Journal: Natural Computing

Volume 18, Issue 4

677 -- 678Jinliang Ding, Yaochu Jin. To the special Issue on "Metaheuristics for optimization of complex process engineering"
679 -- 694Dujuan Wang, Feng Liu 0020, Yaochu Jin. A proactive scheduling approach to steel rolling process with stochastic machine breakdown
695 -- 703Boyang Qu, Jing J. Liang, Yongsheng Zhu, Ponnuthurai N. Suganthan. Solving dynamic economic emission dispatch problem considering wind power by multi-objective differential evolution with ensemble of selection method
705 -- 720Javidan Kazemi Kordestani, Alireza Rezvanian, Mohammad Reza Meybodi. New measures for comparing optimization algorithms on dynamic optimization problems
721 -- 733Junfei Qiao, Guangyuan Pan, Honggui Han. A regularization-reinforced DBN for digital recognition
735 -- 746Xin Ye 0004, Jia Li, Sihao Liu, Jiwei Liang, Yaochu Jin. A hybrid instance-intensive workflow scheduling method in private cloud environment
747 -- 756Fan Guo, Lihong Ren, Yaochu Jin, Yongsheng Ding. A dynamic SVR-ARMA model with improved fruit fly algorithm for the nonlinear fiber stretching process
757 -- 768Yaping Fu, Hongfeng Wang, Min Huang 0001, Junwei Wang 0001. A decomposition based multiobjective genetic algorithm with adaptive multipopulation strategy for flowshop scheduling problem
769 -- 784Linqing Wang, Jun Zhao 0004, Wang Wei. Hyperpath-based vehicle routing and scheduling method in time-varying networks for airport shuttle service
785 -- 813Hongyan Sang, Quan-ke Pan, Peiyong Duan. Self-adaptive fruit fly optimizer for global optimization
815 -- 823J. W. Wang, H. F. Wang, Y. M. Zhou, Y. Wang, W. J. Zhang. On an integrated approach to resilient transportation systems in emergency situations
825 -- 826Giancarlo Mauri, Samira El Yacoubi, Stefania Bandini. Preface
827 -- 844Hiroshi Umeo, Naoki Kamikawa, Masashi Maeda, Gen Fujita. State-efficient realization of fault-tolerant FSSP algorithms
845 -- 853Franco Bagnoli, Sara Dridi, Samira El Yacoubi, Raúl Rechtman. Optimal and suboptimal regional control of probabilistic cellular automata
855 -- 864Aisling J. Daly, Ward Quaghebeur, Tim Depraetere, Jan M. Baetens, Bernard De Baets. Lattice-based versus lattice-free individual-based models: impact on coexistence in competitive communities
865 -- 873Luca Crociani, Giuseppe Vizzari, Antonio Carrieri, Stefania Bandini. A cellular automata based approach to track salient objects in videos
875 -- 884Ekaterina Kirik, Tat'yana Vitova, Andrey Malyshev. Turns of different angles and discrete-continuous pedestrian dynamics model
885 -- 899Pablo Arrighi. An overview of quantum cellular automata
901 -- 905Keye Martin, Johnny Feng. A new fixed point theorem in domain theory
907 -- 911Aladin Crnkic, Vladimir Jacimovic. Data clustering based on quantum synchronization
913 -- 932Shuqu Qian, Yanmin Liu, Yongqiang Ye, Guofeng Xu. An enhanced genetic algorithm for constrained knapsack problems in dynamic environments

Volume 18, Issue 3

411 -- 412Matthew Cook 0001, Turlough Neary. Preface
413 -- 428Kenichi Morita. A universal non-conservative reversible elementary triangular partitioned cellular automaton that shows complex behavior
429 -- 444Nazim Fatès. Remarks on the cellular automaton global synchronisation problem: deterministic versus stochastic models
445 -- 458Alonso Castillo-Ramirez, Maximilien Gadouleau. Cellular automata and finite groups
459 -- 487Simon Wacker. Cellular automata on group sets and the uniform Curtis-Hedlund-Lyndon theorem
489 -- 512Tommaso Toffoli. Waiting for the rapture: What can we do with computers to (hopefully) witness the emergence of life?
513 -- 514Susan Stepney, Sergey Verlan. UCNC 2018 special issue editorial
515 -- 526Julian Francis Miller. The alchemy of computation: designing with the unknown
527 -- 548Cameron T. Chalk, Eric Martinez, Robert T. Schweller, Luis Vega, Andrew Winslow, Tim Wylie. Optimal staged self-assembly of linear assemblies
549 -- 561Tanner Crowder, Marco Lanzagorta. Quantum information processing in the neighborhood of a black hole
563 -- 577Henning Fernau, Lakshmanan Kuppusamy, Indhumathi Raman. Computational completeness of simple semi-conditional insertion-deletion systems of degree (2, 1)
579 -- 591Tomás Vantuch, Ivan Zelinka, Andrew Adamatzky, Norbert Marwan. Perturbations and phase transitions in swarm optimization algorithms
593 -- 608Artiom Alhazov, Rudolf Freund, Sergiu Ivanov 0001. Variants of P systems with activation and blocking of rules
609 -- 633Yiqian Cui, Junyou Shi, Zili Wang. Enhancing particle swarm optimization with binary quantum wave modulation and joint guiding forces
635 -- 646Dongyang Bie, Miguel A. Gutiérrez-Naranjo, Jie Zhao 0003, Yanhe Zhu. A membrane computing framework for self-reconfigurable robots
647 -- 674Panchi Li, Ya Zhao. A quantum-inspired vortex search algorithm with application to function optimization
675 -- 0Lukasz Maciura, Jan G. Bazan. Correction to: Granular computing in mosaicing of images from capsule endoscopy

Volume 18, Issue 2

215 -- 216José Manuel Ferrández, José Santos, Ramiro Varela. Preface
217 -- 227José L. Sánchez 0002, María T. López, José Manuel Pastor 0001, Ana E. Delgado, Antonio Fernández-Caballero. Accelerating bioinspired lateral interaction in accumulative computation for real-time moving object detection with graphics processing units
229 -- 247Lu Li, Yanchun Liang 0001, Tingting Li, Chunguo Wu, Guozhong Zhao, Xiaosong Han. Boost particle swarm optimization with fitness estimation
249 -- 263Carlos Cotta, José E. Gallardo. New perspectives on the optimal placement of detectors for suicide bombers using metaheuristics
265 -- 273Juan Fombellida, Irene Martín-Rubio, A. Romera-Zarza, Diego Andina. KLN, a new biological koniocortex based unsupervised neural network: competitive results on credit scoring
275 -- 284Daniel Varela, José Santos. Automatically obtaining a cellular automaton scheme for modeling protein folding using the FCC model
285 -- 286José Antonio Lozano, Ke Tang, Xin Yao 0001. Preface
287 -- 299Chunhui Zheng, Huaping Chen, Rui Xu 0004. Tabu search algorithms for minimizing total completion time on a single machine with an actual time-dependent learning effect
301 -- 312Yaxiong Chi, Jing Liu. Reconstructing gene regulatory networks with a memetic-neural hybrid based on fuzzy cognitive maps
313 -- 331Gang Xu, Bin-Bin Liu, Jun Song, Shuijing Xiao, Ai-jun Wu. Multiobjective sorting-based learning particle swarm optimization for continuous optimization
333 -- 350Dervis Karaboga, Selcuk Aslan. Discovery of conserved regions in DNA sequences by Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) algorithm based methods
351 -- 381Boris Almonacid, Ricardo Soto. Andean Condor Algorithm for cell formation problems
383 -- 401Lila Kari, Amirhossein Simjour. Simplifying the role of signals in tile self-assembly
403 -- 409Gabriel Coutinho, Renato Portugal. Discretization of continuous-time quantum walks via the staggered model with Hamiltonians

Volume 18, Issue 1

1 -- 2Simon J. Hickinbotham. NACO special issue editorial
3 -- 0Simon J. Hickinbotham, Susan Stepney, Jon Timmis. Erratum to: NACO special issue editorial
5 -- 12Richard Mayne, Andrew Adamatkzy. Cellular automata modelling of slime mould actin network signalling
13 -- 27Vegard Edvardsen. Goal-directed navigation based on path integration and decoding of grid cells in an artificial neural network
29 -- 46Jorge C. Gomes, Pedro Mariano, Anders Lyhne Christensen. Challenges in cooperative coevolution of physically heterogeneous robot teams
47 -- 60Csaba Sulyok, Andrew McPherson, Christopher Harte. Evolving the process of a virtual composer
61 -- 62Matthew J. Patitz, Mike Stannett. Preface
63 -- 73Xiang Huang 0001, Titus H. Klinge, James I. Lathrop, Xiaoyuan Li, Jack H. Lutz. Real-time computability of real numbers by chemical reaction networks
75 -- 92Jacob Hendricks, Joseph Opseth. Self-assembly of 4-sided fractals in the Two-Handed Tile Assembly Model
93 -- 105Austin Luchsinger, Robert T. Schweller, Tim Wylie. Self-assembly of shapes at constant scale using repulsive forces
107 -- 117Robert T. Schweller, Andrew Winslow, Tim Wylie. Verification in staged tile self-assembly
119 -- 137Robert Brijder. Computing with chemical reaction networks: a tutorial
139 -- 161Yanyun Tao, Lijun Zhang, Qinyu Wang, Rong Chen, Yuzhen Zhang. A multi-population evolution stratagy and its application in low area/power FSM synthesis
163 -- 179Frédéric Lardeux, Jorge Maturana, Eduardo Rodriguez-Tello, Frédéric Saubion. Migration policies in dynamic island models
181 -- 201Aaron T. Becker, Erik D. Demaine, Sándor P. Fekete, Jarrett Lonsford, Rose Morris-Wright. Particle computation: complexity, algorithms, and logic
203 -- 212Steven E. Massey. How to 'find' an error minimized genetic code: neutral emergence as an alternative to direct Darwinian selection for evolutionary optimization
213 -- 0Andrzej Skowron, Andrzej Jankowski. Correction to: Interactive computations: toward risk management in interactive intelligent systems