Journal: JTAER

Volume 1, Issue 3

0 -- 0Narciso Cerpa. Notes
1 -- 15Jeong-Su Kim, Sang-Koo Seo. Experiment and Analysis for QoS of E-Commerce Systems
16 -- 27Niklas Johansson, Ulrika Mollstedt. Revisiting Amit and Zott s model of value creation sources: The SymBelt Customer Center case
28 -- 41Malgorzata Pankowska. Value development at Online Distance Learning university
42 -- 57Roger Clarke. P2P s Significance for eBusiness: Towards a Research Agenda
58 -- 67Lauren May, Mark Burdon. Information Protection Management Structures in Australian E-courts
68 -- 80Sophia Wang, Simon Wang, Ming T. Wang. Shopping Online or Not? Cognition and Personality Matters
81 -- 92Zoohan Gani, Mark Toleman. Success factors and barriers to telework adoption in ebusiness in Australia and Singapore: the influence of culture and organizational culture

Volume 1, Issue 2

0 -- 0Jerry Gao, Axel Küpper. Emerging Technologies for Mobile Commerce
1 -- 11Jesús Téllez Isaac, José Sierra Camara, Antonio Izquierdo Manzanares, Joaquín Torres Márquez. Anonymous Payment in a Kiosk Centric Model using Digital signature scheme with message recovery and Low Computational Power Devices
12 -- 35Grace Ng-Kruelle, Paul A. Swatman, J. Felix Hampe, Douglas S. Rebne. Biometrics and e-Identity (e-Passport) in the European Union: End-user perspectives on the adoption of a controversial innovation
36 -- 44Robert Kay, Laurel Evelyn Dyson. Learning to Collaborate and Collaborating to Learn: An Experiential Approach to Teaching Collaborative Systems
45 -- 57Sandy Chong. An Empirical Study of Factors that Influence the Extent of Deployment of Electronic Commerce for Small- and Mediumsized Enterprises in Australia
58 -- 71Emilia Pérez Belleboni, Ana Gómez Oliva, Sergio Sánchez, Jose D. Carracedo, Justo Carracedo, Carlos González, Jesús Moreno. Design of an Advanced Platform for Citizen Participation Committed to Ensuring Freedom of Speech
72 -- 78Supriya Singh. The Social Dimensions of the Security of Internet banking
79 -- 89Keir Dyce, Mary Barrett. Taking Care of (E)-Business?: Australian IT Professionals Views of Wireless Network Vulnerability Assessments
90 -- 96Lauren May, Tim Lane. A Model for Improving e-Security in Australian Universities

Volume 1, Issue 1

0 -- 0Narciso Cerpa. Welcome
1 -- 15Heike Neumann, Thomas Schwarzpaul. Digital Coins: Fairness Implemented by Observer
16 -- 31W. David Wilde, Paul A. Swatman. Federal Government Policy and Community Objectives in Regional Telecommunications: A SISP-Based Study of Ballarat
32 -- 41Elaine Lawrence, John Lawrence, Gordana Culjak. Legal and Technical Issues Management Frameworkfor Peer-to-Peer Networks
42 -- 55Abrar Haider, Andy Koronios. E-Prognostics: A step towards E-Maintenance ofEngineering Assets
56 -- 64Sally Rao, Lorelle Frazer. Australian Franchisor websites: Moving towards network behaviour
65 -- 76Laurel Evelyn Dyson, Jim Underwood. Indigenous People on the Web