Journal: Journal of Interconnection Networks

Volume 22, Issue Supp-06

0 -- 0Wei Liu, Mohammad Shabaz, Urvashi Garg. Moving Target Depth Information Extraction Based on Nonlinear Strategy Network
0 -- 0Di Yang, Ming Ji, Yuntong Lv, Fangchu Zhao, Quanfeng Geng, Jyoti Bhola. Research on Zoning, Optimization, Stability, and Nonlinear Control of Wireless Network in Power Grid Communication
0 -- 0Fugui Wu, Mohammed Wasim Bhatt. Simulation and Experimental Study of Nonlinear Characteristics for Multi-mode Driving of Intelligent Vehicles
0 -- 0Lei Cheng, Lin Lu, Jyoti Bhola, Ahmed Mateen Butter. Study on Hierarchical Dynamic Adjustment of Integrated Circuit Flow Based on Nonlinear Detection
0 -- 0Wensheng Yan, Mohammad Shabaz, Manik Rakhra. Research on Nonlinear Distorted Image Recognition Based on Artificial Neural Network Algorithm

Volume 22, Issue Supp-04

0 -- 0Xiujun Zhai, A. Rajaram, K. Ramesh 0008. Cognitive Model for Human Behavior Analysis
0 -- 0Xiaoming Zang. Accessibility Analysis Model of College Students' Employment Education Resources Based on Mobile Search Algorithm
0 -- 0Shan Li, Ying Gao, Tao Ba, Wei Zhao. Energy-Saving Methods for Urban Travel and Public Transportation in Smart Cities
0 -- 0Mingyong He. Predictive Group Learning Behavior Approach and Inquiry Learning For Higher Education
0 -- 0Xu Wei, Mengyu Ruan, Thanjai Vadivel, J. Alfred Daniel. Human-Centered Applications in Sustainable Smart City Development: A Qualitative Survey
0 -- 0Qian Zhang, Xiaoying Guo, Maojun Sun, R. Dinesh Jackson Samuel, Priyan Malarvizhi Kumar. Visually Improved Digital Media Communication Using Virtual Reality Technology and Digital Twin
0 -- 0Xiaoli Qiu, Wei Li, Yang Li, Hongmei Gu, Fei Song, R. Sabitha. Machine Learning in Human Emotion Detection from the Speech
0 -- 0Hui Tang. Analysis of the Driving Factors of Building Energy Consumption Growth in Smart Cities Based on the STIRPAT Model
0 -- 0Mingyong Li, Mingyue Liu, Zheng Jiang, Zongwei Zhao, Jiayan Zhang, Mingyuan Ge, Huiming Duan, Yanxia Wang. Multimodal Emotion Recognition and State Analysis of Classroom Video and Audio Based on Deep Neural Network
0 -- 0Ying Gao, Tong Ren, Xia Zhao, Wentao Li. Sustainable Energy Management in Intelligent Transportation
0 -- 0Guanghua Qiao. Intelligent Building with Multi-Energy System Planning Method Considering Energy Supply Reliability

Volume 22, Issue 4

0 -- 0T. R. Chenthil, P. Jesu Jayarin. An Energy Aware Multi Slot Scheduling with Two-Layer Hexagonal Based Integrated Aggregation Approach for Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks (UWSN)
0 -- 0Rajashree A. Patil, P. Kavipriya, B. P. Patil. Hybrid Meta-Heuristic Algorithms Based Optimal Antenna Selection for Large Scale MIMO in LTE Network
0 -- 0N. Raja Thejaswini, G. Muthupandi. Dynamic Noisy Measurement Aware Localization Model for Wireless Sensor Networks
0 -- 0Wenyan Jia, Shuai Kou, Weihua Yang, Chengfu Qin. A Note on Oct1+-Minor-Free Graphs and Oct2+-Minor-Free Graphs
0 -- 0Wei Meng. West Nile Virus Prediction Based on Data Mining
0 -- 0P. Aravind, G. P. Saradhi Varma, P. V. G. D. Prasad Reddy. Multi-Objective Controller Failure Aware Capacitated Controller Placement in Software-Defined Networks
0 -- 0Baojing Liu, Chenye Han. Research on Wireless Network Virtualization Positioning Technology Based on Next-Generation Agile IoT Technology

Volume 22, Issue 3

0 -- 0Hanying Cai. Building Construction Operation Simulation Based on BIM Technology and Intelligent Robots
0 -- 0Jingchan Ji. Secure Vertical Handoff in Mobile Wireless Network Based on Secure Location Algorithm
0 -- 0Alireza Souri, Mu-Yen Chen, Nima Jafari Navimipour. Computational Intelligence Methods for Smart Connectivity in IoT
0 -- 0Pengfei Wang, Ming Tang, Haodong Zou. Power Monitoring Image Encryption Transmission Method Based on Internet of Things
0 -- 0Huang Zhang, Yonghui Luo. Enterprise Financial Risk Early Warning Using BP Neural Network Under Internet of Things and Rough Set Theory
0 -- 0Jinding He, Baorui Cai, Wenlin Yan, Bin Zhang, Rongkui Zhang. Internet of Things-Based Risk Warning System for Distribution Grid Operation State
0 -- 0Fan Yang. E-Commerce Logistics System Based on Internet of Things
0 -- 0Lili Zhang. Effective Integration of ZigBee Communication Technology and Internet of Things Technology
0 -- 0Yi Jiang. Project Cost Accounting Based on Internet of Things Technology
0 -- 0Umaira Ahad, Yashwant Singh, Pooja Anand, Zakir Ahmad Sheikh, Pradeep Kumar Singh. Intrusion Detection System Model for IoT Networks Using Ensemble Learning
0 -- 0Syed Saad Amer, Gurleen Wander, Manmeet Singh, Rami Bahsoon, Nicholas R. Jennings, Sukhpal Singh Gill. BioLearner: A Machine Learning-Powered Smart Heart Disease Risk Prediction System Utilizing Biomedical Markers
0 -- 0Shuzhe Guo, Xiaolei Zhu, Yang Liu, Jianwei Han. Personalized Recommendation Method of Entrepreneurial Service Information Based on Blockchain
0 -- 0Congyao Chang, Qingyu Zou. Identification Method of Vulnerable Lines in Power Grid Based on Comprehensive Sensitivity of Branches
0 -- 0Shangzhou Zhang. Optimal Control of Hybrid Energy Storage System of New Energy Power Generation System Based on Improved Particle Swarm Algorithm
0 -- 0Hui Zhai, Yi Wang. Design and Implementation of Earthquake Information Publishing System Based on Mobile Computing and Machine Learning Technology in GIS
0 -- 0Haiting Huang. The Correlation between the Development of IoT Robot Technology and the Effect of Economic Development

Volume 22, Issue 2

0 -- 0Yuan Si, Ping Li, Yuzhi Xiao, Jinxia Liang. The Generalized Connectivity of Generalized Petersen Graph
0 -- 0Hui-Wen Cheng, Jin-Xin Zhou. Some Properties of the Balanced Hypercube
0 -- 0Dongqin Cheng. Hamiltonian Cycles Passing Through Prescribed Edges in Locally Twisted Cubes
0 -- 0Yuya Kono, Ping Zhang 0004. Vertex Identification in Grids and Prisms
0 -- 0Shiying Wang, Changchang Fan, Xiaolei Ma, Yunxia Ren. The Local Diagnosability of Folded Hypercubes with Conditional Faulty Edges Under the PMC Model
0 -- 0Toru Araki, Eito Hasegawa, Shion Kato. Minimum Stretch Spanning Tree Problem in Operations on Trees

Volume 22, Issue 1

0 -- 0Eddie Cheng 0001, László Lipták, Ke Qiu, Zhizhang Shen. A Note on Linearly Many Faults of Interconnection Networks
0 -- 0K. Ganesamoorthy, D. Jayanthi. The Upper and Forcing Connected Outer Connected Geodetic Numbers of a Graph
0 -- 0Mingzu Zhang, Xiaoli Yang, Xiaomin He, Zhuangyan Qin, Yongling Ma. Reliability Evaluation of Augmented Cubes on Degree
0 -- 0Xiaoxue Gao, Shasha Li, Yan Zhao. Note on Path-Connectivity of Complete Bipartite Graphs
0 -- 0Rong Liu, Pingshan Li. The 3-Good Neighbor Edge-Fault-Tolerant Strong Menger Edge Connectivity on the Class of BC Networks
0 -- 0Qinglin Wang, Yingzhi Tian, Lihua Feng. On the Number of Edges in a 3-Uniform Hypergraph with No (k + 1)-Connected Hypersubgraphs
0 -- 0Shanshan Yin, Liqiong Xu, Weihua Yang. The Sufficient Conditions of (δ(G) - 2)-(|F|-)Fault-Tolerant Maximal Local-(Edge-)Connectivity of Connected Graphs
0 -- 0Xing Chen, Dongyang Xie, Yongsheng Jiang, Nannan Fan. The Arc-Connectivity of 3-Regular Digraphs with Two Orbits
0 -- 0Shangwei Lin, Ruixin Shi, Shuyu Wu. Neighborhood Conditions for Super-λ′ Digraphs
0 -- 0Qianru Zhou, Shuming Zhou, Xiaoqing Liu, Zhengqin Yu. Reliability of Divide-and-Swap Cube Based on r-Component Connectivity and Diagnosability
0 -- 0Juan Liu 0001, Hong Yang, Hong-Jian Lai, Xindong Zhang. Trail-Connected Digraphs with Given Local Structures