Journal: Natural Computing

Volume 3, Issue 4

357 -- 359Max H. Garzon, John A. Rose. Editorial
361 -- 376Christian Jacob, Ian Burleigh. Biomolecular swarms - an agent-based model of the lactose operon
377 -- 393Mitsunori Takano, Junichi Higo, Hironori K. Nakamura, Masaki Sasai. On the model granularity to simulate protein dynamics: A biological physics view on biomolecular computing
395 -- 410Danny van Noort, John S. McCaskill. Flows in micro fluidic networks: From theory to experiment
411 -- 426John A. Rose, Akira Suyama. Physical modeling of biomolecular computers: Models, limitations, and experimental validation
427 -- 442Derrel Blain, Max H. Garzon, Soo-Yong Shin, Byoung-Tak Zhang, Satoshi Kashiwamura, Masahito Yamamoto, Atsushi Kameda, Azuma Ohuchi. Development, evaluation and benchmarking of simulation software for biomolecule-based computing
443 -- 459John A. Rose, Russell J. Deaton, Akira Suyama. Statistical thermodynamic analysis and designof DNA-based computers
461 -- 477Max H. Garzon, Derrel Blain, Andrew Neel. Virtual test tubes

Volume 3, Issue 3

235 -- 252Alessandra Carbone, Chengde Mao, Pamela E. Constantinou, Baoquan Ding, Jens Kopatsch, William B. Sherman, Nadrian C. Seeman. 3D Fractal DNA Assembly from Coding, Geometry and Protection
253 -- 292Max H. Garzon, Russell J. Deaton. Codeword design and information encoding in DNA ensembles
293 -- 321Florentin Wörgötter, Norbert Krüger, Nicolas Pugeault, Dirk Calow, Markus Lappe, Karl Pauwels, Marc M. Van Hulle, Sovira Tan, Alan Johnston. Early Cognitive Vision: Using Gestalt-Laws for Task-Dependent, Active Image-Processing
355 -- 356Stefan Kern, Sibylle D. Müller, Nikolaus Hansen, Dirk Büche, Jiri Ocenasek, Petros Koumoutsakos. Learning Probability Distributions in Continuous Evolutionary Algorithms - a Comparative Review

Volume 3, Issue 2

133 -- 134Sander M. Bohte, Michiel C. van Wezel, Joost N. Kok. Introduction
159 -- 175Laurent Perrinet. Finding independent components using spikes: A natural result of hebbian learning in a sparse spike coding scheme
177 -- 193Markus Volkmer. A pulsed neural network model of spectro-temporal receptive fields and population coding in auditory cortex
195 -- 206Sander M. Bohte. The evidence for neural information processing with precise spike-times: A survey
207 -- 233Olcay Kursun, Oleg V. Favorov. SINBAD automation of scientific discovery: From factor analysis to theory synthesis

Volume 3, Issue 1

1 -- 3Thomas Bäck, Marc Schoenauer, Lars Willmes. Preface
5 -- 19Cheah C. J. Moey, Jonathan E. Rowe. Population aggregation based on fitness
21 -- 35Jun He, Xin Yao. A study of drift analysis for estimating computation time of evolutionary algorithms
37 -- 51Marco Laumanns, Lothar Thiele, Eckart Zitzler. Running time analysis of evolutionary algorithms on a simplified multiobjective knapsack problem
53 -- 76Natalio Krasnogor, Steven Gustafson. A Study on the use of self-generation in memetic algorithms
77 -- 112Stefan Kern, Sibylle D. Müller, Nikolaus Hansen, Dirk Büche, Jiri Ocenasek, Petros Koumoutsakos. Learning probability distributions in continuous evolutionary algorithms - a comparative review
113 -- 124Hang Zhang, Jonathan E. Rowe. Best approximations of fitness functions of binary strings