Journal: J. Cognitive Neuroscience

Volume 29, Issue 9

1473 -- 1482Nahid Zokaei, Christopher MacKellar, Giedre Cepukaityte, Eva Zita Patai, Anna Christina Nobre. Cognitive Training in the Elderly: Bottlenecks and New Avenues
1483 -- 1497Camarin E. Rolle, Joaquin A. Anguera, Sasha N. Skinner, Bradley Voytek, Adam Gazzaley. Enhancing Spatial Attention and Working Memory in Younger and Older Adults
1498 -- 1508Benjamin Katz, Jacky Au, Martin Buschkuehl, Tessa Abagis, Chelsea Zabel, Susanne M. Jaeggi, John Jonides. Individual Differences and Long-term Consequences of tDCS-augmented Cognitive Training
1509 -- 1520Claudia Metzler-Baddeley, Sonya Foley, Silvia De Santis, Cyril Charron, Adam Hampshire, Karen Caeyenberghs, Derek K. Jones. Dynamics of White Matter Plasticity Underlying Working Memory Training: Multimodal Evidence from Diffusion MRI and Relaxometry
1521 -- 1531Alex Coburn, Oshin Vartanian, Anjan Chatterjee. Buildings, Beauty, and the Brain: A Neuroscience of Architectural Experience
1532 -- 1546Qiuhai Yue, Randi C. Martin, Simon Fischer-Baum, Aurora I. Ramos-Nuñez, Fengdan Ye, Michael W. Deem. Brain Modularity Mediates the Relation between Task Complexity and Performance
1547 -- 1565Jan Derrfuss, Matthias Ekman, Michael Hanke, Marc Tittgemeyer, Christian J. Fiebach. Distractor-resistant Short-Term Memory Is Supported by Transient Changes in Neural Stimulus Representations
1566 -- 1582Laetitia Grabot, Anne Kösem, Leila Azizi, Virginie van Wassenhove. Prestimulus Alpha Oscillations and the Temporal Sequencing of Audiovisual Events
1583 -- 1594Mark A. Thornton, Jason P. Mitchell. Consistent Neural Activity Patterns Represent Personally Familiar People
1595 -- 1604Eshed Margalit, Irving Biederman, Bosco S. Tjan, Manan P. Shah. What Is Actually Affected by the Scrambling of Objects When Localizing the Lateral Occipital Complex?
1605 -- 1620Yun-Hsuan Yang, William D. Marslen-Wilson, Mirjana Bozic. Syntactic Complexity and Frequency in the Neurocognitive Language System
1621 -- 1631Mika Koivisto, Simone Grassini, Niina Salminen-Vaparanta, Antti Revonsuo. Different Electrophysiological Correlates of Visual Awareness for Detection and Identification

Volume 29, Issue 8

1311 -- 1323Dagmar Zeithamova, Alison R. Preston. Temporal Proximity Promotes Integration of Overlapping Events
1324 -- 1338Donna J. Bridge, Neal J. Cohen, Joel L. Voss. Distinct Hippocampal versus Frontoparietal Network Contributions to Retrieval and Memory-guided Exploration
1339 -- 1354Jordan Poppenk, Kenneth A. Norman. Multiple-object Tracking as a Tool for Parametrically Modulating Memory Reactivation
1355 -- 1367Thomas C. Gunter, J. E. Douglas Weinbrenner. When to Take a Gesture Seriously: On How We Use and Prioritize Communicative Cues
1368 -- 1377Buyun Xu, Joan Liu-Shuang, Bruno Rossion, James Tanaka. Individual Differences in Face Identity Processing with Fast Periodic Visual Stimulation
1378 -- 1389Simone Falk, Cosima Lanzilotti, Daniele Schön. Tuning Neural Phase Entrainment to Speech
1390 -- 1401Angie A. Kehagia, Rong Ye, Dan W. Joyce, Orla M. Doyle, James B. Rowe, Trevor W. Robbins. Parsing the Roles of the Frontal Lobes and Basal Ganglia in Task Control Using Multivoxel Pattern Analysis
1402 -- 1414Regine Bader, Axel Mecklinger. Separating Event-related Potential Effects for Conceptual Fluency and Episodic Familiarity
1415 -- 1432Bradley Lega, James Germi, Michael D. Rugg. Modulation of Oscillatory Power and Connectivity in the Human Posterior Cingulate Cortex Supports the Encoding and Retrieval of Episodic Memories
1433 -- 1444Tugçe Tosun, Dilara Berkay, Alexander T. Sack, Yusuf Ö. Çakmak, Fuat Balci. Inhibition of Pre-Supplementary Motor Area by Continuous Theta Burst Stimulation Leads to More Cautious Decision-making and More Efficient Sensory Evidence Integration
1445 -- 1454Susheel Kumar, Péter Kaposvári, Rufin Vogels. Encoding of Predictable and Unpredictable Stimuli by Inferior Temporal Cortical Neurons
1455 -- 1472Freek van Ede, Ole Jensen, Eric Maris. Supramodal Theta, Gamma, and Sustained Fields Predict Modality-specific Modulations of Alpha and Beta Oscillations during Visual and Tactile Working Memory

Volume 29, Issue 7

1119 -- 1131Katerina D. Kandylaki, Karen Henrich, Arne Nagels, Tilo Kircher, Ulrike Domahs, Matthias Schlesewsky, Ina Bornkessel-Schlesewsky, Richard Wiese. Where Is the Beat? The Neural Correlates of Lexical Stress and Rhythmical Well-formedness in Auditory Story Comprehension
1132 -- 1146Malte C. Viebahn, Mirjam Ernestus, James M. McQueen. Speaking Style Influences the Brain's Electrophysiological Response to Grammatical Errors in Speech Comprehension
1147 -- 1161Shima Seyed-Allaei, Zahra Nasiri Avanaki, Bahador Bahrami, Tim Shallice. Major Thought Restructuring: The Roles of Different Prefrontal Cortical Regions
1162 -- 1177Alice Blumenthal-Dramé, Volkmar Glauche, Tobias Bormann, Cornelius Weiller, Mariacristina Musso, Bernd Kortmann. Frequency and Chunking in Derived Words: A Parametric fMRI Study
1178 -- 1193Gavin K. Hanson, Evangelia G. Chrysikou. Attention to Distinct Goal-relevant Features Differentially Guides Semantic Knowledge Retrieval
1194 -- 1211Patricia Sayegh, Diana J. Gorbet, Kara M. Hawkins, Kari L. Hoffman, Lauren Sergio. The Contribution of Different Cortical Regions to the Control of Spatially Decoupled Eye-Hand Coordination
1212 -- 1225Anne S. Berry, Martin Sarter, Cindy Lustig. Distinct Frontoparietal Networks Underlying Attentional Effort and Cognitive Control
1226 -- 1238Amanda E. van Lamsweerde, Jeffrey S. Johnson. Assessing the Effect of Early Visual Cortex Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation on Working Memory Consolidation
1239 -- 1252Olympia Colizoli, Jaap M. J. Murre, H. Steven Scholte, Romke Rouw. Creating Colored Letters: Familial Markers of Grapheme-Color Synesthesia in Parietal Lobe Activation and Structure
1253 -- 1266Anna Manelis, Vencislav Popov, Christopher A. Paynter, Matthew Walsh, Mark E. Wheeler, Keith M. Vogt, Lynne M. Reder. Cortical Networks Involved in Memory for Temporal Order
1267 -- 1278Felix Duecker, Teresa Schuhmann, Nina Bien, Christianne Jacobs, Alexander Thomas Sack. Moving Beyond Attentional Biases: Shifting the Interhemispheric Balance between Left and Right Posterior Parietal Cortex Modulates Attentional Control Processes
1279 -- 1291Lisa Marieke Kluen, Agorastos Agorastos, Klaus Wiedemann, Lars Schwabe. Noradrenergic Stimulation Impairs Memory Generalization in Women
1292 -- 1301Michael Lifshitz, Robert T. Thibault, Raquel R. Roth, Amir Raz. Source Localization of Brain States Associated with Canonical Neuroimaging Postures
1302 -- 1310Bradley Voytek, Jason Samaha, Camarin E. Rolle, Zachery Greenberg, Navdeep Gill, Shai Porat, Tahim Kader, Sabahat Rahman, Rick Malzyner, Adam Gazzaley. Preparatory Encoding of the Fine Scale of Human Spatial Attention

Volume 29, Issue 6

937 -- 952Grace Truong, Rebecca M. Todd. SOAP Opera: Self as Object and Agent in Prioritizing Attention
953 -- 967Nathan M. Petro, L. Forest Gruss, Siyang Yin, Haiqing Huang, Vladimir Miskovic, Mingzhou Ding, Andreas Keil. Multimodal Imaging Evidence for a Frontoparietal Modulation of Visual Cortex during the Selective Processing of Conditioned Threat
968 -- 979Valentina Rossi, Naomi Vanlessen, Mareike Bayer, Annika Grass, Gilles Pourtois, Annekathrin Schacht. Motivational Salience Modulates Early Visual Cortex Responses across Task Sets
980 -- 990Lars Hausfeld, Alexander Gutschalk, Elia Formisano, Lars Riecke. Effects of Cross-modal Asynchrony on Informational Masking in Human Cortex
991 -- 1001Sarah L. Peters, Lesley K. Fellows, Signy Sheldon. The Ventromedial Frontal Lobe Contributes to Forming Effective Solutions to Real-world Problems
1002 -- 1021Daniele Corbo, Guy A. Orban. Observing Others Speak or Sing Activates Spt and Neighboring Parietal Cortex
1022 -- 1032Lukas Schilberg, Teresa Schuhmann, Alexander Thomas Sack. Interindividual Variability and Intraindividual Reliability of Intermittent Theta Burst Stimulation-induced Neuroplasticity Mechanisms in the Healthy Brain
1033 -- 1043Thomas Hinault, Jean-Michel Badier, Sylvain Baillet, Patrick Lemaire. The Sources of Sequential Modulations of Control Processes in Arithmetic Strategies: A Magnetoencephalography Study
1044 -- 1060Muge Ozker, Inga M. Schepers, John F. Magnotti, Daniel Yoshor, Michael S. Beauchamp. A Double Dissociation between Anterior and Posterior Superior Temporal Gyrus for Processing Audiovisual Speech Demonstrated by Electrocorticography
1061 -- 1074J. Ryan Morehead, Jordan A. Taylor, Darius E. Parvin, Richard B. Ivry. Characteristics of Implicit Sensorimotor Adaptation Revealed by Task-irrelevant Clamped Feedback
1075 -- 1088Patrick S. Sadil, Rosemary A. Cowell. A Computational Model of Perceptual and Mnemonic Deficits in Medial Temporal Lobe Amnesia
1089 -- 1102Brian A. Metzger, Kyle E. Mathewson, Evelina Tapia, Monica Fabiani, Gabriele Gratton, Diane M. Beck. Regulating the Access to Awareness: Brain Activity Related to Probe-related and Spontaneous Reversals in Binocular Rivalry
1103 -- 1118Tom Verguts. Binding by Random Bursts: A Computational Model of Cognitive Control

Volume 29, Issue 5

769 -- 779Ettore Ambrosini, Antonino Vallesi. Domain-general Stroop Performance and Hemispheric Asymmetries: A Resting-state EEG Study
780 -- 792Chase S. Sherwell, Marta I. Garrido, Ross Cunnington. Timing in Predictive Coding: The Roles of Task Relevance and Global Probability
793 -- 804Ian C. Ballard, Kelly Hennigan, Samuel M. McClure. Mere Exposure: Preference Change for Novel Drinks Reflected in Human Ventral Tegmental Area
805 -- 815Sara Agosta, Denise Magnago, Sarah C. Tyler, Emily D. Grossman, Emanuela Galante, Francesco Ferraro, Nunzia Mazzini, Gabriele Miceli, Lorella Battelli. The Pivotal Role of the Right Parietal Lobe in Temporal Attention
816 -- 826Nelleke C. van Wouwe, Daniel O. Claassen, Joseph S. Neimat, Kristen E. Kanoff, Scott A. Wylie. Dopamine Selectively Modulates the Outcome of Learning Unnatural Action-Valence Associations
827 -- 836Chenjie Xia, Alexandra Touroutoglou, Karen S. Quigley, Lisa Feldman Barrett, Bradford C. Dickerson. Salience Network Connectivity Modulates Skin Conductance Responses in Predicting Arousal Experience
837 -- 854Brennan R. Payne, Kara D. Federmeier. Pace Yourself: Intraindividual Variability in Context Use Revealed by Self-paced Event-related Brain Potentials
855 -- 868Adam Tierney, Travis White-Schwoch, Jessica MacLean, Nina Kraus. Individual Differences in Rhythm Skills: Links with Neural Consistency and Linguistic Ability
869 -- 880Anli Liu, Thomas Thesen, William B. Barr, Chris Morrison, Patricia Dugan, Xiuyuan Hugh Wang, Michael Meager, Werner K. Doyle, Ruben Kuzniecky, Orrin Devinsky, Karen E. Blackmon. Parahippocampal and Entorhinal Resection Extent Predicts Verbal Memory Decline in an Epilepsy Surgery Cohort
881 -- 895Philippe A. Chouinard, Deiter K. Meena, Robert L. Whitwell, Matthew D. Hilchey, Melvyn A. Goodale. A TMS Investigation on the Role of Lateral Occipital Complex and Caudal Intraparietal Sulcus in the Perception of Object Form and Orientation
896 -- 910Mante S. Nieuwland, Andrea E. Martin. Neural Oscillations and a Nascent Corticohippocampal Theory of Reference
911 -- 918Dongyun Li, Christopher Rorden, Hans-Otto Karnath. "Nonspatial" Attentional Deficits Interact with Spatial Position in Neglect
919 -- 936Jack C. Rogers, Matthew H. Davis. Inferior Frontal Cortex Contributions to the Recognition of Spoken Words and Their Constituent Speech Sounds

Volume 29, Issue 4

593 -- 604Ellen L. Stavrinos, James P. Coxon. High-intensity Interval Exercise Promotes Motor Cortex Disinhibition and Early Motor Skill Consolidation
605 -- 618Tom Bullock, James C. Elliott, John T. Serences, Barry Giesbrecht. Acute Exercise Modulates Feature-selective Responses in Human Cortex
619 -- 627Norman Forschack, Søren K. Andersen, Matthias M. Müller. Global Enhancement but Local Suppression in Feature-based Attention
628 -- 636Tobias Katus, Anna Grubert, Martin Eimer. Intermodal Attention Shifts in Multimodal Working Memory
637 -- 651Tim C. Kietzmann, Anna L. Gert, Frank Tong, Peter König. Representational Dynamics of Facial Viewpoint Encoding
652 -- 663Sean James Fallon, Marieke E. van der Schaaf, Niels ter Huurne, Roshan Cools. The Neurocognitive Cost of Enhancing Cognition with Methylphenidate: Improved Distractor Resistance but Impaired Updating
664 -- 676Clara Colombatto, Gregory McCarthy. The Effects of Face Inversion and Face Race on the P100 ERP
677 -- 697Tijl Grootswagers, Susan G. Wardle, Thomas A. Carlson. Decoding Dynamic Brain Patterns from Evoked Responses: A Tutorial on Multivariate Pattern Analysis Applied to Time Series Neuroimaging Data
698 -- 707Moritz Köster, Holger Finger, Maren-Jo Kater, Christoph Schenk, Thomas Gruber. Neuronal Oscillations Indicate Sleep-dependent Changes in the Cortical Memory Trace
708 -- 717B. Locke Welborn, Benjamin C. Gunter, Stephanie Vezich, Matthew D. Lieberman. Neural Correlates of the False Consensus Effect: Evidence for Motivated Projection and Regulatory Restraint
718 -- 727Sara Garofalo, Christopher Timmermann, Simone Battaglia, Martin E. Maier, Giuseppe Di Pellegrino. Mediofrontal Negativity Signals Unexpected Timing of Salient Outcomes
728 -- 738Sean James Fallon, Nahid Zokaei, Agnes Norbury, Sanjay G. Manohar, Masud Husain. Dopamine Alters the Fidelity of Working Memory Representations according to Attentional Demands
739 -- 754Jennifer S. Lieberman, Colin T. Kyle, Amber Schedlbauer, Jared Stokes, Arne D. Ekstrom. A Tale of Two Temporal Coding Strategies: Common and Dissociable Brain Regions Involved in Recency versus Associative Temporal Order Retrieval Strategies
755 -- 768Lotte J. Talsma, Henryk A. Kroese, Heleen A. Slagter. Boosting Cognition: Effects of Multiple-Session Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation on Working Memory

Volume 29, Issue 3

413 -- 423Ethan M. McCormick, Eva H. Telzer. Adaptive Adolescent Flexibility: Neurodevelopment of Decision-making and Learning in a Risky Context
424 -- 434Roman Osinsky, Natalie Ulrich, Patrick Mussel, Lena Feser, Aruni Gunawardena, Johannes Hewig. The Feedback-related Negativity Reflects the Combination of Instantaneous and Long-term Values of Decision Outcomes
435 -- 447Julia Mossbridge, Jacob Zweig, Marcia Grabowecky, Satoru Suzuki. An Association between Auditory-Visual Synchrony Processing and Reading Comprehension: Behavioral and Electrophysiological Evidence
448 -- 466Avril Treille, Coriandre Vilain, Thomas Hueber, Laurent Lamalle, Marc Sato. Inside Speech: Multisensory and Modality-specific Processing of Tongue and Lip Speech Actions
467 -- 479Amanda Elton, Christopher T. Smith, Michael H. Parrish, Charlotte A. Boettiger. Neural Systems Underlying Individual Differences in Intertemporal Decision-making
480 -- 494Sayeed A. D. Kizuk, Kyle E. Mathewson. Power and Phase of Alpha Oscillations Reveal an Interaction between Spatial and Temporal Visual Attention
495 -- 506Benjamin W. Mooneyham, Michael D. Mrazek, Alissa J. Mrazek, Kaita L. Mrazek, Dawa T. Phillips, Jonathan W. Schooler. States of Mind: Characterizing the Neural Bases of Focus and Mind-wandering through Dynamic Functional Connectivity
507 -- 519Raphael Kaplan, Daniel Bush, James A. Bisby, Aidan J. Horner, Sofie S. Meyer, Neil Burgess. Medial Prefrontal-Medial Temporal Theta Phase Coupling in Dynamic Spatial Imagery
520 -- 529Luca Lo Verde, Maria Concetta Morrone, Claudia Lunghi. Early Cross-modal Plasticity in Adults
530 -- 544Hugo J. Spiers, Bradley C. Love, Mike E. Le Pelley, Charlotte E. Gibb, Robin A. Murphy. Anterior Temporal Lobe Tracks the Formation of Prejudice
545 -- 559Nina Becker, Grégoria Kalpouzos, Jonas Persson, Erika J. Laukka, Yvonne Brehmer. Differential Effects of Encoding Instructions on Brain Activity Patterns of Item and Associative Memory
560 -- 572John A. E. Anderson, Saman Sarraf, Tarek Amer, Buddhika Bellana, Vincent Man, Karen L. Campbell, Lynn Hasher, Cheryl L. Grady. Task-linked Diurnal Brain Network Reorganization in Older Adults: A Graph Theoretical Approach
573 -- 591Jodie Davies-Thompson, Kimberley Fletcher, Charlotte Hills, Raika Pancaroglu, Sherryse L. Corrow, Jason J. S. Barton. Perceptual Learning of Faces: A Rehabilitative Study of Acquired Prosopagnosia

Volume 29, Issue 2

221 -- 234Samhita Dasgupta, Sarah C. Tyler, Jonathan Wicks, Ramesh Srinivasan, Emily D. Grossman. Network Connectivity of the Right STS in Three Social Perception Localizers
235 -- 244Bruce P. Doré, Chelsea Boccagno, Daisy Burr, Alexa Hubbard, Kan Long, Jochen Weber, Yaakov Stern, Kevin N. Ochsner. Finding Positive Meaning in Negative Experiences Engages Ventral Striatal and Ventromedial Prefrontal Regions Associated with Reward Valuation
245 -- 253Goran Papenberg, Nina Becker, Beata Ferencz, Moshe Naveh-Benjamin, Erika J. Laukka, Lars Bäckman, Yvonne Brehmer. Dopamine Receptor Genes Modulate Associative Memory in Old Age
254 -- 266Guglielmo Lucchese, Jeff Hanna, Anne Autenrieb, Tally McCormick Miller, Friedemann Pulvermüller. Electrophysiological Evidence for Early and Interactive Symbol Access and Rule Processing in Retrieving and Combining Language Constructions
267 -- 276Zheng Ye, Arjen Stolk, Ivan Toni, Peter Hagoort. Oxytocin Modulates Semantic Integration in Speech Comprehension
277 -- 285Akiko E. Callan, Daniel E. Callan, Hiroshi Ando. The Importance of Spatiotemporal Information in Biological Motion Perception: White Noise Presented with a Step-like Motion Activates the Biological Motion Area
286 -- 297Stephen M. Emrich, Jeffrey S. Johnson, David W. Sutterer, Bradley R. Postle. Comparing the Effects of 10-Hz Repetitive TMS on Tasks of Visual STM and Attention
298 -- 309Ima Trempler, Anne-Marike Schiffer, Nadiya El-Sourani, Christiane Ahlheim, Gereon R. Fink, Ricarda I. Schubotz. Frontostriatal Contribution to the Interplay of Flexibility and Stability in Serial Prediction
310 -- 321Jade Jackson, Anina N. Rich, Mark A. Williams, Alexandra Woolgar. Feature-selective Attention in Frontoparietal Cortex: Multivoxel Codes Adjust to Prioritize Task-relevant Information
322 -- 336Noam Brezis, Zohar Z. Bronfman, Galit Yovel, Yonatan Goshen-Gottstein. The Electrophysiological Signature of Remember-Know Is Confounded with Memory Strength and Cannot Be Interpreted as Evidence for Dual-process Theory of Recognition
337 -- 351Sabrina Brigadoi, Simone Cutini, Federica Meconi, Marco Castellaro, Paola Sessa, Mattia Marangon, Alessandra Bertoldo, Pierre Jolicoeur, Roberto Dell'Acqua. On the Role of the Inferior Intraparietal Sulcus in Visual Working Memory for Lateralized Single-feature Objects
352 -- 367Qiong Zhang, Matthew M. Walsh, John R. Anderson. The Effects of Probe Similarity on Retrieval and Comparison Processes in Associative Recognition
368 -- 381Jordan E. Pierce, Jennifer E. McDowell. Reduced Cognitive Control Demands after Practice of Saccade Tasks in a Trial Type Probability Manipulation
382 -- 397Anastasia Klimovich-Gray, Mirjana Bozic, William D. Marslen-Wilson. Domain-specific and Domain-general Processing in Left Perisylvian Cortex: Evidence from Russian
398 -- 412Jonathan S. Cant, Yaoda Xu. The Contribution of Object Shape and Surface Properties to Object Ensemble Representation in Anterior-medial Ventral Visual Cortex

Volume 29, Issue 12

0 -- 0Andre Mascioli Cravo, Gustavo Rohenkohl, Karin Moreira Santos, Anna Christina Nobre. Temporal Anticipation Based on Memory
0 -- 0Sebastian Schneegans, Paul M. Bays. Restoration of fMRI Decodability Does Not Imply Latent Working Memory States
0 -- 0Jari Peräkylä, Lihua Sun, Kai Lehtimäki, Jukka Peltola, Juha Öhman, Timo Möttönen, Keith H. Ogawa, Kaisa Hartikainen. Causal Evidence from Humans for the Role of Mediodorsal Nucleus of the Thalamus in Working Memory
0 -- 0Anastasia Kiyonaga, Emma Wu Dowd, Tobias Egner. Neural Representation of Working Memory Content Is Modulated by Visual Attentional Demand
0 -- 0Samuel J. Gershman, Jimmy Zhou, Cody Kommers. Imaginative Reinforcement Learning: Computational Principles and Neural Mechanisms
0 -- 0Antimo Buonocore, Simran Purokayastha, Robert D. McIntosh. Saccade Reorienting Is Facilitated by Pausing the Oculomotor Program
0 -- 0Toviah Moldwin, Odelia Schwartz, Elyse Sussman. Statistical Learning of Melodic Patterns Influences the Brain's Response to Wrong Notes
0 -- 0Tijl Grootswagers, J. Brendan Ritchie, Susan G. Wardle, Andrew Heathcote, Thomas A. Carlson. Asymmetric Compression of Representational Space for Object Animacy Categorization under Degraded Viewing Conditions
0 -- 0Felipe Munoz-Rubke, Jasmine L. Mirdamadi, Anna K. Lynch, Hannah J. Block. Modality-specific Changes in Motor Cortex Excitability After Visuo-proprioceptive Realignment
0 -- 0Elkan G. Akyürek, Nils Kappelmann, Marc Volkert, Hedderik van Rijn. What You See Is What You Remember: Visual Chunking by Temporal Integration Enhances Working Memory
0 -- 0Mengting Liu, Rachel C. Amey, Chad E. Forbes. On the Role of Situational Stressors in the Disruption of Global Neural Network Stability during Problem Solving
0 -- 0Elisabeth A. Karuza, Lauren L. Emberson, Matthew E. Roser, Daniel Cole, Richard N. Aslin, József Fiser. Neural Signatures of Spatial Statistical Learning: Characterizing the Extraction of Structure from Complex Visual Scenes

Volume 29, Issue 11

1791 -- 1802Heath E. Matheson, Laurel J. Buxbaum, Sharon L. Thompson-Schill. Differential Tuning of Ventral and Dorsal Streams during the Generation of Common and Uncommon Tool Uses
1803 -- 1816Maheen Shermohammed, Pranjal H. Mehta, Joan Zhang, Cassandra M. Brandes, Luke J. Chang, Leah H. Somerville. Does Psychosocial Stress Impact Cognitive Reappraisal? Behavioral and Neural Evidence
1817 -- 1828Andrew K. Martin, Marcus Meinzer, Robert Lindenberg, Mira M. Sieg, Laura Nachtigall, Agnes Flöel. Effects of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation on Neural Networks Structure in Young and Older Adults
1829 -- 1844Gabriel Nascimento Costa, João V. Duarte, Ricardo Martins, Michael Wibral, Miguel Castelo-Branco. Interhemispheric Binding of Ambiguous Visual Motion Is Associated with Changes in Beta Oscillatory Activity but Not with Gamma Range Synchrony
1845 -- 1859Neeltje E. Blankenstein, Jiska S. Peper, Eveline A. Crone, Anna C. K. van Duijvenvoorde. Neural Mechanisms Underlying Risk and Ambiguity Attitudes
1860 -- 1876Qin Liu, Antonio Ulloa, Barry Horwitz. Using a Large-scale Neural Model of Cortical Object Processing to Investigate the Neural Substrate for Managing Multiple Items in Short-term Memory
1877 -- 1894Elizabeth V. Goldfarb, Yeva Mendelevich, Elizabeth A. Phelps. Acute Stress Time-dependently Modulates Multiple Memory Systems
1895 -- 1907Jennifer J. Heisz, Ilana B. Clark, Katija Bonin, Emily M. Paolucci, Bernadeta Michalski, Suzanna Becker, Margaret Fahnestock. The Effects of Physical Exercise and Cognitive Training on Memory and Neurotrophic Factors
1908 -- 1917Taru Flagan, Jeanette A. Mumford, Jennifer S. Beer. How Do You See Me? The Neural Basis of Motivated Meta-perception
1918 -- 1931Nicolas A. McNair, Ashleigh D. Behrens, Irina M. Harris. Automatic Recruitment of the Motor System by Undetected Graspable Objects: A Motor-evoked Potential Study
1932 -- 1949Nicole L. Varga, Patricia J. Bauer. Using Event-related Potentials to Inform the Neurocognitive Processes Underlying Knowledge Extension through Memory Integration
1950 -- 1961Atsushi Kikumoto, Ulrich Mayr. The Nature of Task Set Representations in Working Memory

Volume 29, Issue 10

1633 -- 1645Eliana Vassena, James Deraeve, William H. Alexander. Predicting Motivation: Computational Models of PFC Can Explain Neural Coding of Motivation and Effort-based Decision-making in Health and Disease
1646 -- 1655Anne Gabrielle Eva Collins. The Cost of Structure Learning
1656 -- 1673Joshua W. Brown, William H. Alexander. Foraging Value, Risk Avoidance, and Multiple Control Signals: How the Anterior Cingulate Cortex Controls Value-based Decision-making
1674 -- 1683William H. Alexander, Eliana Vassena, James Deraeve, Zachary D. Langford. Integrative Modeling of Prefrontal Cortex
1684 -- 1698Benjamin R. Eisenreich, Rei Akaishi, Benjamin Y. Hayden. Control without Controllers: Toward a Distributed Neuroscience of Executive Control
1699 -- 1711Luis Carretié, Dominique Kessel, María J. García-Rubio, Tamara Giménez-Fernández, Sandra Hoyos, María Hernández-Lorca. Magnocellular Bias in Exogenous Attention to Biologically Salient Stimuli as Revealed by Manipulating Their Luminosity and Color
1712 -- 1724Lena Veit, Galyna Pidpruzhnykova, Andreas Nieder. Learning Recruits Neurons Representing Previously Established Associations in the Corvid Endbrain
1725 -- 1738Colin J. Palmer, Colin W. G. Clifford. Functional Mechanisms Encoding Others' Direction of Gaze in the Human Nervous System
1739 -- 1754Lucía Magis-Weinberg, Sarah-Jayne Blakemore, Iroise Dumontheil. Social and Nonsocial Relational Reasoning in Adolescence and Adulthood
1755 -- 1765Andrew C. Papanicolaou, Marina Kilintari, Roozbeh Rezaie, Shalini Narayana, Abbas Babajani-Feremi. The Role of the Primary Sensory Cortices in Early Language Processing
1766 -- 1777Lampros Perogamvros, Benjamin Baird, Mitja Seibold, Brady Riedner, Mélanie Boly, Giulio Tononi. The Phenomenal Contents and Neural Correlates of Spontaneous Thoughts across Wakefulness, NREM Sleep, and REM Sleep
1778 -- 1789Su Keun Jeong, Yaoda Xu. Task-context-dependent Linear Representation of Multiple Visual Objects in Human Parietal Cortex

Volume 29, Issue 1

1 -- 13Kamila Smigasiewicz, Gabriel Sami Hasan, Rolf Verleger. Rebalancing Spatial Attention: Endogenous Orienting May Partially Overcome the Left Visual Field Bias in Rapid Serial Visual Presentation
14 -- 24Elizabeth V. Goldfarb, Monja I. Froböse, Roshan Cools, Elizabeth A. Phelps. Stress and Cognitive Flexibility: Cortisol Increases Are Associated with Enhanced Updating but Impaired Switching
25 -- 36Satoshi Tsujimoto, Aldo Genovesio. Firing Variability of Frontal Pole Neurons during a Cued Strategy Task
37 -- 51Margaret L. Schlichting, Katharine F. Guarino, Anna C. Schapiro, Nicholas B. Turk-Browne, Alison R. Preston. Hippocampal Structure Predicts Statistical Learning and Associative Inference Abilities during Development
52 -- 64Inês Bramão, Mikael Johansson. Benefits and Costs of Context Reinstatement in Episodic Memory: An ERP Study
65 -- 78Connor Lane, Shipra Kanjlia, Hilary Richardson, Anne Fulton, Akira Omaki, Marina Bedny. Reduced Left Lateralization of Language in Congenitally Blind Individuals
79 -- 94William W. Graves, Olga Boukrina, Samantha R. Mattheiss, Edward J. Alexander, Sylvain Baillet. Reversing the Standard Neural Signature of the Word-Nonword Distinction
95 -- 113Laurens Van Calster, Arnaud D'Argembeau, Eric Salmon, Frédéric Peters, Steve Majerus. Fluctuations of Attentional Networks and Default Mode Network during the Resting State Reflect Variations in Cognitive States: Evidence from a Novel Resting-state Experience Sampling Method
114 -- 124Nadja Tschentscher, Olaf Hauk. Frontal Cortex Supports the Early Structuring of Multiple Solution Steps in Symbolic Problem-solving
125 -- 136Brighid Lynch, Patrick Beukema, Timothy D. Verstynen. Differentiating Visual from Response Sequencing during Long-term Skill Learning
137 -- 149Senne Braem, Joseph A. King, Franziska M. Korb, Ruth M. Krebs, Wim Notebaert, Tobias Egner. The Role of Anterior Cingulate Cortex in the Affective Evaluation of Conflict
150 -- 166Fraser Milton, Pippa Bealing, Kathryn L. Carpenter, Abdelmalek Bennattayallah, Andy J. Wills. The Neural Correlates of Similarity- and Rule-based Generalization
167 -- 182Zhuo Fang, Valya Sergeeva, Laura B. Ray, Jeremy Viczko, Adrian M. Owen, Stuart M. Fogel. Sleep Spindles and Intellectual Ability: Epiphenomenon or Directly Related?
183 -- 202Yvonne Y. Chen, Jeremy B. Caplan. Rhythmic Activity and Individual Variability in Recognition Memory: Theta Oscillations Correlate with Performance whereas Alpha Oscillations Correlate with ERPs
203 -- 219Talia Shrem, Leon Y. Deouell. Hierarchies of Attention and Experimental Designs: Effects of Spatial and Intermodal Attention Revisited