Journal: Minds and Machines

Volume 28, Issue 4

623 -- 643Majid Davoody Beni. Syntactical Informational Structural Realism
645 -- 666Juan Manuel Durán, Nico Formanek. -Grounds for Trust: Essential Epistemic Opacity and Computational Reliabilism
667 -- 688Ezequiel López-Rubio. Computational Functionalism for the Deep Learning Era
689 -- 707Luciano Floridi, Josh Cowls, Monica Beltrametti, Raja Chatila, Patrice Chazerand, Virginia Dignum, Christoph Luetge, Robert Madelin, Ugo Pagallo, Francesca Rossi, Burkhard Schafer, Peggy Valcke, Effy Vayena. AI4People - An Ethical Framework for a Good AI Society: Opportunities, Risks, Principles, and Recommendations
709 -- 733Markus Luczak-Rösch, Kieron O'Hara, Jesse David Dinneen, Ramine Tinati. What an Entangled Web We Weave: An Information-centric Approach to Time-evolving Socio-technical Systems
735 -- 774Christopher Burr, Nello Cristianini, James Ladyman. An Analysis of the Interaction Between Intelligent Software Agents and Human Users
775 -- 785David Gurney. Killer Robot Arms: A Case-Study in Brain-Computer Interfaces and Intentional Acts
787 -- 793Amos Golan. Info-Metrics for Modeling and Inference
795 -- 0Ezio Di Nucci. RETRACTED ARTICLE: Habits, Priming and the Explanation of Mindless Action

Volume 28, Issue 3

375 -- 383Istvan S. N. Berkeley. A Computational Conundrum: "What is a Computer?" A Historical Overview
385 -- 426William J. Rapaport. What is a Computer? A Survey
427 -- 444Peter Leupold. The Role of Observers in Computations - How Much Computation Does it Take to Recognize a Computation?
445 -- 463Samuel C. Fletcher. Computers in Abstraction/Representation Theory
465 -- 489Tyler Millhouse. Virtual Machines and Real Implementations
491 -- 513Jeff Buechner. Does Kripke's Argument Against Functionalism Undermine the Standard View of What Computers Are?
515 -- 541Marcin Milkowski. From Computer Metaphor to Computational Modeling: The Evolution of Computationalism
543 -- 567Cem Bozsahin. Computers Aren't Syntax All the Way Down or Content All the Way Up
569 -- 588Joe Dewhurst. Computing Mechanisms Without Proper Functions
589 -- 604Marco Fasoli. Super Artifacts: Personal Devices as Intrinsically Multifunctional, Meta-representational Artifacts with a Highly Variable Structure
605 -- 622Henry Ian Schiller. The Swapping Constraint

Volume 28, Issue 2

237 -- 241Lise Marie Andersen, Jonas Fogedgaard Christensen, Samuel Schindler, Asbjørn Steglich-Petersen. Causality in the Sciences of the Mind and Brain
243 -- 264Jan-Willem Romeijn, Jon Williamson. Intervention and Identifiability in Latent Variable Modelling
265 -- 286Matteo Colombo, Naftali Weinberger. Discovering Brain Mechanisms Using Network Analysis and Causal Modeling
287 -- 310Jason Winning, William Bechtel. Rethinking Causality in Biological and Neural Mechanisms: Constraints and Control
311 -- 330Gottfried Vosgerau, Patrice Soom. Reduction Without Elimination: Mental Disorders as Causally Efficacious Properties
331 -- 351Matthew Baxendale, Garrett Mindt. Intervening on the Causal Exclusion Problem for Integrated Information Theory
353 -- 374Sebastian Wallot, Damian Kelty-Stephen. Interaction-Dominant Causation in Mind and Brain, and Its Implication for Questions of Generalization and Replication

Volume 28, Issue 1

1 -- 6Gualtiero Piccinini. Computation and Representation in Cognitive Neuroscience
7 -- 27Andrew Knoll. Still Autonomous After All
29 -- 51Vicente Raja. A Theory of Resonance: Towards an Ecological Cognitive Architecture
53 -- 75Oron Shagrir. The Brain as an Input-Output Model of the World
77 -- 91Corey J. Maley. Toward Analog Neural Computation
93 -- 117Alessio Plebe, Vivian M. De La Cruz. Neural Representations Beyond "Plus X"
119 -- 139Alex Morgan, Gualtiero Piccinini. Towards a Cognitive Neuroscience of Intentionality
141 -- 172Daniel Williams. Predictive Processing and the Representation Wars
173 -- 189Hyungrae Noh. No-report Paradigmatic Ascription of the Minimally Conscious State: Neural Signals as a Communicative Means for Operational Diagnostic Criteria
191 -- 235Eric Thomson, Gualtiero Piccinini. Neural Representations Observed