Journal: Natural Computing

Volume 5, Issue 4

321 -- 362Ann M. Bouchard, Gordon C. Osbourn. Dynamic self-assembly in living systems as computation
363 -- 385Oliver Kramer, Hans-Paul Schwefel. On three new approaches to handle constraints within evolution strategies
387 -- 426Stephen Swift, Joost N. Kok, Xiaohui Liu. Learning short multivariate time series models through evolutionary and sparse matrix computation
427 -- 441Gang Wu, Nadrian C. Seeman. Multiplying with DNA
443 -- 462Michael O Neill, Anthony Brabazon. Grammatical Swarm: The generation of programs by social programming

Volume 5, Issue 3

225 -- 227Hans-Georg Beyer. Special Issue: Best of GECCO 2005
229 -- 255Elena Popovici, Kenneth A. De Jong. The dynamics of the best individuals in co-evolution
257 -- 283Stefan Droste. A rigorous analysis of the compact genetic algorithm for linear functions
285 -- 304Fabio A. González, Juan Carlos Galeano, Diego Alexander Rojas, Angélica Veloza-Suan. A neuro-immune model for discriminating and visualizing anomalies
305 -- 319Frank Neumann, Ingo Wegener. Minimum spanning trees made easier via multi-objective optimization

Volume 5, Issue 2

105 -- 107. Tenth International Meeting on DNA Computing (DNA 10)
109 -- 126Erzsébet Csuhaj-Varjú, Oscar H. Ibarra, György Vaszil. On the Computational Complexity of P Automata
127 -- 149Rudy van Vliet, Hendrik Jan Hoogeboom, Grzegorz Rozenberg. The Construction of Minimal DNA Expressions
151 -- 163Christiaan Henkel, Grzegorz Rozenberg, Herman P. Spaink. Application of Mismatch Detection Methods in DNA Computing
165 -- 181Junghuei Chen, Russell J. Deaton, Max H. Garzon, Jin-Woo Kim, David Harlan Wood, Hong Bi, Dylan Carpenter, Yu-Zhen Wang. Characterization of Non-crosshybridizing DNA Oligonucleotides Manufactured ::::in vitro::::
183 -- 202David Y. Zhang, Bernard Yurke. A DNA Superstructure-based Replicator without Product Inhibition
203 -- 223Tero Harju, Chang Li, Ion Petre, Grzegorz Rozenberg. Parallelism in Gene Assembly

Volume 5, Issue 1

1 -- 13Michael S. Livstone, Ron Weiss, Laura F. Landweber. Automated Design and Programming of a Microfluidic DNA Computer
15 -- 42Cheng-Yuan Liou, Shiao-Lin Lin. Finite Memory Loading in Hairy Neurons
43 -- 65R. Paton, C. Vlachos, Q. Wu, J. Saunders. Simulated Bacterially-Inspired Problem Solving - The Behavioural Domain
67 -- 82Dominik Schultes. Rainbow Sort: Sorting at the Speed of Light
83 -- 96Jing J. Liang, S. Baskar, Ponnuthurai N. Suganthan, A. Kai Qin. Performance Evaluation of Multiagent Genetic Algorithm