Journal: Knowledge Eng. Review

Volume 14, Issue 4

307 -- 317Ann M. Richard. Application of artificial intelligence and computer-based methods to predicting chemical toxicity
319 -- 340Ilhan Uysal, H. Altay Güvenir. An overview of regression techniques for knowledge discovery
341 -- 375Alex L. Hayzelden, John Bigham. Agent technology in communications systems: an overview
377 -- 382Henry Hexmoor, Salvatore Desiano. Autonomy control software
383 -- 385Miroslav Kubat. Reinforcement learning by AG Barto and RS Sutton, MIT Press, Cambridge, MA 1998, ISBN 0-262-19398-1
386 -- 392. From the journals...

Volume 14, Issue 3

199 -- 220Ian Miguel, Qiang Shen. Hard, flexible and dynamic constraint satisfaction
221 -- 255Björn Helfesrieder, Venky Shankararaman. Design approaches to model-based simulation in intelligent computer assisted instruction
257 -- 277Vladimir Brusic, John Zeleznikow. Knowledge discovery and data mining in biological databases
279 -- 283Keith Decker, M. Fisher, Michael Luck, Moshe Tennenholtz. Continuing research in multi-agent systems
285 -- 289Martin Beer, Mark d'Inverno, Michael Luck, Nick R. Jennings, Chris Preist, Michael Schroeder. Negotiation in multi-agent systems
291 -- 294Dave Cliff, Jörg P. Müller, Divine T. Ndumu, Chris Preist, Michael J. Wooldridge. Making money from agents
295 -- 296Henry E. Kyburg Jr.. Nonmonotonic reasoning by Grigoris Antoniou, MIT Press, £29.50, ISBN 0-262-01157-3
297 -- 305. From the journals

Volume 14, Issue 2

105 -- 107Simon Parsons, Adele E. Howe. Special issue: Perspectives on intelligent agents research . . . one year later
109 -- 118Rosaria Conte. social intelligence: a necessity for agent systems' developments
119 -- 124Michael Luck. From definition to deployment: What next for agent-based systems?
125 -- 142Hyacinth S. Nwana, Divine T. Ndumu. A perspective on software agents research
143 -- 150Lars Rasmusson, Sverker Janson. Agents, self-interest and electronic markets
151 -- 152Michael Wooldridge. Diversity and agent technology
153 -- 173Dieter Fensel, Rix Groenboom. A software architecture for knowledge-based systems
175 -- 179Tiziana Catarci, Giuseppe Santucci, Laura Tarantino. Emerging issues in visual interfaces
181 -- 185A. Tawfik. Solving the frame problem: a mathematical investigation of the common sense law of inertia, by Murray Shanahan, The MIT Press, 1997, £38.50, ISBN 0-262-19384-1
181 -- 185Rashmi Pandya. Expert systems: design and development, and Expert systems catalog of applications, by John Durkin. Prentice Hall International
181 -- 185Claudia Roda. Software agents, edited by Jeffrey M. Bradshaw. AAAI Press/The MIT Press, 1997, £31.95, ISBN 0-262-52234-9
187 -- 197. From the Journals..

Volume 14, Issue 1

1 -- 46Tim Menzies. Knowledge maintenance: the state of the art
47 -- 80Patrick Brézillon. Context in problem solving: a survey
81 -- 89Rino Falcone, Babak Sadighi Firozabadi. The challenge of trust, The Autonomous Agents '98 Workshop on Deception, Fraud and Trust in Agent Societies
91 -- 95Simon Parsons. Cognitive Carpentry: A Blueprint for How to Build a Person by John L. Pollock, MIT Press, 1995, ISBN 0-262-16152-4, pp 377, £29.50
91 -- 95Miroslav Kubak. Explanation-Based Neural Network Learning: Life-Long Learning Approach by Sebastian Thrun, Kluwer, 1996, ISBN 0-7923-9716-9
91 -- 95Michael Luck. Foundations of Distributed Artificial Intelligence by G. M. P. O'Hare and N. R. Jennings (eds.), Wiley, 1996, ISBN 0-471-00675-0
97 -- 104. From the journals