Journal: Minds and Machines

Volume 6, Issue 4

445 -- 462Paul Sheldon Davies. Preface: Evolutionary theory in cognitive psychology
463 -- 480Denise Dellarosa Cummins. Dominance hierarchies and the evolution of human reasoning
481 -- 505Jennifer Mundale, William Bechtel. Integrating neuroscience, psychology, and evolutionary biology through a teleological conception of function
507 -- 523Derek Browne. Cognitive versatility
525 -- 540Harmon R. Holcomb III. Just so stories and inference to the best explanation in evolutionary psychology
541 -- 557Robert C. Richardson. The prospects for an evolutionary psychology: Human language and human reasoning
559 -- 585Paul Sheldon Davies. Discovering the functional mesh: On the methods of evolutionary psychology

Volume 6, Issue 3

287 -- 394Robert L. Ashenhurst. Ontological aspects of information modeling
395 -- 442Arthur C. Graesser, Cheryl Bowers, Tom Trabasso, Brian Harvey, Sunil Cherian, Wade Troxell, Timothy Joseph Day, Robert M. French, Roger Sansom, Kenneth Aizawa, David Shier, Yakir Levin, Nicholas P. Power. Book reviews

Volume 6, Issue 2

143 -- 157Roderic A. Girle. Shades of consciousness
159 -- 172Manuel GarcĂ­a-Carpintero. Two spurious varieties of compositionality
173 -- 201John A. Barnden, Kankanahalli Srinivas. Quantification without variables in connectionism
203 -- 228Kuo Chin Chang, Tzung-Pei Hong, Shian-Shyong Tseng. Machine learning by imitating human learning
229 -- 238Brian Rotman. Counting information: A note on physicalized numbers
239 -- 285Barbara Abbott, Annette Herskovits, Philip L. Peterson, Alfred R. Mele, David J. Cole, Daniel Crevier, Francis Jeffry Pelletier, Istvan S. N. Berkeley, Brendan Kitts, Mike Brown, George Paliouras. Book reviews

Volume 6, Issue 1

1 -- 32Arnold J. Chien. Why the mind may not be modular
33 -- 46Andrew Wells. Situated action, symbol systems and universal computation
47 -- 60Dale Jacquette. Lloyd on intrinsic natural representation in simple mechanical minds
61 -- 87Paul Schweizer. Physicalism, functionalism and conscious thought
89 -- 129Justin Leiber, Robert M. French, John A. Barnden, Syed S. Ali, Richard Wyatt, Timothy R. Colburn, Brian Harvey, Norman Gall, Susan G. Josephson, Francesco Orilia, Achille C. Varzi. Book reviews
131 -- 142. Books received