Journal: Journal of Interconnection Networks

Volume 17, Issue 3-4

1 -- 9Grahame Erskine. Mixed Moore Cayley Graphs
1 -- 13Mei-Mei Gu, Rong-Xia Hao, Ai-Mei Yu. The 1-Good-Neighbor Conditional Diagnosability of Some Regular Graphs
1 -- 12Aleksandr Kodess, Felix Lazebnik. A Note on the Isomorphism Problem for Monomial Digraphs
1 -- 10Muhammad Adib Surani. Wide Containers in Gaussian Networks
1 -- 15Robert R. Lewis. Improved Upper Bounds for the Order of Some Classes of Abelian Cayley and Circulant Graphs of Diameter Two
1 -- 14Novi H. Bong, Joseph F. Ryan 0001, Kiki A. Sugeng. MaxDDBS Problem on Beneš Network
1 -- 18Li-Da Tong, Yun-Ruei Li. Rearrangeability of Multicast Banyan-Type Networks with Crosstalk Constraints
1 -- 10Dominique Buset, Nacho López, Josep M. Miret. z = 1
1 -- 9Yuefang Sun. The (3, l)-Rainbow Edge-Index of Cartesian Product Graphs
1 -- 8Martin Bachratý, Jana Siagiová, Jozef Sirán. Revisiting Constructions of Large Cayley Graphs of Given Degree and Diameter from Regular Orbits
1 -- 9Diego González-Moreno, Bernardo Llano, Eduardo Rivera-Campo. A Note on the Feedback Arc Set Problem and Acyclic Subdigraphs in Bipartite Tournaments
1 -- 3Oriol Serra, Jozef Sirán, Sanming Zhou. Preface
1 -- 20Hamid Mokhtar. Cube-Connected Circulants as Efficient Models for Interconnection Networks

Volume 17, Issue 2

1 -- 18Yunxia Ren, Shiying Wang. The Tightly Super 2-extra Connectivity and 2-extra Diagnosability of Locally Twisted Cubes
1 -- 14Zhao Wang, Yaping Mao, Chengfu Ye, Haixing Zhao. Super Edge-Connectivity of Strong Product Graphs
1 -- 18Gaurav Khanna, Rajesh Mishra, Sanjay Kumar Chaturvedi. Design of Fault Tolerant Shuffle Exchange Gamma Interconnection Network Layouts

Volume 17, Issue 1

1 -- 3D. Frank Hsu, Dorothy Marinucci. Editorial Note for the Special Issue
1 -- 31Mark Tannian, Christina Schweikert, Ying Liu. A Systems Security Analysis of Issuance and Verification of Birth Documents Enhanced with DNA Profiles
1 -- 20Jean-Pierre Auffret, Jane L. Snowdon, Angelos Stavrou, Jeffrey S. Katz, Diana Kelley, Rasheq S. Rahman, Frank Stein, Lisa Sokol, Peter Allor, Peng Warweg. Cybersecurity Leadership: Competencies, Governance, and Technologies for Industrial Control Systems
1 -- 67Iulian Neamtiu, Xuetao Wei, Michalis Faloutsos, Lorenzo Gomez, Tanzirul Azim, Yongjian Hu, Zhiyong Shan. Improving Smartphone Security and Reliability