Journal: Natural Computing

Volume 1, Issue 2-3

165 -- 183David M. Prescott, Grzegorz Rozenberg. How ciliates manipulate their own DNA - A splendid example of natural computing
199 -- 209Aapo Hyvärinen. Realizations of quantum computing using optical manipulations of atoms
211 -- 234Stewart W. Wilson. Classifiers that approximate functions
235 -- 306Konstantinos E. Parsopoulos, Michael N. Vrahatis. Recent approaches to global optimization problems through Particle Swarm Optimization
307 -- 322Vassilis P. Plagianakos, Michael N. Vrahatis. Parallel evolutionary training algorithms for hardware-friendly neural networks

Volume 1, Issue 1

3 -- 52Hans-Georg Beyer, Hans-Paul Schwefel. Evolution strategies - A comprehensive introduction
53 -- 84Nadrian C. Seeman. It started with Watson and Crick, but it sure didn t end there: Pitfalls and possibilities beyond the classic double helix
85 -- 108Deniz Erdogmus, José Carlos Príncipe, Kenneth E. Hild II. Beyond second-order statistics for learning: A pairwise interaction model for entropy estimation
109 -- 133Vladimir Cherkassky. Model complexity control and statistical learning theory
135 -- 155Mika Hirvensalo. Quantum computing - Facts and folklore