Journal: Nord. J. Comput.

Volume 15, Issue 2

75 -- 111Mohammad Reza Mousavi, Twan Basten, Michel A. Reniers, Michel Chaudron. Timed-Gamma and its Coordination Language
112 -- 140Christoph Knieke, Michaela Huhn. Semantic Foundation and Validation of Live Activity Diagrams
141 -- 153George B. Purdy, Justin W. Smith. On Finding Ordinary or Monochromatic Intersection Points
154 -- 171Natarajan Shankar, K. Subramani, Pavlos Eirinakis. Identifying Negative Cost Cycles in Strongly Polynomial Space

Volume 15, Issue 1

1 -- 2Jari Peltonen. Guest Editor's Foreword
3 -- 17Maarit Harsu, Tibor Bakota, István Siket, Kai Koskimies, Tarja Systä. Code Clones: Good, Bad, or Ugly?
18 -- 31Zoltán Herczeg, Gábor Lóki, Tamás Szirbucz, Ákos Kiss 0001. Validating JavaScript Guidelines across Multiple Web Browsers
32 -- 52Markku Sakkinen, Philippe Lahire, Ciprian-Bogdan Chirila. Towards Fully-Fledged Reverse Inheritance in Eiffel
53 -- 74Mikko Tiusanen, Antti Valmari. Good to Know about the Efficiency of State Space Methods