Journal: J. Systems Science & Complexity

Volume 29, Issue 6

1485 -- 1504Jian Chen, Yuan Tian, Peng Li, Qingdong Li, Zhang Ren. Sliding-mode-control based robust guidance algorithm using only line-of-sight rate measurement
1505 -- 1518Shuang Wu, Lan Shu. A maximum principle for general backward stochastic differential equation
1519 -- 1537Moamin A. Mahmoud, Mohd Sharifuddin Ahmad, Mohd Zaliman Mohd Yusoff. Development and implementation of a technique for norms-adaptable agents in open multi-agent communities
1538 -- 1552Pan Wang, Lin Chai, Shumin Fei. Semi-global stabilization via homogeneous output feedback for a class of nonlinear time-delay systems
1553 -- 1564Yaping Xia, Chenxiao Cai, Minghui Yin, Yun Zou. The effects of redundant control inputs in finite-time optimal control
1565 -- 1584Xian-Bing Cao, Abhirup Datta, Fahad Al Basir, Priti Kumar Roy. Fractional-order model of the disease Psoriasis: A control based mathematical approach
1585 -- 1595The Vinh Nguyen, Thi Hoai Pham. New results on system of generalized quasi-Ky Fan inequalities with set-valued mappings in topological semilattice spaces
1596 -- 1616Linmin Hu, Dequan Yue, Ruiling Tian. Availability equivalence analysis of a repairable multi-state series-parallel system
1617 -- 1628Erqin Hu, Yong Zhao, Congjun Rao. Information revelation in sequential auctions with uncertainties about future objects
1629 -- 1649Gui Yong, Haijun Huang, Tianliang Liu, Yan Xu. Bounding the inefficiency of the C-logit stochastic user equilibrium assignment
1650 -- 1657Xinrong Lu, Zhaohui Liu. An optimal online algorithm for fractional scheduling on uniform machines with three hierarchies
1658 -- 1682Ailing Gu, Zhongfei Li. Optimal reinsurance and investment strategies for insurers with regime-switching and state-dependent utility function
1683 -- 1692Lichun Wang, Lawrence Pettit. Linear Bayes estimators applied to the inverse Gaussian lifetime model
1693 -- 1702Longxiang Fang, Ghobad Barmalzan, Jie Ling. Dispersive order of lifetimes of series systems in multiple-outlier Weibull models
1703 -- 1715Cui Xiong, Jun Zhang, Xinchao Luo. Ridge-forward quadratic discriminant analysis in high-dimensional situations
1716 -- 1736Yang Liu, Jihong Li, Yu Wang. Unbiased condition of the dispersion effects estimator in unreplicated two-level factorial experiments
1737 -- 1751Lei He, Daojiang He, Ming-Xiang Cao. Objective Bayesian analysis of degradation model with respect to a Wiener process
1752 -- 1772Rui Fang, Xiaohu Li, Linxiong Li. Generalized multivariate Gumbel distributions - Dependence, aging properties and applications

Volume 29, Issue 5

1177 -- 1186Beatriz Balmaceda, Miguel Fuentes. Cities and methods from complexity science
1187 -- 1211Wenchao Xue, Yi Huang. Tuning of sampled-data ADRC for nonlinear uncertain systems
1212 -- 1225Zhixue Zhao, Bao-Zhu Guo. Boundary control method to identification of elastic modulus of string equation from Neumann-Dirichlet map
1226 -- 1237Yutao Tang. Robust consensus tracking of heterogeneous multi-agent systems under switching topologies
1238 -- 1268Juan Li, Hui Min. Controlled mean-field backward stochastic differential equations with jumps involving the value function
1269 -- 1280Yanbo Li, Yonggui Kao. Stability of coupled impulsive Markovian jump reaction-diffusion systems on networks
1281 -- 1292Yonghui Zhou. Existence of linear strategy equilibrium in insider trading with partial observations
1293 -- 1301Liqi Zhang, Lingfa Lu. Scheduling problems with rejection to minimize the maximum flow time
1302 -- 1319Qiang Gao, Xiwen Lu. The complexity and on-line algorithm for automated storage and retrieval system with stacker cranes on one rail
1320 -- 1341Qianzhi Dai, Yongjun Li, Liang Liang. Allocating fixed costs with considering the return to scale: A DEA approach
1342 -- 1357Heng Qiao, Jun Ma. The changing of common priors in sequential auctions
1358 -- 1381Julie Dugdale, Narjès Bellamine-Ben Saoud, Fedia Zouai, Bernard Pavard. Coupling agent based simulation with dynamic networks analysis to study the emergence of mutual knowledge as a percolation phenomenon
1382 -- 1399Tian Dong. A two-dimensional improvement for Farr-Gao algorithm
1400 -- 1410Xue Jiang, Shugong Zhang, Zhe Li. An algorithm for the discretization of an ideal projector
1411 -- 1435Min Tang, Zhengfeng Yang, Zhenbing Zeng. Resultant elimination via implicit equation interpolation
1436 -- 1445Xue Jiang, Shugong Zhang. D-invariant polynomial subspace and its discretization
1446 -- 1471Jie Zhou, DingKang Wang. Solving the perspective-three-point problem using comprehensive Gröbner systems
1472 -- 1484Minjia Shi, Dandan Wang, Jian Gao, Bo Wu. 4

Volume 29, Issue 4

865 -- 880Wenhui Liu, Chunjie Yang, Youxian Sun, Jiaxiang Qin. Observer-based event-triggered tracking control of leader-follower systems with time delay
881 -- 896Peilian Guo, Yuzhen Wang. The computation of Nash equilibrium in fashion games via semi-tensor product method
897 -- 932Qiong Hu, Qing Fei, Hongbin Ma, Qinghe Wu, Qingbo Geng. Switching control system based on robust model reference adaptive control
933 -- 945Zhaoqiang Ge. Impulse observability and impulse controllability of regular degenerate evolution systems
946 -- 958Yong Zhao, Weihai Zhang. Observer-based controller design for singular stochastic Markov jump systems with state dependent noise
959 -- 977Jian Li, Yungang Liu. Adaptive stabilization for ODE systems coupled with parabolic PDES
978 -- 990Qiang Chen, Liang Tao, Yurong Nan. Full-order sliding mode control for high-order nonlinear system based on extended state observer
991 -- 1017Xuefeng Liu, Wei Zhang 0026, Xiong Xiong, Dehua Shen, Yongjie Zhang. Credit rationing and the simulation of bank-small and medium sized firm artificial credit market
1018 -- 1033Jihong Zhang, Hongqiao Chen, Xiaosong Ding, Xian Li. Pricing and inventory control strategy for a periodic-review energy buy-back system
1034 -- 1056Irene Macaluso, Carlo Galiotto, Nicola Marchetti, Linda Doyle. A complex systems science perspective on wireless networks
1057 -- 1070Ziran Li, Han Qiao, Nan Song, Lei Zu. An empirical investigation on the risk-return relationship of carbon future market
1071 -- 1088Huijia Li, Huiying Li. Scalably revealing the dynamics of soft community structure in complex networks
1089 -- 1099Qianqian Li, Jifa Gu. World Expo 2010 pavilions clustering analysis based on self-organizing map
1100 -- 1111Yiqiang Lu, Riquan Zhang, Bin Hu. The adaptive LASSO spline estimation of single-index model
1112 -- 1122Xiang Shao, Xiangzhong Fang. Estimation in discrete reliability growth, a growth model with coefficient condition
1123 -- 1144Yan Fan, Yujie Gai, Lixing Zhu. Asymtotics of Dantzig selector for a general single-index model
1145 -- 1159Qingzhu Lei, Yongsong Qin. Empirical likelihood for partially linear models under negatively associated errors
1160 -- 1176Jie Zhou, Aiping Tang, Hailin Feng. Monte Carlo likelihood estimation of mixed-effects state space models with application to HIV dynamics

Volume 29, Issue 3

573 -- 588Ting Wang, Wenjian Bi, Yanlong Zhao, Wenchao Xue. Radar target recognition algorithm based on RCS observation sequence - set-valued identification method
589 -- 601Wei Sun, Yuqiang Wu. Modeling and finite-time tracking control for mobile manipulators with affine and holonomic constraints
602 -- 628Hongsheng Qi, Yuanhua Wang, Ting Liu, Daizhan Cheng. Vector space structure of finite evolutionary games and its application to strategy profile convergence
629 -- 641Fangfang Zhang, Wei Wang, Huanshui Zhang. Distributed design of approximately optimal controller for identical discrete-time multi-agent systems
642 -- 656Fei Liao, Haibo Ji. ∞ observer considering measurement noises
657 -- 680Yuxiang Liu, Jing Li, Pengfei Yao. Decay rates of the hyperbolic equation in an exterior domain with half-linear and nonlinear boundary dissipations
681 -- 697Peide Liu, Yumei Wang. Interval neutrosophic prioritized OWA operator and its application to multiple attribute decision making
698 -- 721Yali Wang, Yanmin Shao. Motivations of Chinese outward direct investment: The sector perspective
722 -- 735Xiaodong Ji, Shushang Zhu. The convergence of set-valued scenario approach for downside risk minimization
736 -- 751Dengshan Wang, Yan Wang. Optimal military spending, trade and stochastic economic growth
752 -- 771Jianxiong Gu, Yingyuan Wei, Yinghui Tang, Miaomiao Yu. N, D)-policy
772 -- 788Lin Li, Fangyu Dong, Yifang Liu, Haijun Huang, Shouyang Wang. The effect of corporate governance on debt financing cost of listed companies
789 -- 804Yao Sun, Zhenyu Huang, Dongdai Lin, DingKang Wang. On implementing the symbolic preprocessing function over Boolean polynomial rings in Gröbner basis algorithms using linear algebra
805 -- 813Lei Huang, Shixin Zhu. vR
814 -- 824Dajian Liao, Zihui Liu. On the intersection of binary linear codes
825 -- 841Xiaopeng Zheng, Junjie Chai, Mengci Song, Na Lei. On the unique minimal monomial basis of Birkhoff interpolation problem
842 -- 849Haifeng Yu, Shixin Zhu, Xiaoshan Kai. p
850 -- 864Lanlan Liu, Meng Zhou. On computing uniform Gröbner bases for ideals generated by polynimials with parametric exponents

Volume 29, Issue 2

289 -- 299Wang Li, Long Wang, Wensheng Yu. Some Open Problems on Simultaneous Stabilization of Linear Systems
300 -- 314Shuorui Zhang, Jitao Sun. On Existence and Uniqueness of Random Impulsive Differential Equations
315 -- 335Zhenying Liang, Chaoli Wang. The Exponential Stabilization of Uncertain Chained Form Systems of Mobile Robots Based on Visual Servoing
336 -- 349Yonghong Hu. Statistic Measurement and Empirical Research on Sustainable Development of China Internet
350 -- 366Meili Lin, Zhendong Sun. Approximating the Spectral Abscissa for Switched Linear Systems via Coordinate Transformations
367 -- 381Minggang Gan, Zhi Qiao, Yanlong Li. Sliding Mode Control with Perturbation Estimation and Hysteresis Compensator Based on Bouc-Wen Model in Tackling Fast-Varying Sinusoidal Position Control of a Piezoelectric Actuator
382 -- 404Dimitrios D. Thomakos. Smoothing Non-Stationary Time Series Using the Discrete Cosine Transform
405 -- 427Xiuli Liu, Geoffrey J. D. Hewings, Xikang Chen, Shouyang Wang. A Factor Decomposing Model of Water Use Efficiency at Sector Level and Its Application in Beijing
428 -- 454Danping Li, Ximin Rong, Hui Zhao. Time-Consistent Investment Strategy for DC Pension Plan with Stochastic Salary Under CEV Model
455 -- 471Ying Zheng, Zhiqing Meng, Rui Shen. An M-Objective Penalty Function Algorithm Under Big Penalty Parameters
472 -- 477Song-Song Li, Yu-Zhong Zhang. On-Line Scheduling on Parallel Machines to Minimize the Makespan
478 -- 498Qi Wei, Liying Kang, Erfang Shan. Batching Scheduling in a Two-Level Supply Chain with Earliness and Tardiness Penalties
499 -- 510Hong Qin, Zhenghong Wang, Kashinath Chatterjee. Uniformity Pattern of Asymmetric Fractional Factorials
511 -- 530Wentao Xia, Wei Xiong, Maozai Tian. Heteroscedasticity Detection and Estimation with Quantile Difference Method
531 -- 541Xue-ping Chen, Jin-Guan Lin. Orthogonal Arrays Robust to a Specified Set of Nonnegligible Effects
542 -- 556Xinqi Wu, Qingzhao Zhang, Sanguo Zhang. Detecting Difference Between Coefficients in Linear Model Using Jackknife Empirical Likelihood
557 -- 572Yinghui Dong, Min Han. A Hyper-Erlang Jump-Diffusion Process and Applications in Finance

Volume 29, Issue 1

1 -- 21Le Yi Wang, Feng Lin, George Yin. Network robustness depth and topology management of networked dynamic systems
22 -- 40Simone Fiori. Nonlinear damped oscillators on Riemannian manifolds: Fundamentals
41 -- 60Yanping Qiu, Tao Hu, Baosheng Liang, Hengjian Cui. Robust estimation of parameters in nonlinear ordinary differential equation models
61 -- 73Wei Su. Perfect adaptation of general nonlinear systems
74 -- 98Jian-Xin Guo, Wenchao Xue, Tao Hu. Active disturbance rejection control for PMLM servo system in CNC machining
99 -- 118Kun-Yi Yang, Xiang Ren, Jie Zhang. Output feedback stabilization of an unstable wave equation with observations subject to time delay
119 -- 132Shifei Zhou, Hao Wang, Jerome Yen, Kin Keung Lai. Bi-cubic B-spline fitting-based local volatility model with mean reversion process
133 -- 150Asif Mahmood. 'SoS call' at the other edge of chaos
151 -- 170Meng Zhang, Jinchuan Cui. A quantitative description of complex adaptive system: The self-adaptive mechanism of the material purchasing management system towards the changing environment
171 -- 186David Prager, Qing Zhang. Valuation of stock loans under a Markov chain model
187 -- 201Yasuo Sasaki, Kyoichi Kijima. Hierarchical hypergames and Bayesian games: A generalization of the theoretical comparison of hypergames and Bayesian games considering hierarchy of perceptions
202 -- 218Ren-Yong Guo, Xiaoshan Lu. Delays for both pedestrians classified and vehicles at a signalized crosswalk
219 -- 227Zhe Yang. Existence of solutions of generalized quasi-variational relation problems by the inductive relations and some applications
228 -- 242Yanbin Pan, Feng Zhang. Solving low-density multiple subset sum problems with SVP oracle
243 -- 258Lijun Wang, Wende Chen. q-ary linear codes of dimension 5 in class IV
259 -- 271Xiaoming Zhang, Baofeng Wu, Zhuojun Liu. Dembowski-Ostrom polynomials from reversed Dickson polynomials
272 -- 288Xiutao Feng, Guang Gong. On algebraic immunity of trace inverse functions on finite fields of characteristic two