Journal: Journal of Interconnection Networks

Volume 18, Issue 4

1850012 -- 0Yupeng Li. Online Job Dispatching and Scheduling to Minimize Job Completion Time and to Meet Deadlines
1850013 -- 0Aabha Jain, Sanjiv Tokekar. Application Specific Performance Evaluation of Vertical Handoff in UMTS-WLAN Network
1850014 -- 0Dawei Li, Jie Wu, Dajin Wang, Jiayin Wang. Software-Defined Networking Switches for Fast Single-Link Failure Recovery

Volume 18, Issue 2-3

1850006 -- 0Cristina Dalfó. From Subkautz Digraphs to Cyclic Kautz Digraphs
1850007 -- 0Satoshi Fujita. Broadcasting a Stream of Chunks in Heterogeneous Networks with a Short Maximum Broadcast Time
1850008 -- 0N. Anjali, Sunil Mathew. A Generalization of Block Structures in Undirected Interconnection Networks
1850009 -- 0Lu Miao, Weihua Yang. On 3-Regular Subgraphs in Cartesian Product of Paths
1850010 -- 0Chunxia Wang, Yalan Li, Shumin Zhang, Chengfu Ye, Xia Wang. Matching Preclusion Number of Radix Triangular Mesh with Odd Vertices
1850011 -- 0Xinyang Wang, Deyu Qi, Naqin Zhou. Embedding Strategies of Mesh Network into the Exchanged Crossed Cube

Volume 18, Issue 1

1 -- 18Naoki Takeuchi, Satoshi Fujita. Semi-Deterministic Construction of Scale-Free Networks with Designated Parameters
1 -- 18Bey-Chi Lin. p) Networks
1 -- 15Zhao Wang, Yaping Mao, Hengzhe Li, Chengfu Ye. On the Steiner 4-Diameter of Graphs
1 -- 15Pinaki Sankar Chatterjee, Monideepa Roy. Detecting PUE Attack by Measuring Aberrational Node Behavior in CWSN
1 -- 18Shiying Wang, Lingqi Zhao. * Model