Journal: J. UCS

Volume 11, Issue 9

1454 -- 1457José Bravo, Baltasar Fernández-Manjón, Juan Manuel Sónchez Pérez. Computers and Education: Research and Experiences in eLearning Technology J.UCS Special Issue
1458 -- 1469Manuel Caeiro Rodríguez, Martín Llamas Nistal, Luis E. Anido-Rifón. From Contents to Activities: Modelling Units of Learning
1470 -- 1481Pilar Sancho, Iván Martínez-Ortiz, Baltasar Fernández-Manjón. Semantic Web Technologies Applied to e-learning Personalization in <e-aula>
1482 -- 1493Roberto Moriyón, Francisco Saiz. A Tool for the Reinforcement of Conceptual Learning: Description and Use Experiences
1494 -- 1504José Bravo, Ramón Hervás, Gabriel Chavira. Ubiquitous Computing in the Classroom: An Approach through Identification Process
1505 -- 1517Crescencio Bravo, Maria José Marcelino, Anabela Gomes, Micaela Esteves, António José Mendes. Integrating Educational Tools for Collaborative Computer Programming Learning
1518 -- 1529Antonio Navarro, José Luis Sierra, Alfredo Fernández-Valmayor, Héctor Hernanz. From Chasqui to Chasqui II: an Evolution in the Conceptualization of Virtual Objects
1530 -- 1542Begoña Ferrero, Maite Martín, Ainhoa Alvarez, Maite Urretavizcaya, Isabel Fernández-Castro. Authoring and Diagnosis of Learning Activities with the KADD ET Environment
1543 -- 1554Ana I. Molina, Miguel A. Redondo, Manuel Ortega. A System to Support Asynchronous Collaborative Learning Tasks Using PDAs
1555 -- 1567Miguel A. Vega-Rodríguez, Juan Antonio Gómez Pulido, Juan Manuel Sánchez-Pérez. Case Studies in Tele-Education: Research and Projects
1568 -- 1578Juan Manuel Dodero, Paloma Díaz, Ignacio Aedo, Antonio Sarasa. Integrating Ontologies into the Collaborative Authoring of Learning Objects

Volume 11, Issue 8

1349 -- 1352Jesús S. Aguilar-Ruiz, João Gama. Data Streams J.UCS Special Issue
1353 -- 1366João Gama, Pedro Medas. Learning Decision Trees from Dynamic Data Streams
1367 -- 1382Wei Yan. Network Attack Scenarios Extraction and Categorization by Mining IDS Alert Streams
1383 -- 1396Jason J. Jung. Semantic Preprocessing of Web Request Streams for Web Usage Mining
1397 -- 1410Like Gao, Min Wang, Xiaoyang Sean Wang. Evaluating Trigger Conditions on Streaming Time Series with User-given Quality Requirements
1411 -- 1425Hua-Fu Li, Suh-Yin Lee, Man-Kwan Shan. Online Mining Changes of Items over Continuous Append-only and Dynamic Data Streams
1426 -- 1439Francisco J. Ferrer-Troyano, Jesús S. Aguilar-Ruiz, José Cristóbal Riquelme Santos. Incremental Rule Learning and Border Examples Selection from Numerical Data Streams
1440 -- 1453Mohamed Medhat Gaber, Shonali Krishnaswamy, Arkady B. Zaslavsky. Resource-aware Mining of Data Streams

Volume 11, Issue 7

1115 -- 1116Martin A. Musicante, Ricardo Massa Ferreira Lima. The 9::th:: Brazilian Symposium on Programming Languages J.UCS Special Issue
1117 -- 1134Peter D. Mosses. A Constructive Approach to Language Definition
1135 -- 1158Mary Sheeran. Hardware Design and Functional Programming: a Perfect Match
1159 -- 1176Roberto Ierusalimschy, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo, Waldemar Celes Filho. The Implementation of Lua 5.0
1177 -- 1197Nélio Cacho, Thaís Vasconcelos Batista, Fabrício Fernandes. AspectLua - A Dynamic AOP Approach
1198 -- 1214Marcus Amorim Leal, Roberto Ierusalimschy. A Formal Semantics for Finalizers
1215 -- 1233Cheikh Ba, Marcos Aurélio Carrero, Mirian Halfeld Ferrari Alves, Martin A. Musicante. PEWS: A New Language for Building Web Service Interfaces
1234 -- 1254André Rauber Du Bois, Philip W. Trinder, Hans-Wolfgang Loidl. mHaskell: Mobile Computation in a Purely Functional Language
1255 -- 1274Monique Monteiro, Mauro Araújo, Rafael Borges, André L. M. Santos. Compiling Non-strict Functional Languages for the .NET Platform
1275 -- 1290Fabio Mascarenhas, Roberto Ierusalimschy. Running Lua Scripts on the CLR through Bytecode Translation
1291 -- 1309Anderson Faustino da Silva, Vítor Santos Costa. An Experimental Evaluation of JAVA JIT Technology
1310 -- 1326Tarmo Uustalu, Varmo Vene. Signals and Comonads
1327 -- 1348Marcelo d Amorim, Grigore Rosu. An Equational Specification for the Scheme Language

Volume 11, Issue 6

803 -- 803Hermann A. Maurer. Managing Editor s Column
804 -- 829Alireza Bagheri, Mohammadreza Razzazi. How to Draw Free Trees Inside Bounded Simple Polygons
830 -- 849Vasilis Delis, Christos Makris, Spyros Sioutas. A Provably Efficient Computational Model For Approximate Spatiotemporal Retrieval
850 -- 873Michele Di Santo, Franco Frattolillo. Time Costs in Actor Computations
874 -- 897Nabaway El-Ramly, A. S. Habib, Omar S. Essa, Hani M. Harb. Analysis, Design, and Performance Evaluation of MS-RTCP: More Scalable Scheme for the Real-Time Control Protocol
898 -- 915Moheb R. Girgis. Automatic Test Data Generation for Data Flow Testing Using a Genetic Algorithm
916 -- 925Fei He, Lerong Cheng, Guowu Yang, Xiaoyu Song, Ming Gu, Jia-Guang Sun. On Theoretical Upper Bounds for Routing Estimation
926 -- 943Josef Kolbitsch. Fine-Grained Transclusions of Multimedia Documents in HTML
944 -- 961Vladimír Kutálek, Václav Dvorák. On Complexity of Collective Communications on a Fat Cube Topology
962 -- 985Aamer Nadeem, Muhammad Jaffar-Ur Rehman. TESTAF: A Test Automation Framework for Class Testing using Object-Oriented Formal Specifications
986 -- 1010Lan Nguyen, Reihaneh Safavi-Naini, Kaoru Kurosawa. A Provably Secure and Efficient Verifiable Shuffle based on a Variant of the Paillier Cryptosystem
1011 -- 1039Domenico Rosaci. Exploiting Agent Ontologies in B2C Virtual Marketplaces
1040 -- 1053Palash Sarkar. Domain Extenders for UOWHF: A Finite Binary Tree Algorithm
1054 -- 1082Marjan Sirjani, Ali Movaghar, Amin Shali, Frank S. de Boer. Model Checking, Automated Abstraction, and Compositional Verification of Rebeca Models
1083 -- 1101Jia Yang, Ulrich Speidel. A Fast T-decomposition Algorithm
1102 -- 1114Ennumeri A. Zanaty, Moheb R. Girgis. Collect the Fitted Surfaces Into Complex Based On C::0:: Continuity
1115 -- 1133Belhassen Zouari. A Structure Causality Relation for Liveness Characterisation in Petri Nets

Volume 11, Issue 5

634 -- 635Jon Burton, Cliff B. Jones. Atomicity in System Design and Execution (Proceedings of Dagstuhl-Seminar 04181) J.UCS Special Issue
636 -- 651Cliff B. Jones, David B. Lomet, Alexander B. Romanovsky, Gerhard Weikum. The Atomic Manifesto
651 -- 660J. Eliot B. Moss, Ravi Rajwar. Atomicity as a First-Class System Provision
661 -- 686Jon Burton, Cliff B. Jones. Investigating Atomicity and Observability
687 -- 702Jörg Kienzle. On Atomicity and Software Development
703 -- 711Richard Ekwall, André Schiper. Replication: Understanding the Advantage of Atomic Broadcast over Quorum Systems
712 -- 743Michael J. Butler, Carla Ferreira, Muan Yong Ng. Precise Modelling of Compensating Business Transactions and its Application to BPEL
744 -- 770Jean-Raymond Abrial, Dominique Cansell. Formal Construction of a Non-blocking Concurrent Queue Algorithm (a Case Study in Atomicity)
771 -- 802Jon Burton. Relaxing Atomicity and Verifying Correctness: Considering the Case of an Asynchronous Communication Mechanism

Volume 11, Issue 4

426 -- 428Markus Strohmaier, Stefanie N. Lindstaedt. Integrating Business Processes and Knowledge Infrastructures
429 -- 451Ronald Maier. Modeling Knowledge Work for the Design of Knowledge Infrastructures
452 -- 472Norbert Gronau, Claudia Müller, Roman Korf. KMDL - Capturing, Analysing and Improving Knowledge-Intensive Business Processes
473 -- 494Remo Aslak Burkhard, Michael Meier 0003. Tube Map Visualization: Evaluation of a Novel Knowledge Visualization Application for the Transfer of Knowledge in Long-Term Projects
495 -- 525Tomaso Forzi, Meikel Peters. A Methodology and a Toolkit that Integrate Technological, Organisational, and Human Factors to Design KM within Knowledge-Intensive Networks
526 -- 545Valentina Janev, Sanja Vranes. The Role of Knowledge Management Solutions in Enterprise Business Processes
546 -- 564Greg Timbrell, Stefan Koller, Nev Schefe, Stefanie N. Lindstaedt. A Knowledge Infrastructure Hierarchy Model for Call-Centre Processes
565 -- 588Robert Woitsch, Dimitris Karagiannis. Process Oriented Knowledge Management: A Service Based Approach
589 -- 604Schahram Dustdar. Reconciling Knowledge Management and Workflow Management Systems: The Activity-Based Knowledge Management Approach
605 -- 633Karsten Böhm, Wolf Engelbach, Jörg Härtwig, Martin Wilcken, Martin Delp. Modelling and Implementing Pre-built Information Spaces. Architecture and Methods for Process Oriented Knowledge Management

Volume 11, Issue 3

375 -- 377Stefanie N. Lindstaedt, Johannes Farmer. Integration of Knowledge Management and (e)Learning
378 -- 393Stefan Münyer, Bo Xiao. Small Groups Learning Synchronously Online at the Workplace: The Interaction of Factors Determining Outcome and Acceptance
394 -- 409Eric Ras, Gabriela Avram, Patrick E. Waterson, Stephan Weibelzahl. Using Weblogs for Knowledge Sharing and Learning in Information Spaces
410 -- 425André Köhler, Frank Fuchs-Kittowski. Integration of Communities into Process-Oriented Structures

Volume 11, Issue 2

210 -- 212Ngoc Thanh Nguyen, Janusz Sobecki. Modern Technologies for Web-based Adaptive Systems
213 -- 228Jason J. Jung. Collaborative Web Browsing Based on Semantic Extraction of User Interests with Bookmarks
229 -- 249Maciej Kiewra. RankFeed - Recommendation as Searching without Queries: New Hybrid Method of Recommendation
250 -- 270Janusz Sobecki. Consensus-Based Hybrid Adaptation of Web Systems User Interfaces
271 -- 284Juliusz L. Kulikowski. Creation of Information Profiles in Distributed Databasesas a Game Problem
285 -- 302Ngoc Thanh Nguyen. Processing Inconsistency of Knowledge on Semantic Level
303 -- 326Frantisek Capkovic. An Application of the DEDS Control Synthesis Method
327 -- 356Andrzej Gecow, Mariusz Nowostawski, Martin K. Purvis. Structural Tendencies in Complex Systems Development and their Implication for Software Systems
357 -- 374Radoslaw Katarzyniak. The Language Grounding Problem and its Relation to the Internal Structure of Cognitive Agents

Volume 11, Issue 12

1863 -- 1865Cristian S. Calude, Hajime Ishihara. Constructivity, Computability, and Logic A Collection of Papers in Honour of the 60th Birthday of Douglas Bridges
1865 -- 1877Marian Alexandru Baroni. Constructive Suprema
1878 -- 1883Josef Berger. Constructive Equivalents of the Uniform Continuity Theorem
1884 -- 1900Vasco Brattka, Ruth Dillhage. Computability of the Spectrum of Self-Adjoint Operators
1901 -- 1903Gregory J. Chaitin. Algorithmic Irreducibility in a Cellular Automata Universe
1904 -- 1931Jeremy Clark. Constructive Analysis of Iterated Rational Functions
1932 -- 1944Thierry Coquand, Bas Spitters. Formal Topology and Constructive Mathematics: the Gelfand and Stone-Yosida Representation Theorems
1945 -- 1962Robert Goldblatt. Axiomatic Classes of Intuitionistic Models
1963 -- 1969Robin Havea. On Firmness of the State Space and Positive Elements of a Banach Algebra
1970 -- 1985Peter Hertling. Nonrandom Sequences between Random Sequences
1986 -- 1995Sara Negri. Permutability of Rules for Linear Lattices
1996 -- 2007Erik Palmgren. Quotient Spaces and Coequalisers in Formal Topology
2008 -- 2033Michael Rathjen. Constructive Set Theory and Brouwerian Principles
2034 -- 2045Steve Reeves, David Streader. Constructing Programs or Processes
2046 -- 2055Fred Richman. Constructive Aspects of Markov Chains
2056 -- 2062Giovanni Sambin, Giorgio Trentinaglia. On the Meaning of Positivity Relations for Regular Formal Spaces
2063 -- 2075Klaus-Dieter Schewe. Functional Dependencies with Counting on Trees
2076 -- 2085Peter Schuster. What is Continuity, Constructively?
2086 -- 2095Helmut Schwichtenberg. A Direct Proof of the Equivalence between Brouwer s Fan Theorem and König s Lemma with a Uniqueness Hypothesis
2096 -- 2113Bas Spitters. Constructive Results on Operator Algebras
2114 -- 2124Ludwig Staiger. Hausdorff Measure and Lukasiewicz Languages
2125 -- 2131Doru Stefanescu. New Bounds for Positive Roots of Polynomials
2132 -- 2141Dirk van Dalen. How the Mathematical Objects Determine the Mathematical Principles
2142 -- 2158Wim Veldman. Perhaps the Intermediate Value Theorem
2159 -- 2164Luminita Simona Vîta. On Complements of Sets and the Efremovic Condition in Pre-apartness Spaces
2165 -- 2178Jan von Plato. A Constructive Approach to Sylvester s Conjecture
2179 -- 0Mariko Yasugi, Yoshiki Tsujii, Takakazu Mori. Sequential Computability of a Function. Effective Fine Space and Limiting Recursion

Volume 11, Issue 11

1749 -- 1751Jesús S. Aguilar-Ruiz, Francisco J. Ferrer-Troyano. Visual Data Mining
1752 -- 1765Martin Atzmüller, Frank Puppe. Semi-Automatic Visual Subgroup Mining using VIKAMINE
1766 -- 1779Daniel A. Keim, Jörn Schneidewind. Scalable Visual Data Exploration of Large Data Sets via MultiResolution
1780 -- 1791Jason J. Jung. Visualizing Recommendation Flow on Social Network
1792 -- 1805Klaus Hinum, Silvia Miksch, Wolfgang Aigner, Susanne Ohmann, Christian Popow, Margit Pohl, Markus Rester. Gravi++: Interactive Information Visualization to Explore Highly Structured Temporal Data
1806 -- 1819Cesar García-Osorio, Colin Fyfe. Visualization of High-dimensional Data via Orthogonal Curves
1820 -- 1834Li Wei, Eamonn J. Keogh, Xiaopeng Xi, Stefano Lonardi. Integrating Lite-Weight but Ubiquitous Data Mining into GUI Operating Systems
1835 -- 1848Francisco J. Ferrer-Troyano, Jesús S. Aguilar-Ruiz, José Cristóbal Riquelme Santos. Connecting Segments for Visual Data Exploration and Interactive Mining of Decision Rules
1848 -- 1862Denis V. Popel. Visualization and Manipulation of Incomplete and Uncertain Dependencies by Decision Diagrams

Volume 11, Issue 10

1577 -- 1579Farhad Arbab, Joost N. Kok. Compositional Construction and Reasoning Techniques for Software
1580 -- 1612A. Miguel Cruz, Luís Soares Barbosa, José Nuno Oliveira. From Algebras to Objects: Generation and Composition
1613 -- 1644Alexandre Bergel, Stéphane Ducasse, Oscar Nierstrasz. Analyzing Module Diversity
1645 -- 1675Fei Cao, Barrett R. Bryant, Rajeev R. Raje, Andrew M. Olson, Mikhail Auguston, Wei Zhao, Carol C. Burt. A Non-Invasive Approach to Assertive and Autonomous Dynamic Component Composition in the Service-Oriented Paradigm
1676 -- 1694Silvia Amaro, Ernesto Pimentel, Ana M. Roldán. Coordinating Behavioral Descriptions of Components
1695 -- 1717Marjan Sirjani, Frank S. de Boer, Ali Movaghar-Rahimabadi. Modular Verification of a Component-Based Actor Language
1718 -- 1748Christel Baier. Probabilistic Models for Reo Connector Circuits

Volume 11, Issue 1

1 -- 3Ajith Abraham, Johnson P. Thomas, Sugata Sanyal, Lakhmi C. Jain. Information Assurance and Security
4 -- 19Frank Adelstein, Prasanth Alla, Rob Joyce, Golden G. Richard III. Physically Locating Wireless Intruders
20 -- 36Sriranjani Sitaraman, Subbarayan Venkatesan. Low-Intrusive Consistent Disk Checkpointing: A Tool for Digital Forensics
37 -- 55In Joe Khor, Johnson P. Thomas, Istvan Jonyer. Sliding Window Protocol for Secure Group Communication in Ad-Hoc Networks
56 -- 65Nedeljko Cvejic, Tapio Seppänen. Increasing Robustness of LSB Audio Steganography by Reduced Distortion LSB Coding
66 -- 82Nadia Nedjah, Luiza de Macedo Mourelle. Software/Hardware Co-Design of Efficient and Secure Cryptographic Hardware
83 -- 103Sachin P. Joglekar, Stephen R. Tate. ProtoMon: Embedded Monitors for Cryptographic Protocol Intrusion Detection and Prevention
104 -- 121Rangarajan Vasudevan, Ajith Abraham, Sugata Sanyal. A Novel Scheme for Secured Data Transfer Over Computer Networks
122 -- 149Ravi Sankar Veerubhotla, Ashutosh Saxena, Ved Prakash Gulati, Arun K. Pujari. Gossip Codes for Fingerprinting: Construction, Erasure Analysis and Pirate Tracing
150 -- 174Valentina Casola, Rosa Preziosi, Massimiliano Rak, Luigi Troiano. A Reference Model for Security Level Evaluation: Policy and Fuzzy Techniques
175 -- 192Aleksandra Nenadic, Ning Zhang, Barry M. G. Cheetham, Carole A. Goble. RSA-based Certified Delivery of E-Goods Using Verifiable and Recoverable Signature Encryption
193 -- 209Jisun Park, K. Suzanne Barber. Information Quality Assurance by Lazy Exploration of Information Source Combinations Space in Open Multi-Agent Systems