Journal: Journal of Interconnection Networks

Volume 19, Issue 4

0 -- 0Puspal Bhabak, Hovhannes A. Harutyunyan. Approximation Algorithm for the Broadcast Time in k-Path Graph
0 -- 0Yalan Li, Chengfu Ye, Miaolin Wu, Ping Han. Fractional Matching Preclusion for Möbius Cubes
0 -- 0Sahand Khakabimamaghani, Masood Masjoody, Ladislav Stacho. Traversal with Enumeration of Geometric Graphs in Bounded Space
0 -- 0Satoshi Fujita. Resilient Tree-Based Video Streaming with a Guaranteed Latency
0 -- 0Satoshi Fujita. Three-Tier Delaunay Network as a Topology for Peer-to-Peer Overlay

Volume 19, Issue 3

1902002 -- 0Eddie Cheng, Yaping Mao. Preface
1940006 -- 0Yaping Mao, Eddie Cheng. A Concise Survey of Matching Preclusion in Interconnection Networks
1940007 -- 0Shiying Wang, Yanling Wang, Mujiangshan Wang. Connectivity and Matching Preclusion for Leaf-Sort Graphs
1940008 -- 0Qiuli Li, Wantao Ning. Matching Preclusion for Exchanged Hypercubes
1940009 -- 0Xiaqi Wei, Shurong Zhang, Weihua Yang. Matching Preclusion for Enhanced Pyramid Networks
1940010 -- 0Huazhong Lü, Tingzeng Wu. Fractional Matching Preclusion for Restricted Hypercube-Like Graphs
1940011 -- 0Ruizhi Lin, Heping Zhang. Conditional Matching Preclusion for Folded Hypercubes

Volume 19, Issue 2

1950001 -- 0Yingying Zhang, Xiaoyu Zhu. Proper Vertex Connection and Graph Operations
1950002 -- 0Shiying Wang, Yingying Wang. Diagnosability of Bubble-Sort Star Graphs with Missing Edges
1950003 -- 0Ridho Alfarisi, Dafik, Arika Indah Kristiana, Ika Hesti Agustin. Non-Isolated Resolving Number of Graph with Pendant Edges
1950004 -- 0Hussein Abdel-jaber, Abdulaziz Shehab, Mohamed Barakat, Magdi Rashad. IGRED: An Improved Gentle Random Early Detection Method for Management of Congested Networks
1950005 -- 0Cristina Dalfó, Miguel Angel Fiol. A Note on a New General Family of Deterministic Hierarchical Networks

Volume 19, Issue 1

1902001 -- 0Qinglin Yu, Yuqing Lin. Preface
1940001 -- 0D. Frank Hsu, Bruce S. Kristal, Yuhan Hao, Christina Schweikert. Cognitive Diversity: A Measurement of Dissimilarity Between Multiple Scoring Systems
1940002 -- 0Mohammad Nazmul Haque, Pablo Moscato. The Cohesion-Based Communities of Symptoms of the Largest Component of the DSM-IV Network
1940003 -- 0Július Czap, Stanislav Jendrol'. Facial Colorings of Plane Graphs
1940004 -- 0Boting Yang, Runtao Zhang, Yi Cao, Farong Zhong. Search Numbers in Networks with Special Topologies
1940005 -- 0Sun-Yuan Hsieh, Shih-Shun Kao. A Survey of Hub Location Problems