Journal: Journal of Interconnection Networks

Volume 2, Issue 4

391 -- 420Jean Carle, Jean Frédéric Myoupo, Ivan Stojmenovic. Higher Dimensional Honeycomb Networks
421 -- 444Aaron Harwood, Hong Shen. A New Family of Extremal Interconnection Networks
445 -- 469Ami Litman, Shiri Moran-Schein. Fast, Minimal, and Oblivious Routing Algorithms on the Mesh with Bounded Queues
471 -- 483Geyong Min, Mohamed Ould-Khaoua. Performance Modelling of Pipelined Circuit Switching Under MMPP Traffic

Volume 2, Issue 3

253 -- 267Mei-Wau Au, Edward Chan, Kam-yiu Lam. Concurrency Control for Mobile Systems with Data Broadcast
269 -- 282Jiannong Cao, Nick K. C. Cheung, Alvin T. S. Chan. JDM: Building Distributed Synchronization Support into Java
283 -- 294Jianer Chen, Guojun Wang, Songqiao Chen. Routing in Hypercube Networks with a Constant Fraction of Faulty Nodes
295 -- 304Zu-Lan Huang, Richard M. M. Chen, Yao-Lin Jiang. A Parallel Decoupling Technique to Accelerate Convergence of Relaxation Solutions of Integral-Differential-Algebraic Equations
305 -- 315Ming Li, Weijia Jia, Wei Zhao. Simulation of Long-Range Dependent Traffic and a Simulator of TCP Arrival Traffic
317 -- 329Mustafa Mat Deris, Ali Mamat, Chai Seng Pua, Mohd Yazid Saman. Three Dimensional Grid Structure for Efficient Access of Replicated Data
331 -- 343Christopher McAvaney, Andrzej M. Goscinski. Automatic Parallelisation and Execution of Applications on Clusters
345 -- 364David Riddoch, Steve Pope, Derek Roberts, Glenford E. Mapp, David Clarke, David Ingram, Kieran Mansley, Andy Hopper. Tripwire: A Synchronisation Primitive for Virtual Memory Mapped Communication
365 -- 378Dong Xiang, Ai Chen, Jie Wu. Local-Safety-Information-Based Broadcasting in Hypercube Multicomputers with Node and Link Faults
379 -- 390Wu Yeu, Tian Yonghong, Wanlei Zhou. The Development of a Mobile Decision Support System

Volume 2, Issue 2

175 -- 188Bruno Beauquier, Stephane Perennes, Olivier Delmas. Tight Bounds for Broadcasting in the Linear Cost Model
189 -- 211Sem C. Borst, Edward G. Coffman Jr., Edgar N. Gilbert, Philip A. Whiting, Peter M. Winkler. Optimal Carrier Sharing in Wireless TDMA
213 -- 231Khaled Day, Abdel Elah Al-Ayyoub. Adaptive Fault-Tolerant Routing in Star Networks
233 -- 247Ami Litman. Exposed Layouts of the Butterfly Network

Volume 2, Issue 1

5 -- 29Ionut D. Aron, Sandeep K. S. Gupta. On the Scalability of On-Demand Routing Protocols for Mobile ad hoc Networks: An Analytical Study
31 -- 48Azzedine Boukerche, Steve Rogers. Performance of GZRP ad hoc Routing Protocol
49 -- 67Mainak Chatterjee, Sajal K. Das. Performance Evaluation of a Request-TDMA/CDMA Protocol for Wireless Networks
69 -- 84Rong-Jaye Chen, Ting-Yu Lin, Yi-Bing Lin. Adaptive Schemes for Reducing Power Consumption of Mobile Data Handsets
85 -- 102Karunaharan Ratnam, Ibrahim Matta, Sampath Rangarajan. A Fully Distributed Location Management Scheme for Large PCS Networks
103 -- 130Benny Van Houdt, Chris Blondia, Olga Casals, Jorge García. Performance Analysis of a MAC Protocol for Broadband Wireless ATM Networks with Quality of Service Provisioning
131 -- 146DongChun Lee. Performance Analysis of Static RA Grouping to Reduce the Location Traffic in Wireless Networks
147 -- 174Michael Menth. Analytical Performance Evaluation of Low-Bitrate Real-Time Traffic Multiplexing in UMTS over IP Networks