Journal: Oper. Res. Lett.

Volume 14, Issue 5

237 -- 244Bahman Kalantari, Leonid Khachiyan. On the rate of convergence of deterministic and randomized RAS matrix scaling algorithms
245 -- 250Peter Brucker, Bernd Jurisch, Thomas Tautenhahn, Frank Werner. Scheduling unit time open shops to minimize the weighted number of late jobs
251 -- 256Irfan M. Ovacik, Reha Uzsoy. Worst-case error bounds for parallel machine scheduling problems with bounded sequence-dependent setup times
257 -- 260A. Charnes, M. Kress. Two simple applications of the unimodularity property
261 -- 264Wlodzimierz Szwarc. An instant solution of the 2 × n bottleneck transportation problem
265 -- 273Derek Atkins, Shrikanta De. A performance bound on single cycle lot-sizing policies for an assembly system with stochastic demand
275 -- 282Francis J. Vasko, Micheal L. Cregger, Dennis D. Newhart, Kenneth L. Stott Jr.. A real-time one-dimensional cutting stock algorithm for balanced cutting patterns
283 -- 290Prafulla Joglekar, Patrick Lee. An exact formulation of inventory costs and optimal lot size in face of sudden obsolescence
291 -- 295Emilio Carrizosa, Eduardo Conde, Francisco R. Fernández, Justo Puerto. Efficiency in Euclidean constrained location problems

Volume 14, Issue 4

181 -- 186James B. Orlin, Clifford Stein. Parallel algorithms for the assignment and minimum-cost flow problems
187 -- 198Athanassios N. Avramidis, James R. Wilson. A splitting scheme for control variates
199 -- 205Hong Chen, Ping Yang, David D. Yao, Xiuli Chao. Optimal control of a simple assembly system
207 -- 214Andrew J. Lazarus. Certain expected values in the random assignment problem
215 -- 220Tsung-Chyan Lai. Worst-case analysis of greedy algorithms for the unbounded knapsack, subset-sum and partition problems
221 -- 229Eric J. Friedman, Adam Scott Landsberg. Short run dynamics of multi-class queues
231 -- 235J. Preater. The senior and junior secretaries problem

Volume 14, Issue 3

123 -- 127Ted K. Ralphs. On the mixed Chinese postman problem
129 -- 132S. Thomas McCormick. Approximate binary search algorithms for mean cuts and cycles
133 -- 137Irène Charon, Olivier Hudry. The noising method: a new method for combinatorial optimization
139 -- 142Bo Chen. A note on LPT scheduling
143 -- 146D. W. Cheng. Concavity of system throughput and information transfer in a PAC system
147 -- 152Lígia Amado, Paulo Bárcia. Matroidal relaxations for 0-1 knapsack problems
153 -- 161G. Contaldi, Gianni Di Pillo, Stefano Lucidi. A continuously differentiable exact penalty function for nonlinear programming problems with unbounded feasible set
163 -- 170Kiran Rege. On the M/G/1 queue with Bernoulli feedback
171 -- 179Eitan Rosenberg, Uri Yechiali. x/G/1 queue with single and multiple vacations under the LIFO service regime

Volume 14, Issue 2

65 -- 71Celina Imielinska, Bahman Kalantari, Leonid Khachiyan. A greedy heuristic for a minimum-weight forest problem
73 -- 78Patrick Jaillet. Rate of convergence for the Euclidean minimum spanning tree limit law
79 -- 84Arie Tamir. Complexity results for the p-median problem with mutual communication
85 -- 90S. T. Webster. Bounds and asymptotic results for the uniform parallel processor weighted flow time problem
91 -- 98Lei Lei, Ronald Armstrong, Shanhong Gu. Minimizing the fleet size with dependent time-window and single-track constraints
99 -- 109Hoang Tuy, Nguyen Dinh Dan, Saied Ghannadan. Strongly polynomial time algorithms for certain concave minimization problems on networks
111 -- 120D. L. Zhu, Patrice Marcotte. Modified descent methods for solving the monotone variational inequality problem
121 -- 0Abraham P. Punnen. On: Travelling salesman problem under categorization: Operations Research Letters 12 (1992) 89-95

Volume 14, Issue 1

1 -- 7Shaler Stidham Jr., Muhammad El-Taha. A note on sample-path stability conditions for input - output processes
9 -- 18Viên Nguyen, Martin I. Reiman. Variance reduction for sensitivity estimates obtained from regenerative simulation
19 -- 24Ravi Mazumdar, Vivek Badrinath, Fabrice Guillemin, Catherine Rosenberg. A note on the pathwise version of Little's formula
25 -- 27I.-Jen Lee, Emily Roth. A heuristic for the transient expected queue length of Markovian queueing systems
29 -- 33M. Hlynka, T. Wang. Comments on duality of queues with finite buffer size
35 -- 41Masakiyo Miyazawa, Genji Yamazaki. Note on batch arrival LCFS and related symmetric queues
43 -- 48S. Viswanathan. Optimal policies for the capacitated two stage multi-item inventory model with joint setup costs
49 -- 59Wieslaw Kubiak. Completion time variance minimization on a single machine is difficult
61 -- 64Sehun Kim, Bong-sik Um. An improved subgradient method for constrained nondifferentiable optimization