Journal: J. UCS

Volume 6, Issue 9

849 -- 0Hermann A. Maurer. Managing Editor s Column
850 -- 860Carlos Martín-Vide, Victor Mitrana. Uniquely Parsable Accepting Grammar Systems
861 -- 880Stefan Ratschan. Uncertainty Propagation in Heterogeneous Algebras for Approximate Quantified Constraint Solving
881 -- 905Yuzuru Sato, Takashi Ikegami. {Nonlinear Computation with Switching Map Systems

Volume 6, Issue 8

758 -- 0Hermann A. Maurer. Managing Editor s Column
759 -- 780Sandra Fontani. Efficient Identification of Classes of P-Time Functions
830 -- 848Yuliang Zheng, Xian-Mo Zhang. The kth-Order Nonhomomorphicity of S-Boxes

Volume 6, Issue 7

580 -- 581Egon Börger, Reinhard Gotzhein. Requirements Engineering - The Light Control Case Study
582 -- 585Egon Börger, Reinhard Gotzhein. The Light Control Case Study: A Synopsis
586 -- 596Stefan Queins, Gerhard Zimmermann, Martin Becker, Martin Kronenburg, Christian Peper, Rolf Merz, Jürgen Schäfer. The Light Control Case Study: Problem Description
597 -- 620Egon Börger, Elvinia Riccobene, Joachim Schmid. Capturing Requirements by Abstract State Machines: The Light Control Case Study
621 -- 649. Analyzing the Light Control System with PVS
650 -- 678Constance L. Heitmeyer, Ramesh Bharadwaj. Applying the SCR Requirements Method to the Light Control Case Study
679 -- 703Martin Kronenburg, Christian Peper. Application of the FOREST Approach to the Light Control Case Study
704 -- 730Graeme Smith, Colin J. Fidge. Incremental Development of Real-Time Requirements: The Light Control Case Study
731 -- 757Jeffrey M. Thompson, Michael W. Whalen, Mats Per Erik Heimdahl. Requirements Capture and Evaluation in Nimbus: The Light-Control Case Study

Volume 6, Issue 6

537 -- 0Hermann A. Maurer. Managing Editor s Column
538 -- 559Stathes Hadjiefthymiades, Ioannis Varouxis, Drakoulis Martakos. Performance of RDBMS-WWW Interfaces under Heavy Workload
560 -- 579William E. Hart, Sorin Istrail. Invariant Patterns in Crystal Lattices: Implications for Protein Folding Algorithms

Volume 6, Issue 5

489 -- 0Hermann A. Maurer. Managing Editor s Column
490 -- 502Horia Georgescu, Cristina Vertan. A New Approach to Communicating X-Machine Systems
503 -- 516David B. Skillicorn. Treeworld: A Conceptual Model for Large-Scale Hypermedia
517 -- 536Klaus Tochtermann, Hermann A. Maurer. Knowledge Management and Environmental Informatics

Volume 6, Issue 4

405 -- 406Paul E. Dunne, Alan Gibbons. J.UCS Special Issue on BCTCS
407 -- 421Meurig Beynon, Jaratsri Rungrattanaubol, Jane Sinclair. Formal Specification from an Observation-oriented Perspective
422 -- 432Craig Eldershaw, Stephen Cameron. Using Genetic Algorithms to Solve the Motion Planning Problem
433 -- 446Silvija Seres, J. Michael Spivey. Functional Reading of Logic Programs
447 -- 459Michael B. Smyth. Region-based Discrete Geometry
460 -- 473L. J. Steggles. Specifying and Verifying Real-Time Systems using Second-Order Algebraic Methods: A Case Study of the Railroad Crossing Controller
474 -- 488Alastair Telford, David Turner. Ensuring Termination in ESFP

Volume 6, Issue 3

256 -- 271Patricia A. Carlson. Wonders of the Invisible Workplace: IT and Process Reinvention
272 -- 288Ioannis Antoniou, Mike Reeve, Vic Stenning. The Information Society as a Complex System
289 -- 323William D. Schindel, Gloria M. Rogers. Methodologies and Tools For Continuous Improvement of Systems
324 -- 344Stefanie Thies. Coffein: Construction and Presentation of Design Knowledge
345 -- 355Rita K. Hessley, Daniel L. Morris Jr., Michael R. Mueller. Integrated Applications of Electronic Structure Computations in the Undergraduate Chemistry Curriculum
356 -- 366Dieter W. Fellner, Marco Zens. Electronic Submission, Managing and Approval of Grant Proposals at the German Research Foundation based on Standard Internet and Office Tools
367 -- 404Jessie Lennertz. Perceptions about Internet Use by Teaching Faculty at Small Christian Colleges and Universities

Volume 6, Issue 2

226 -- 0Hermann A. Maurer. Managing Editor s Column
227 -- 239Florent de Dinechin. The Price of Routing in FPGAs
240 -- 255Alan Roberts, Antonios Symvonis. Potential-function-based Analysis of an off-line Heap Construction Algorithm

Volume 6, Issue 12

1164 -- 0Hermann A. Maurer. Managing Editor s Column
1165 -- 1184Henning Bordihn, Markus Holzer. Grammar Systems with Negated Conditions in their Cooperation Protocols
1185 -- 1196Salvatore Caporaso, Giovanni Pani, Emanuele Covino. Incompleteness in Linear Time
1197 -- 1202Eva Heinrich, Hermann A. Maurer. Active Documents: Concept, Implementation and Applications
1203 -- 1225Anthony MacDonald, David A. Carrington. Some Elements of Z Specification Style: Structuring Techniques

Volume 6, Issue 11

1052 -- 1053Vaclav Dvorak. J.UCS Special Issue on Formal Specifications of Computer-Based Systems
1054 -- 1070John Mullins. Nondeterministic Admissible Interference
1071 -- 1087Robert G. Clark, Ana M. D. Moreira. Use of E-LOTOS in Adding Formality to UML
1088 -- 1108Issa Traoré. An Outline of PVS Semantics for UML Statecharts
1109 -- 1130Laurent Allain, Pascal Yim. Modeling Information System Behavior with Dynamic Relations Nets
1131 -- 1144Gabor Karsai, Greg Nordstrom, Ákos Lédeczi, Janos Sztipanovits. Towards Two-Level Formal Modeling of Computer-Based Systems
1145 -- 1163Savi Maharaj, Carron Shankland. A Survey of Formal Methods Applied to Leader Election in IEEE 1394

Volume 6, Issue 10

906 -- 907Jörg Keller, Theo Ungerer. J.UCS Special Issue on Multithreaded Processors and Chip-Multiprocessors
908 -- 927Lucian Codrescu, D. Scott Wills. On Dynamic Speculative Thread Partitioning and the MEM-Slicing Algorithm
928 -- 947K. Gopinath, M. K. Krishna Narasimhan. Performance of Switch Blocking on Multithreaded Architectures
948 -- 967Krishna M. Kavi, Joseph Arul, Roberto Giorgi. Execution and Cache Performance of the Scheduled Dataflow Architecture
968 -- 993Kristof Beyls, Erik H. D Hollander. Compiler Generated Multithreading to Alleviate Memory Latency
994 -- 1014Wing Ning Li, Jing-Fu Fu Jenq. On the Thread Scheduling Problem
1015 -- 1033Paraskevas Evripidou, Costas Kyriacou. Data Driven Network of Workstations D:::2:::NOW)
1034 -- 1051Alexander Metzner, Jürgen Niehaus. MSparc: Multithreading in Real-Time Architectures

Volume 6, Issue 1

1 -- 2Cristian Calude, Gheorghe Stefanescu. Automata, Logic, and Computability: J.UCS Special Issue Dedicated to Professor Sergiu Rudeanu Festschrift
3 -- 4Solomon Marcus. Under the Sign of Boole
5 -- 21Virgil Emil Cazanescu, Grigore Rosu. Weak Inclusion Systems: Part Two
22 -- 38Rodica Ceterchi. The Lattice Structure of Pseudo-Wajsberg Algebras
39 -- 59Gabriel Ciobanu, Mihai Rotaru. A Pi-calculus Machine
60 -- 73Dana Cristofor, Laurentiu Cristofor, Dan A. Simovici. Galois Connections and Data Mining
74 -- 96Razvan Diaconescu, Kokichi Futatsugi. Behavioural Coherence in Object-Oriented Algebraic Specification
97 -- 104Stephan Foldes, Peter L. Hammer. Monotone, Horn and Quadratic Pseudo-Boolean Functions
105 -- 111George Georgescu, Ioana Leustean. A Representation Theorem for Monadic Pavelka Algebras
112 -- 129Radu Grosu, Dorel Lucanu, Gheorghe Stefanescu. Mixed Relations as Enriched Semiringal Categories
130 -- 135Cristian Grozea. Free-Extendible Prefix-Free Sets and an Extension of the Kraft-Chaitin Theorem
136 -- 138Frank Harary. The Automorphism Group of a Hypercube
139 -- 154Afrodita Iorgulescu. Connections Between MV::n:: Algebras and n-valued Lukasiewicz-Moisil Algebras - IV
155 -- 168Hajime Ishihara. A Canonical Model Construction for Substructural Logics
169 -- 177Marjo Lipponen. Computational Complementarity and Shift Spaces
178 -- 193Gheorghe Paun, Takashi Yokomori. Simulating H Systems by P Systems
194 -- 200Grigore Rosu, Joseph A. Goguen. On Equational Craig Interpolation
201 -- 211Dragos Vaida. Notes on Partially-Ordered Structures in Computer Science: I. PA-Ordered Semirings and Some Related Structures
212 -- 225Kundi Xue, Marius Zimand. Extractors for the Real World