Journal: Journal of Interconnection Networks

Volume 7, Issue 4

423 -- 436Arjan Durresi, Vamsi Paruchuri, Mimoza Durresi, Leonard Barolli. Clustering Protocol for Sensor Networks
437 -- 450Tomoya Enokido. Role-Based Serializability Using Role Ordering Schedulers
451 -- 474Hanh Le, Doan B. Hoang, Andrew Simmonds. Parm: a Physically-Aware Reference Model for Peer-to-Peer Overlay Internetworking
475 -- 492Kevin Lee, Geoffrey Coulson. Supporting Runtime Reconfiguration on Network Processors
493 -- 506Nazaraf Shah, Nick Godwin, Babak Akhgar, Jawed I. A. Siddiqi. Evaluating Performance and Accuracy of a Sentinel-Based Exception Diagnosis Approach for P2P Agent Systems
507 -- 533Kenichi Watanabe, Makoto Takizawa. Service Oriented Cooperation among Trustworthy Peers
535 -- 548Shihang Yan, Geyong Min, Irfan Awan. Performance Analysis of Credit-Based Flow Control in InfiniBand Interconnection Networks
549 -- 568Ying Zhang, Markus P. J. Fromherz. A Robust and Efficient Flooding-Based Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks

Volume 7, Issue 3

319 -- 351Raheem A. Beyah, Raghupathy Sivakumar, John A. Copeland. Galo: a Deployable Framework for Providing Better than Best-Effort Quality of Service
353 -- 373Krzysztof Diks, Stefan Dobrev, Andrzej Pelc. Exploring Planar Graphs Using Unoriented Maps
375 -- 389Jinming Ge. Cost-Effective Wormhole Routing in Torus
391 -- 415Frédéric Havet. Repartitors, Selectors and Superselectors
417 -- 0Giuseppe De Marco, Leonard Barolli, Maurizio Longo. Erratum: SmartAR: a Pseudo-End-to-End Approach for IP Micro-Mobility

Volume 7, Issue 2

195 -- 216Ju-Si Lee, James K. Lan, Chiuyuan Chen. On Degenerate Double-loop L-shapes
217 -- 234Qusay H. Mahmoud, Mosaab Daoud. An Analytical Approach to Reliability Estimation of Mobile Agent-based Systems
235 -- 256Chao-Ming Sun, Cheng-Kuan Lin, Hua-Min Huang, Lih-Hsing Hsu. Mutually Independent Hamiltonian Paths and Cycles in Hypercubes
257 -- 294Mitchell D. Theys, Noah B. Beck, Howard Jay Siegel, Michael Jurczyk. An Analysis of Procedures and Objective Functions for Heuristics to Perform Data Staging in Distributed Systems
295 -- 318Shinichi Yamagiwa, Leonel Sousa, Kevin Ferreira, Keiichi Aoki, Masaaki Ono, Koichi Wada. Maestro2: Experimental Evaluation of Communication Performance Improvement Techniques in the Link Layer

Volume 7, Issue 1

1 -- 4Arjan Durresi, Leonard Barolli. Heterogeneous Wireless Ad Hoc Networks - Foreword by Guest Editors
5 -- 20Ahmed A. Ahmed, Yi Shang, Hongchi Shi, Bei Hua. Mds-based Methods for Ad Hoc Network Localization
21 -- 36Giuseppe De Marco, Leonard Barolli, Maurizio Longo. Smartar: a Pseudo- End-to-end Approach for Ip Micro-mobility
37 -- 50Arjan Durresi, Vamsi Paruchuri, Mimoza Durresi, Leonard Barolli. Delay-energy Aware Routing Protocol for Heterogeneous Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
51 -- 62Fabrizio Granelli, Dzmitry Kliazovich. Cross-layering for Performance Improvement in Multi-hop Wireless Networks
63 -- 74Weizhen Gu, D. Frank Hsu, Xingde Jia. On a Network Sensing Problem
75 -- 90Takahiro Hara. Replica Location Management for Data Sharing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
91 -- 100Keith Hellman, Michael Colagrosso. Investigating a Wireless Sensor Network Optimal Lifetime Solution for Linear Topologies
101 -- 116Ming-Hui Jin, D. Frank Hsu, Cheng-Yan Kao. Compact Genetic Algorithm for Performance Improvement in Hierarchical Sensor Networks Management
117 -- 132Jelena V. Misic, Vojislav B. Misic, Carol J. Fung. Interconnecting 802.15.4 Clusters in Master-slave Mode Using Guaranteed Time Slots and Acknowledged Transfers: Queueing Theoretic Analysis
133 -- 146Bo Wang, Sohraab Soltani, Jonathan K. Shapiro, Pang-Ning Tan. Local Detection of Selfish Routing Behavior in Ad Hoc Networks
147 -- 162Hsiao-Chun Wu, Ji Chen, Arjan Durresi, Huaibei Zhou. Automatic Geometry-driven Ofdm Quality-of-service Analysis for Indoor Environments
163 -- 178Asfand-E. Yar, Irfan-Ullah Awan, Michael E. Woodward. Performance Modelling of Traffic Congestion in Wireless Networks
179 -- 193Mohamed F. Younis, Waleed A. Youssef, Mohamed Eltoweissy, Stephan Olariu. Safe Quality of Service Aware Management of Heterogeneous Sensor Networks