Journal: Manufacturing & Service Operations Management

Volume 1, Issue 2

89 -- 111A. A. Tsay, William S. Lovejoy. Quantity Flexibility Contracts and Supply Chain Performance
112 -- 131George L. Vairaktarakis, Janice Kim Winch. Worker Cross-Training in Paced Assembly Lines
132 -- 156V. Krishnan, Rahul Singh, Devanath Tirupati. A Model-Based Approach for Planning and Developing a Family of Technology-Based Products
157 -- 173Srinagesh Gavirneni, Sridhar R. Tayur. Managing a Customer Following a Target Reverting Policy
174 -- 0Stephen C. Graves. Addendum to "A Single-Item Inventory Model for a Nonstationary Demand Process"

Volume 1, Issue 1

0 -- 0Leroy B. Schwarz. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management: An Introduction
1 -- 20Haim Mendelson, Ravindran R. Pillai. Industry Clockspeed: Measurement and Operational Implications
21 -- 35Daniel Adelman, George L. Nemhauser, Mario Padron, Robert Stubbs, Ram Pandit. Allocating Fibers in Cable Manufacturing
36 -- 49Robert D. Plante, Herbert Moskowitz, Jen Tang, Jeff Duffy. Improving Quality via Matching: A Case Study Integrating Supplier and Manufacturer Quality Performance
50 -- 61Stephen C. Graves. A Single-Item Inventory Model for a Nonstationary Demand Process
62 -- 76Paul Glasserman, Yashan Wang. Fill-Rate Bottlenecks in Production-Inventory Networks
77 -- 88Guillermo Gallego, Paul H. Zipkin. Stock Positioning and Performance Estimation in Serial Production-Transportation Systems