Journal: J. Simulation

Volume 12, Issue 4

1 -- 25Jared K. Nystrom, Matthew J. Robbins, Richard F. Deckro, James F. Morris. Simulating attacker and defender strategies within a dynamic game on network topology
1 -- 12Fermín Mallor, José A. Moler, Henar Urmeneta. Simulation of household electricity consumption by using functional data analysis
1 -- 12Alp Akcay, Bahar Biller. Input uncertainty in stochastic simulations in the presence of dependent discrete input variables
283 -- 294Mahmoud Heshmat, Amr B. Eltawil. A system dynamics-based decision support model for chemotherapy planning

Volume 12, Issue 3

211 -- 224Aneesh Zutshi, António Grilo 0002, Tahereh Nodehi, Ahmad Mehrbod, Ricardo Jardim-Gonçalves. Simulation and forecasting of digital pricing models for an e-procurement platform using an agent-based simulation model
225 -- 237Mustafa Güller, Elif Karakaya, Yilmaz Uygun, Tobias Hegmanns. Simulation-based performance evaluation of the cellular transport system
238 -- 247Fei Gao 0012, Siyang Gao. A new strategy for selecting good enough designs using optimal computing budget allocation
248 -- 257Stanislaw Raczynski. Semi-discrete events with fuzzy logic
258 -- 270Esmeralda Niño Pérez, Yaileen M. Méndez-Vázquez, Dick E. Arias-González, Mauricio Cabrera-Ríos. A simulation-optimization strategy to deal simultaneously with tens of decision variables and multiple performance measures in manufacturing

Volume 12, Issue 2

87 -- 89Martin H. Kunc, John D. W. Morecroft, Sally C. Brailsford. Special issue on advances in system dynamics modelling from the perspective of other simulation methods
90 -- 97David C. Lane, John D. Sterman. A model simulator: The lives of Jay W Forrester
98 -- 114Mohammadreza Zolfagharian, A. Georges L. Romme, Bob Walrave. Why, when, and how to combine system dynamics with other methods: Towards an evidence-based framework
115 -- 127Martin H. Kunc, Michael J. Mortenson, Richard Vidgen. A computational literature review of the field of System Dynamics from 1974 to 2017
128 -- 143Marta Iturriza, Leire Labaka, Jose M. Sarriegi, Josune Hernantes. Modelling methodologies for analysing critical infrastructures
144 -- 161Yaman Barlas, Onur Özgün. Queuing systems in a feedback environment: Continuous versus discrete-event simulation
162 -- 170Lukas Schoenenberger, Radu Tanase. Controlling complex policy problems: A multimethodological approach using system dynamics and network controllability
171 -- 189Gary Linnéusson, Amos H. C. Ng, Tehseen Aslam. Quantitative analysis of a conceptual system dynamics maintenance performance model using multi-objective optimisation
190 -- 209Juan Felipe Parra, Patricia Jaramillo, Santiago Arango-Aramburo. Metaheuristic optimization methods for calibration of system dynamics models

Volume 12, Issue 1

1 -- 22LiPing Li, Matthew E. H. Petering. Discrete event simulation analysis of a reservation-based, one-way car-sharing system
23 -- 41Patrizia Ribino, Massimo Cossentino, Carmelo Lodato, Salvatore Lopes. Agent-based simulation study for improving logistic warehouse performance
42 -- 52Javier Carbo, Nayat Sánchez Pi, José M. Molina. Agent-based simulation with NetLogo to evaluate ambient intelligence scenarios
53 -- 66Sergio González-Martín, Angel A. Juan, Daniel Riera, Mónica G. Elizondo, Juan José Ramos. A simheuristic algorithm for solving the arc routing problem with stochastic demands
67 -- 75Safa Chabouh, Sondes Hammami, Eric Marcon, Hanen Bouchriha. Appointment scheduling of inpatients and outpatients in a multistage integrated surgical suite: Application to a Tunisian ophthalmology surgery department
76 -- 85Katrina M. Long, Graham N. Meadows. Simulation modelling in mental health: A systematic review