Journal: Knowledge Eng. Review

Volume 3, Issue 4

261 -- 264. Review
265 -- 284Peter Mott. Default non-monotonic logic
285 -- 301Roy Rada, Judith Barlow. Expert systems and hypertext
303 -- 320Graem A. Ringwood. Metalogic machines: a retrospective rationale for the Japanese Fifth Generation
321 -- 322Peter J. Sell. Expert systems in business - a practical approach by M L Barratt and A C Beerel, Ellis Horwood Ltd, Chichester 1988, pp 259, £29.25
322 -- 323John L. Beaven. Interpreting anaphors in natural language text by David Carter, Ellis Horwood series in Artificial Intelligence 1987, pp 290, $39.90, ISBN 0-7458-0250-8
323 -- 324John L. Beaven. Developing expert systems for business by Benchimol Levine and Pomerol North Oxford Academic Press, 1987
324 -- 325Graem A. Ringwood. Automated theorem proving (second revised edition) by Wolfgang Bibel, Vieweg 1987

Volume 3, Issue 3

177 -- 181Tim Johnson, Julian Hewett, Christine Guilfoyle, Judith Jeffcoate. Expert systems - the second wave
183 -- 210B. Chandrasekaran. Generic tasks as building blocks for knowledge-based systems: the diagnosis and routine design examples
211 -- 216. Responses to "Generic tasks as building blocks for knowledge-based systems: the diagnosis and routine design examples" by B. Chandrasekaran
217 -- 219B. Chandrasekaran. An answer to commentators on the paper "Generic tasks as building blocks for knowledge-based systems: the diagnosis and routine design examples"
221 -- 247Sara Jones. Graphical interfaces for knowledge engineering: an overview of relevant literature
249 -- 250Jeremy Wyatt. Medical expert systems using personal computers by M K Chytil and R Engelbrecht (Eds.), 204 pages, Sigma Press (distributed by Wiley & Sons) 1987, £14.95
250 -- 253Claire O'Malley. Understanding computers and cognition: A new foundation for design by Terry Winograd and Fernando Flores, 207 pages, Ablex 1986, $24.95
254 -- 255Jim Doran. Artificial intelligence and expert systems by Stuart E. Savory (Ed.), (Translation ed. M. W. Rogers) 278 pages, Ellis Horwood Ltd, £29.95
254 -- 0Alain Bonnet. Approaches to knowledge representation - an introduction by G A Ringland and D A Duce, (Eds.), 260 pages, Research Studies Press Ltd (Distr J Wiley Ltd) 1988, £29.75
255 -- 256Ivan Leudar. Plans and situated actions. The problem of human machine communication by Lucy A Suchman, 203 pages, Cambridge University Press 1987, £22.50 (hardback), £7.95 (paperback)

Volume 3, Issue 2

103 -- 0. The problem of knowledge elicitation
105 -- 145Ian M. Neale. First generation expert systems: a review of knowledge acquisition methodologies
147 -- 158A. D'Agapayeff. The nature of expertise and its elicitation for business expert systems: a commentary
159 -- 169Christopher J. Rawlings. Convergence of AI programming and software engineering

Volume 3, Issue 1

1 -- 19Pattie Maes. Computational reflection
21 -- 57Luis Eduardo Castillo Hern. On distributed artificial intelligence
59 -- 86Dominic A. Clark, Jim F. Baldwin, Hamid R. Berenji, Paul R. Cohen, Didier Dubois, John Fox, John F. Lemmer, Henri Prade, David Spiegelhalter, Philippe Smets, Lotfi A. Zadeh. Responses to "An AI view of the treatment of uncertainty" by Alessandro Saffiotti
87 -- 91Alessandro Saffiotti. The treatment of uncertainty in AI: Is there a better vantage point?
93 -- 94John Barber. Managing Expert Systems
94 -- 95Donald F. Beal. All The Right Moves - A VLSI Architecture for Chess Carl Ebeling, 1987. The MIT Press, Massachusetts. pp 145