Journal: Minds and Machines

Volume 21, Issue 4

477 -- 479Luciano Floridi. The Construction of Personal Identities Online
481 -- 495Eric T. Olson. The Extended Self
497 -- 515Dave Ward. Personal Identity, Agency and the Multiplicity Thesis
517 -- 532Janice Richardson. The Changing Meaning of Privacy, Identity and Contemporary Feminist Philosophy
533 -- 548Soraj Hongladarom. Personal Identity and the Self in the Online and Offline World
549 -- 566Luciano Floridi. The Informational Nature of Personal Identity

Volume 21, Issue 3

361 -- 387Matti Tedre. Computing as a Science: A Survey of Competing Viewpoints
389 -- 410Frederick Eberhardt, David Danks. Confirmation in the Cognitive Sciences: The Problematic Case of Bayesian Models
411 -- 430Gregory R. Wheeler, Marco Alberti. NO Revision and NO Contraction
431 -- 433Donald Nute. A Logical Hole the Chinese Room Avoids
435 -- 448Pawel Lupkowski, Andrzej Wisniewski. Turing Interrogative Games
449 -- 464Michael Harré, Terry Bossomaier, Allan Snyder. The Development of Human Expertise in a Complex Environment
465 -- 474Herman T. Tavani. Can we Develop Artificial Agents Capable of Making Good Moral Decisions? - Wendell Wallach and Colin Allen: Moral Machines: Teaching Robots Right from Wrong, Oxford University Press, 2009, xi + 273 pp, ISBN: 978-0-19-537404-9
475 -- 0Gert-Jan C. Lokhorst. Erratum to: Computational Meta-Ethics - Towards the Meta-Ethical Robot

Volume 21, Issue 2

123 -- 133Amnon H. Eden. Some Philosophical Issues in Computer Science
135 -- 152Raymond Turner. Specification
153 -- 178Harry Halpin. Sense and Reference on the Web
179 -- 202Graham White. Descartes Among the Robots - Computer Science and the Inner/Outer Distinction
203 -- 219Darren Abramson. Philosophy of Mind Is (in Part) Philosophy of Computer Science
221 -- 239B. Jack Copeland, Oron Shagrir. Do Accelerating Turing Machines Compute the Uncomputable?
241 -- 259Timothy R. Colburn, Gary M. Shute. Decoupling as a Fundamental Value of Computer Science
261 -- 274Gert-Jan C. Lokhorst. Computational Meta-Ethics - Towards the Meta-Ethical Robot
275 -- 299Stefan Gruner. Problems for a Philosophy of Software Engineering
301 -- 322Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic. Significance of Models of Computation, from Turing Model to Natural Computation
323 -- 336Nicola Angius, Guglielmo Tamburrini. Scientific Theories of Computational Systems in Model Checking
337 -- 359Uri Pincas. Program Verification and Functioning of Operative Computing Revisited: How about Mathematics Engineering?

Volume 21, Issue 1

1 -- 2Gregory R. Wheeler. Editorial
3 -- 17William J. Rapaport. Yes, She Was! - Reply to Ford's "Helen Keller Was Never in a Chinese Room"
19 -- 32Bartlomiej Swiatczak. Conscious Representations: An Intractable Problem for the Computational Theory of Mind
33 -- 39Raoul Gervais, Erik Weber. The Covering Law Model Applied to Dynamical Cognitive Science: A Comment on Joel Walmsley
41 -- 56Jussi Jylkkä. Hybrid Extensional Prototype Compositionality
57 -- 72Jason Ford. Helen Keller Was Never in a Chinese Room
73 -- 81R. D. Portugal, Benar Fux Svaiter. Weber-Fechner Law and the Optimality of the Logarithmic Scale
83 -- 96Vincent C. Müller. On the Possibilities of Hypercomputing Supertasks
97 -- 101Anthony F. Beavers. Luciano Floridi: Information: A Very Short Introduction - Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2010, xv+130, $11.95, ISBN 978-0-19-955137-8
103 -- 106David Cole. Michael Tye, Consciousness Revisited: Materialism Without Phenomenal Concepts - Cambridge: MIT Press, 2009, xiv+229, $35.00, ISBN 978-0-262-01273-7
107 -- 113Andreas Elpidorou. Robert D. Rupert: Cognitive Systems and the Extended Mind - Oxford University Press, 2009, xiii+268, $55, ISBN 9780195379457
115 -- 118Federico Faroldi. Don Ross et al. (eds.), Distributed Cognition and the Will - Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 2007, ix+369, $70.00, ISBN 978-0-262-18261-4
119 -- 122Giuseppe Primiero. Giovanni Sommaruga (ed): Formal Theories of Information: From Shannon to Semantic Information Theory and General Concepts of Information - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, volume 5363, Springer, New York, 2009, vii+269, $ 64.95, ISBN 978-3-642-00658-6