin Lam, Katie Humphreys, Zoe Kourtzi, Glyn W. Humphreys. A Dorsal Visual Route Necessary for Global Form Perception: Evidence from Neuropsychological fMRI
635 -- 644Olav E. Krigolson, Cameron D. Hassall, Todd C. Handy. How We Learn to Make Decisions: Rapid Propagation of Reinforcement Learning Prediction Errors in Humans
645 -- 657Sergei Gepshtein, Xiaoyan Li, Joseph Snider, Markus Plank, Dongpyo Lee, Howard Poizner. Dopamine Function and the Efficiency of Human Movement
658 -- 681Andrew J. Anderson, Brian Murphy, Massimo Poesio. Discriminating Taxonomic Categories and Domains in Mental Simulations of Concepts of Varying Concreteness

Volume 26, Issue 2

211 -- 222Chantal Roggeman, Torkel Klingberg, Heleen E. M. Feenstra, Albert Compte, Rita Almeida. Trade-off between Capacity and Precision in Visuospatial Working Memory
223 -- 231Mika Koivisto, Granit Kastrati, Antti Revonsuo. Recurrent Processing Enhances Visual Awareness but Is Not Necessary for Fast Categorization of Natural Scenes
232 -- 246Takafumi Sasaoka, Hiroaki Mizuhara, Toshio Inui. Dynamic Parieto-premotor Network for Mental Image Transformation Revealed by Simultaneous EEG and fMRI Measurement
247 -- 268Tom Schonberg, Akram Bakkour, Ashleigh M. Hover, Jeanette A. Mumford, Russell A. Poldrack. Influencing Food Choices by Training: Evidence for Modulation of Frontoparietal Control Signals
269 -- 278Ludovica Labruna, Florent Lebon, Julie Duque, Pierre-Alexandre Klein, Christian Cazares, Richard B. Ivry. Generic Inhibition of the Selected Movement and Constrained Inhibition of Nonselected Movements during Response Preparation
279 -- 295Ho Ming Chow, Raymond A. Mar, Yisheng Xu, Siyuan Liu, Suraji Wagage, Allen R. Braun. Embodied Comprehension of Stories: Interactions between Language Regions and Modality-specific Neural Systems
296 -- 304Erman Misirlisoy, Patrick Haggard. Veto and Vacillation: A Neural Precursor of the Decision to Withhold Action
305 -- 318Michela Balconi, Silvia Vitaloni. Dorsolateral pFC and the Representation of the Incorrect Use of an Object: The Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Effect on N400 for Visual and Linguistic Stimuli
319 -- 333Marieke van der Linden, Joost Wegman, Guillén Fernández. Task- and Experience-dependent Cortical Selectivity to Features Informative for Categorization
334 -- 351Aaron T. Buss, Tim Wifall, Eliot Hazeltine, John P. Spencer. Integrating the Behavioral and Neural Dynamics of Response Selection in a Dual-task Paradigm: A Dynamic Neural Field Model of Dux et al. ()
352 -- 364Natalie M. Trumpp, Felix Traub, Friedemann Pulvermüller, Markus Kiefer. Unconscious Automatic Brain Activation of Acoustic and Action-related Conceptual Features during Masked Repetition Priming
365 -- 379Martijn E. Wokke, H. Steven Scholte, Victor A. F. Lamme. Opposing Dorsal/Ventral Stream Dynamics during Figure-ground Segregation
380 -- 394Aiden E. G. F. Arnold, Andrea B. Protzner, Signe Bray, Richard M. Levy, Giuseppe Iaria. Neural Network Configuration and Efficiency Underlies Individual Differences in Spatial Orientation Ability
395 -- 407Christopher T. Smith, Theresa Swift-Scanlan, Charlotte A. Boettiger. Genetic Polymorphisms Regulating Dopamine Signaling in the Frontal Cortex Interact to Affect Target Detection under High Working Memory Load
408 -- 421Clara A. Scholl, Xiong Jiang, Jacob G. Martin, Maximilian Riesenhuber. Time Course of Shape and Category Selectivity Revealed by EEG Rapid Adaptation
422 -- 432Andrew Jaegle, Tony Ro. Direct Control of Visual Perception with Phase-specific Modulation of Posterior Parietal Cortex
433 -- 446Taiji Ueno, Satoru Saito, Akie Saito, Yuuki Tanida, Karalyn Patterson, Matthew A. Lambon-Ralph. Not Lost in Translation: Generalization of the Primary Systems Hypothesis to Japanese-specific Language Processes

Volume 26, Issue 12

2653 -- 2669Michael R. Dulas, Audrey Duarte. Aging Affects the Interaction between Attentional Control and Source Memory: An fMRI Study
2670 -- 2681Amir Homayoun Javadi, Dirk H. K. Schmidt, Michael N. Smolka. Adolescents Adapt More Slowly than Adults to Varying Reward Contingencies
2682 -- 2690Ryan J. Giuliano, Christina M. Karns, Helen J. Neville, Steven A. Hillyard. Early Auditory Evoked Potential Is Modulated by Selective Attention and Related to Individual Differences in Visual Working Memory Capacity
2691 -- 2700Reza Rajimehr, Natalia Y. Bilenko, Wim Vanduffel, Roger B. H. Tootell. Retinotopy versus Face Selectivity in Macaque Visual Cortex
2701 -- 2715Magdalena Chechlacz, Abigail Novick, Pia Rotshtein, Wai-Ling Bickerton, Glyn W. Humphreys, Nele Demeyere. The Neural Substrates of Drawing: A Voxel-based Morphometry Analysis of Constructional, Hierarchical, and Spatial Representation Deficits
2716 -- 2734Ella Gabitov, David Manor, Avi Karni. Done That: Short-term Repetition Related Modulations of Motor Cortex Activity as a Stable Signature for Overnight Motor Memory Consolidation
2735 -- 2749Nina S. Hsu, Margaret L. Schlichting, Sharon L. Thompson-Schill. Feature Diagnosticity Affects Representations of Novel and Familiar Objects
2750 -- 2761Jürg Kühnis, Stefan Elmer, Lutz Jäncke. Auditory Evoked Responses in Musicians during Passive Vowel Listening Are Modulated by Functional Connectivity between Bilateral Auditory-related Brain Regions
2762 -- 2777Line Burholt Kristensen, Elisabeth Engberg-Pedersen, Mikkel Wallentin. Context Predicts Word Order Processing in Broca's Region
2778 -- 2788Daniela Balslev, Bartholomäus Odoj, Johannes Rennig, Hans-Otto Karnath. Abnormal Center-Periphery Gradient in Spatial Attention in Simultanagnosia
2789 -- 2797Paige E. Scalf, JeeWon Ahn, Diane M. Beck, Alejandro Lleras. Trial History Effects in the Ventral Attentional Network
2798 -- 2811Michele T. Diaz, Micah A. Johnson, Deborah M. Burke, David J. Madden. Age-related Differences in the Neural Bases of Phonological and Semantic Processes
2812 -- 2826Sean James Fallon, Roshan Cools. Reward Acts on the pFC to Enhance Distractor Resistance of Working Memory Representations
2827 -- 2839Maria J. S. Guerreiro, Joaquin A. Anguera, Jyoti Mishra, Pascal W. M. Van Gerven, Adam Gazzaley. Age-equivalent Top-Down Modulation during Cross-modal Selective Attention
2840 -- 2862Aneta Kielar, Jed A. Meltzer, Sylvain Moreno, Claude Alain, Ellen Bialystok. Oscillatory Responses to Semantic and Syntactic Violations
2863 -- 2879Anna Leshinskaya, Alfonso Caramazza. Nonmotor Aspects of Action Concepts
2880 -- 2888John M. Henderson, Wonil Choi, Steven G. Luke. Morphology of Primary Visual Cortex Predicts Individual Differences in Fixation Duration during Text Reading

Volume 26, Issue 11

2431 -- 2442Jing Zhao, Kerstin H. Kipp, Carl Gaspar, Urs Maurer, Xuchu Weng, Axel Mecklinger, Su Li. Fine Neural Tuning for Orthographic Properties of Words Emerges Early in Children Reading Alphabetic Script
2443 -- 2454Lauren L. Richmond, David A. Wolk, Jason M. Chein, Ingrid R. Olson. Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Enhances Verbal Working Memory Training Performance over Time and Near Transfer Outcomes
2455 -- 2468Catherine Fassbender, Sebastien Houde, Shayla Silver-Balbus, Kacey Ballard, Bokyung Kim, Kyle J. Rutledge, J. Faye Dixon, Ana-Maria Iosif, Julie B. Schweitzer, Samuel M. McClure. The Decimal Effect: Behavioral and Neural Bases for a Novel Influence on Intertemporal Choice in Healthy Individuals and in ADHD
2469 -- 2478Michal Bernstein, Jonathan Oron, Boaz Sadeh, Galit Yovel. An Integrated Face-Body Representation in the Fusiform Gyrus but Not the Lateral Occipital Cortex
2479 -- 2489Gabriel J. Vigano, Ryan T. Maloney, Colin W. G. Clifford. Motion-defined Surface Segregation in Human Visual Cortex
2490 -- 2502Alejandro de la Vega, Mark S. Brown, Hannah R. Snyder, Debra Singel, Yuko Munakata, Marie T. Banich. Individual Differences in the Balance of GABA to Glutamate in pFC Predict the Ability to Select among Competing Options
2503 -- 2513André Klapper, Richard Ramsey, Daniël Wigboldus, Emily S. Cross. The Control of Automatic Imitation Based on Bottom-Up and Top-Down Cues to Animacy: Insights from Brain and Behavior
2514 -- 2529Maximilien Chaumon, Niko A. Busch. Prestimulus Neural Oscillations Inhibit Visual Perception via Modulation of Response Gain
2530 -- 2539Lilla Magyari, Marcel C. M. Bastiaansen, Jan P. De Ruiter, Stephen C. Levinson. Early Anticipation Lies behind the Speed of Response in Conversation
2540 -- 2551Max-Philipp Stenner, Markus Bauer, Patrick Haggard, Hans-Jochen Heinze, Ray Dolan. Enhanced Alpha-oscillations in Visual Cortex during Anticipation of Self-generated Visual Stimulation
2552 -- 2563Raphaël Fargier, Sabine Ploux, Anne Cheylus, Anne Reboul, Yves Paulignan, Tatjana A. Nazir. Differentiating Semantic Categories during the Acquisition of Novel Words: Correspondence Analysis Applied to Event-related Potentials
2564 -- 2577Roberto Cecere, Caterina Bertini, Martin E. Maier, Elisabetta Làdavas. Unseen Fearful Faces Influence Face Encoding: Evidence from ERPs in Hemianopic Patients
2578 -- 2584Jesse J. Bengson, Todd A. Kelley, Xiaoke Zhang, Jane-ling Wang, George R. Mangun. Spontaneous Neural Fluctuations Predict Decisions to Attend
2585 -- 2595Francesca M. M. Citron, Adele E. Goldberg. Metaphorical Sentences Are More Emotionally Engaging than Their Literal Counterparts
2596 -- 2607Benjamin Baird, Jonathan Smallwood, Antoine Lutz, Jonathan W. Schooler. The Decoupled Mind: Mind-wandering Disrupts Cortical Phase-locking to Perceptual Events
2608 -- 2623Hannah R. Snyder, Marie T. Banich, Yuko Munakata. All Competition Is Not Alike: Neural Mechanisms for Resolving Underdetermined and Prepotent Competition
2624 -- 2636Inês Bernardino, José Rebola, Reza Farivar, Eduardo Silva, Miguel Castelo-Branco. Functional Reorganization of the Visual Dorsal Stream as Probed by 3-D Visual Coherence in Williams Syndrome
2637 -- 2644James F. Cavanagh, Joseph L. Sanguinetti, John J. B. Allen, Scott J. Sherman, Michael J. Frank. The Subthalamic Nucleus Contributes to Post-error Slowing
2645 -- 2652Carol L. Baym, Naiman A. Khan, Ari Pence, Lauren B. Raine, Charles H. Hillman, Neal J. Cohen. Aerobic Fitness Predicts Relational Memory but Not Item Memory Performance in Healthy Young Adults

Volume 26, Issue 10

2187 -- 2200Hamed Zivari Adab, Ivo D. Popivanov, Wim Vanduffel, Rufin Vogels. Perceptual Learning of Simple Stimuli Modifies Stimulus Representations in Posterior Inferior Temporal Cortex
2201 -- 2209Benjamin D. Lester, Paul Dassonville. The Role of the Right Superior Parietal Lobule in Processing Visual Context for the Establishment of the Egocentric Reference Frame
2210 -- 2223Karmen Resnik, David Bradbury, Gareth R. Barnes, Alex P. Leff. Between Thought and Expression, a Magnetoencephalography Study of the "Tip-of-the-Tongue" Phenomenon
2224 -- 2238Evangelos Paraskevopoulos, Anja Kuchenbuch, Sibylle C. Herholz, Christo Pantev. Multisensory Integration during Short-term Music Reading Training Enhances Both Uni- and Multisensory Cortical Processing
2239 -- 2249Joonkoo Park, Crystal Chiang, Elizabeth M. Brannon, Marty G. Woldorff. Experience-dependent Hemispheric Specialization of Letters and Numbers Is Revealed in Early Visual Processing
2250 -- 2261Marlieke T. R. van Kesteren, Mark Rijpkema, Dirk J. Ruiter, Richard G. M. Morris, Guillén Fernández. Building on Prior Knowledge: Schema-dependent Encoding Processes Relate to Academic Performance
2262 -- 2274Elisabeth Colon, Valery Legrain, André Mouraux. EEG Frequency Tagging to Dissociate the Cortical Responses to Nociceptive and Nonnociceptive Stimuli
2275 -- 2286Dimitrios Kourtis, Günther Knoblich, Mateusz Wozniak, Natalie Sebanz. Attention Allocation and Task Representation during Joint Action Planning
2287 -- 2297Benoit Musel, Louise Kauffmann, Stephen Ramanoël, Coralie Giavarini, Nathalie Guyader, Alan Chauvin, Carole Peyrin. Coarse-to-fine Categorization of Visual Scenes in Scene-selective Cortex
2298 -- 2309David E. Anderson, Edward F. Ester, Daniel Klee, Edward K. Vogel, Edward Awh. Electrophysiological Evidence for Failures of Item Individuation in Crowded Visual Displays
2310 -- 2320Gordon B. Feld, Luciana Besedovsky, Kosuke Kaida, Thomas F. Münte, Jan Born. Dopamine D2-like Receptor Activation Wipes Out Preferential Consolidation of High over Low Reward Memories during Human Sleep
2321 -- 2329Felix Duecker, Martin A. Frost, Tom A. de Graaf, Britta Graewe, Christianne Jacobs, Rainer Goebel, Alexander Thomas Sack. The Cortex-based Alignment Approach to TMS Coil Positioning
2330 -- 2341Jordan B. Leitner, Eric Hehman, James M. Jones, Chad E. Forbes. Self-enhancement Influences Medial Frontal Cortex Alpha Power to Social Rejection Feedback
2342 -- 2355Pierpaolo Pani, Tom Theys, Maria C. Romero, Peter Janssen. Grasping Execution and Grasping Observation Activity of Single Neurons in the Macaque Anterior Intraparietal Area
2356 -- 2369Stefan Elmer, Carina Klein, Jürg Kühnis, Franziskus Liem, Martin Meyer, Lutz Jäncke. Music and Language Expertise Influence the Categorization of Speech and Musical Sounds: Behavioral and Electrophysiological Measurements
2370 -- 2384Ramakrishna Chakravarthi, Thomas A. Carlson, Julie Chaffin, Jeremy Turret, Rufin VanRullen. The Temporal Evolution of Coarse Location Coding of Objects: Evidence for Feedback
2385 -- 2399Shana A. Hall, David C. Rubin, Amanda Miles, Simon W. Davis, Erik A. Wing, Roberto Cabeza, Dorthe Berntsen. The Neural Basis of Involuntary Episodic Memories
2400 -- 2415Kyle E. Mathewson, Diane M. Beck, Tony Ro, Edward L. Maclin, Kathy A. Low, Monica Fabiani, Gabriele Gratton. Dynamics of Alpha Control: Preparatory Suppression of Posterior Alpha Oscillations by Frontal Modulators Revealed with Combined EEG and Event-related Optical Signal
2416 -- 2430Bratislav Misic, Travis Mills, Vasily A. Vakorin, Margot J. Taylor, Anthony Randal McIntosh. Developmental Trajectory of Face Processing Revealed by Integrative Dynamics

Volume 26, Issue 1

1 -- 15A. Dilene van Campen, Max C. Keuken, Wery P. M. van den Wildenberg, K. Richard Ridderinkhof. TMS over M1 Reveals Expression and Selective Suppression of Conflicting Action Impulses
16 -- 27Lucina Q. Uddin, Joshua Kinnison, Luiz Pessoa, Michael L. Anderson. Beyond the Tripartite Cognition-Emotion-Interoception Model of the Human Insular Cortex
28 -- 40Christian Merkel, Christian M. Stoppel, Steven A. Hillyard, Hans-Jochen Heinze, Jens-Max Hopf, Mircea Ariel Schoenfeld. Spatio-temporal Patterns of Brain Activity Distinguish Strategies of Multiple-object Tracking
41 -- 53Jennifer J. Heisz, Vasily A. Vakorin, Bernhard Ross, Brian Levine, Anthony Randal McIntosh. A Trade-off between Local and Distributed Information Processing Associated with Remote Episodic versus Semantic Memory
54 -- 62Stina Söderqvist, Hans Matsson, Myriam Peyrard-Janvid, Juha Kere, Torkel Klingberg. Polymorphisms in the Dopamine Receptor 2 Gene Region Influence Improvements during Working Memory Training in Children and Adolescents
63 -- 80Alicia Callejas, Gordon L. Shulman, Maurizio Corbetta. Dorsal and Ventral Attention Systems Underlie Social and Symbolic Cueing
81 -- 95Stéphanie Caharel, Meike Ramon, Bruno Rossion. Face Familiarity Decisions Take 200 msec in the Human Brain: Electrophysiological Evidence from a Go/No-go Speeded Task
96 -- 106Arnaud Cachia, Grégoire Borst, Julie Vidal, Clara Fischer, Arlette Pineau, Jean-François Mangin, Olivier Houdé. The Shape of the ACC Contributes to Cognitive Control Efficiency in Preschoolers
107 -- 119Paolo Capotosto, Claudio Babiloni, Gian Luca Romani, Maurizio Corbetta. Resting-state Modulation of Alpha Rhythms by Interference with Angular Gyrus Activity
120 -- 131Thomas A. Carlson, Ryan A. Simmons, Nikolaus Kriegeskorte, L. Robert Slevc. The Emergence of Semantic Meaning in the Ventral Temporal Pathway
132 -- 142Thomas A. Carlson, J. Brendan Ritchie, Nikolaus Kriegeskorte, Samir Durvasula, Junsheng Ma. Reaction Time for Object Categorization Is Predicted by Representational Distance
143 -- 153Monika Schönauer, Teresa Geisler, Steffen Gais. Strengthening Procedural Memories by Reactivation in Sleep
154 -- 164Edgar Chan, Oliver Baumann, Mark A. Bellgrove, Jason B. Mattingley. Negative Emotional Experiences during Navigation Enhance Parahippocampal Activity during Recall of Place Information
165 -- 174Atsushi Matsumoto, Ryusuke Kakigi. Subliminal Semantic Priming Changes the Dynamic Causal Influence between the Left Frontal and Temporal Cortex
175 -- 188Robert M. G. Reinhart, Geoffrey F. Woodman. Oscillatory Coupling Reveals the Dynamic Reorganization of Large-scale Neural Networks as Cognitive Demands Change
189 -- 209Valentinos Zachariou, Roberta L. Klatzky, Marlene Behrmann. Ventral and Dorsal Visual Stream Contributions to the Perception of Object Shape and Object Location