Journal: Nord. J. Comput.

Volume 5, Issue 4

265 -- 266Chris Hankin. Guest Editor s Foreword
267 -- 0Martín Abadi, Andrew D. Gordon. A Bisimulation Method for Cryptographic Protocols
304 -- 329Christian Fecht, Helmut Seidl. Propagating Differences: An Efficient New Fixpoint Algorithm for Distributive Constraint Systems
330 -- 360K. Rustan M. Leino. Recursive Object Types in a Logic of Object-Oriented Programs
361 -- 0John L. Ross, Shmuel Sagiv. Building a Bridge between Pointer Aliases and Program Dependences

Volume 5, Issue 3

173 -- 195Jan Kratochvíl, Andrzej Proskurowski, Jan Arne Telle. On the Complexity of Graph Covering Problems
196 -- 213Teofilo F. Gonzalez. Bounded Fan-Out Multimessage Multicasting
214 -- 234Christian Mossin. Higher-Order Value Flow Graphs
235 -- 0Jukka Paakki, Antti-Pekka Tuovinen. Source-to-Source Translation of Visual Languages

Volume 5, Issue 2

87 -- 104Stefan Dobrev, Peter Ruzicka. On the Communication Complexity of Strong Time-Optimal Distributed Algorithms
105 -- 114Peter Høyer, Kim S. Larsen. Parametric Permutation Routing via Matchings
115 -- 127Joseph L. Ganley, Jeffrey S. Salowe. The Power-p Steiner Tree Problem
128 -- 142Pinar Heggernes, Jan Arne Telle. Partitioning Graphs into Generalized Dominating Sets
143 -- 0Mika Johnsson, Gábor Magyar, Olli Nevalainen. On the Euclidean 3-Matching Problem

Volume 5, Issue 1

0 -- 0Ricardo A. Baeza-Yates, Hector Soza-Pollman. Analysis of Linear Hashing Revisited
0 -- 0Ole-Johan Dahl, Olaf Owe, Tore J. Bastiansen. Subtyping and Constructive Specification
0 -- 0Bjørn Kristoffersen, Ole-Johan Dahl. On Introducing Higher Order Functions in ABEL
0 -- 0Drago Krznaric, Christos Levcopoulos. Computing a Threaded Quadtree from the Delaunay Triangulation in linear Time